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Macbeth Guilt: Prosecutor's Speech

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In my opening statement, I said that I would call upon two witnesses to support my case. I have been a barrister for thirty years now, so believe me when I say that this is one of the most black-and-white cases I have come across in my career. Macbeth is a weed, leeching out the life of Scotland. A weed strangling the people of our country. A weed that will only grow stronger if we don’t pull it out by the roots. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you swore an oath that you would do everything in your power to make sure justice prevailed in Scotland. That is why I ask you now to find Macbeth guilty, and cure our country’s sickness once and for all. Each of the witnesses I have called upon have testified the defendant’s guilt as I explained, and we have established that the defendant showed premeditation, deliberation and malice aforethought in the crime.

The first witness I summoned overheard an incriminating conversation between Macbeth and his wife. She heard Macbeth tell his wife ‘Will it not be received, When we have marked with blood those sleepy two Of his own chamber and used their very daggers, That they have done ’t?’. Macbeth said this mere hours before King Duncan was murdered. In this context, it is clear that the accused and his wife are conspiring about how to cover up that they committed regicide. Macbeth says that he will smear the two grooms of King Duncan’s chamber with Duncan’s blood to incriminate them. This conversation shows that our beloved king’s murder was definitely premeditated. It also shows that Macbeth had no moral decency in him, as instead of taking responsibility of his own actions in the crime of regicide, he pinned the blame onto two innocent guards. Do we really want this monster ruling over us? The maid also overheard Macbeth say ‘I am settled, and bend up Each corporal agent to this terrible feat.’ This further confirms the fact that Duncan’s murder was premeditated, as Macbeth says that his mind is made up to commit regicide.

The murder of our gracious king was also definitely deliberated by the defendant. As implicated by the first witness, Macbeth’s actions were of his own free will. He explicitly said ‘I am settled, and bend up Each corporal agent to this terrible feat.’ This shows that he has made up his mind to kill Duncan. The defence argues that there were other external factors involved in Macbeth committing regicide, but these only amount to pathetic excuses. The witches’ prophecy may have played a role, but it was Macbeth’s own lack of morals that led him to coldheartedly killing Duncan in an attempt to fulfil the prophecy. He did have a choice – he could have ignored the witches instead of throwing away all of his humanity. But as we all know now, Macbeth wasn’t strong enough to take the right path- and that led to his ruin. Banquo also heard the prophecy, and the fragment about his sons becoming kings, but unlike Macbeth, he chose to do what was honourable. What was good. What was right. The defence team also argued that Lady Macbeth was responsible for Macbeth’s actions. However, this is false because Macbeth could have always said ‘no’ to his wife and refused to kill Duncan. His own greed is what made him susceptible to her words.

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The second witness, another of Macbeth’s servants, overheard Macbeth say something else before the feast. Macbeth said; ‘He’s here in double trust: First, as I am his kinsman and his subject, Strong both against the deed; then, as his host, Who should against his murderer shut the door, Not bear the knife myself. Besides, this Duncan Hath borne his faculties so meek, hath been So clear in his great office, that his virtues Will plead like angels, trumpet-tongued, against The deep damnation of his taking-off… ‘ This speech shows that Macbeth is completely aware of the consequences killing Duncan will have, and how regicide would disrupt the Great Chain of Being. He also understands that what he is about to do goes against everything that is right, but he chooses to murder Duncan anyway. If we let this dangerous man freely roam the streets of Scotland, each and every one of us will be put in grave danger.

The defendant also showed a total disregard for human life. This is because instead of helping Duncan, he proceeded to try to hide evidence of the crime and blame Duncan’s grooms by smearing them with blood. He also committed two counts of manslaughter to prevent the grooms from speaking out about his guilt. This shows that Macbeth had no intention of following the rightful path to God, and of redeeming himself after his crime by saving Duncan. Macbeth is a ruthless sinner, and if we let him walk out of this court, free to do what he pleases, we are saying that murder is acceptable in our society. Murder is a sin, and if we do not punish it, we are going against everything our nation stands for.

In conclusion, the prosecution team hopes you find the defendant guilty as charged. Thank you.

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