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Machines With Feelings And Emotions

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The twenty-first century is a century for innovations and technology improvements; Mankind has developed various kinds of technology, which has made our life so much easier. It can easily say that most of the work that was done by humans has been taken over by a machine. Most of the dangerous works are now done by machines. The machine industry is a constant mode of improvement, and scientists are very hard. In recent years, a new idea has been developed by scientists to put emotions in the machines. It is not a new thing for the people because we ave been hearing about emotional machines from movies. There have been many movies as well as television series, which shows us a world where machines have the emotional capability. The most famous examples are Terminator movie franchise and Lost in Space television series. Most of the people believed that emotions could not be in the machines, but scientists now are on the verge of getting the reality changed. Scientists are now planning to give the machines the ability to sense and recognize human emotions such as happy, sad, pleasure, with the recognition so that machines can work according to that behavior of humans.

Regarding this issue, Scott Feschuk wrote a reading called “The Future of Machines with Feelings.” The main reason for this writing was to give an idea to the readers about how the world will function when machines have emotional feelings. According to Scott Feschuk, emotions in machines can be used to decide the treatment options then will be provided to the customer by machines. It feels and sounds good when we hear about these things, but the main thing is that is it possible? Well, according to the writers, some scientists already claim that it will be there within the next decade. We are already in the beginning phase of artificial intelligence. We can take the example of a regular customer care call in North America. When we call a particular bank or any other service, the company uses a voice-recognition system to identify ourselves. A typical example of these machines is the Voice assistant in our mobile phones and other devices. These things are built to collect information about personal behaviors and their type of usages. Whereas it will be helpful because it will provide solutions fast, machines with emotions is not a good idea given that breach of privacy and data and too much reliability on machines.

Author Perspective

Scott Feschuk wrote an article called ‘The Future of Machines with feelings.’ The author was telling about a future that can be a reality in just a decade. According to the writer, some of the machines have succeeded in Facial expressions but still years away from mastering it. Voice Recognition is one of the first things in the Facial expression system that will help the machines in analyzing the mood of the person. The author then talks about the privacy breach that can happen if the machine will have all our information. The author then talks about the reason why scientists are so keen to put emotions in machines. The author also believes that there might be a second reason that and that is to help the big corporations to make money by selling products with the help of Artifical Emotions in machines. The author believes that in the future, this industry can be very much profitable. The author takes the example of a scientist named Rana el Kaliouby who wanted to develop technology for autistic children to help them to better respond to the range of human emotions. Later, she ditched the autistic children’s plan to work in the field of putting emotions in machines for big corporations. Some companies have already filed patents for these types of machines. The author then takes an example of using the emotional status of employees in a company. The emotional status of an employee will decide how a person will do his/her job responsibly. The author uses another example of a cable company in the USA, which is currently developing a model capable of detecting human actions and show content according to that particular action. It means that companies will have direct access to any action of the body and will show people content according to that. The author uses some more examples in which how machines with emotions will work responding to any human activity. The first example that the author says about the couple who just fought, the machine will show a couple the ads regarding marriage counseling. The author uses another example in which if a person dog has died, the machine will show that person an ad about purchasing a new dog and with a discount coupon so that the person can feel happy.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

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Nowadays, every multi-billionaire tech company in the world wants to compete in the field of Artifical Intelligence. The leading players in this field are Google, Amazon, Apple. A few months ago, Google unveiled a new feature of its Artificial Intelligence, which was capable of making appointments for people via calling. It was fascinating to see an Artificial System responding to questions asked by the Store workers. This event showed a little glimpse of A.I.’s potential. People were excited to see this. A.I. would have a low error rate compared to humans if appropriately coded. They would have incredible precision, accuracy, and speed. In today’s era, A.I. operates in many applications, just like Apple’s Siri, Window’s Cortana, Google is OK Google. Using these types of applications, we can communicate with our device using our voice, which makes our work easy. Emotions in machines will help the machine to think logically and make the right decision wherein humans’ emotions are associated with moods that can affect human efficiency.

Disadvantages of Machines with Emotions

We all know that all the tech giants are very excited to use the Emotions in Machines. Many think that this is a great idea, but there are some disadvantages to adding emotions. Basically, by adding emotions, machines will have full control of human rather than a human having controls on machines. Artificial Intelligence is very much intelligent and faster than the human mind. If a human does not agree on something with the machine, then there can be severe consequences. There is no doubt that machines are much better when it comes to working efficiently, but they cannot replace the human connection that makes the team. Machines cannot develop a bond with humans. In today’s generation, most of the people are highly dependent on Applications like Siri. With so much assistance from the machine, if humans do not need their thinking abilities, these abilities will be gradually decreased. In the future, with the heavy use of the application of artificial intelligence, a human may become entirely dependent on machines, losing their mental capacities.


To sum up, I feel that putting emotions in a machine is not a good thing. I believe that human intelligence and emotions should be the main priority, and it should not tamper with anything. It is also right that with advances in technology, we also have to think about the future, but certain things should be as it is. Giving some machines the capability to think and work according to that can have serious consequences. No matter scientists say that there might be a little to no possibility of machines going rogue, we should ultimately be against the idea of putting emotions in the machines. In my opinion, rather than helping the people, emotions in machines will help big corporations selling their products. The main job of machines will be to provide the alternative, and the corporations will grab that opportunity. We can take the example of a TV series names Silicon Valley. One episode of the silicon valley told us about a video game in which we only have a specific thing, and an ad relating to that will pop up inside the game. For example, if a player says Pizza, then a Dominos store will pop up inside the game. It shows how our personal information can be used by corporations to sell stuff. The breach of privacy and information will also be the main concern for the people.

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