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Magnetic Fields And Cell Behavior

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Every single living thing on Earth that absorbs oxygen in any way is capable of being rapidly exposed to weak magnetic fields that are made by multiple things such as man-made machines and Earth itself. There are a plethora of studies that have been made by scientists, seeking how magnetic fields would possibly affect biological aspects of living things on the planet Earth. However, there were little evidence or results that were pursued by most scientists who were just making hypotheses. Within this article about magnetic fields and cell behavior, there is a study that is explored to collect evidence to prove that magnetic fields can affect “reactive oxygen species(ROS)” (Ruth, 2019) such as a flatworm.

The major hypothesis that is made about the “biological effect of weak magnetic fields is that they might induce a process called radical pair recombination.”(Ruth, 2019) Radical pair recombination is described as when the electrons within atoms are manipulated by the magnetic field, which causes the radical formation of atoms in new pairs. Based on the alteration of atoms hypothesis, it is claimed that the number of reactive oxygen species will increase. However, “there is increasing evidence that ROS signaling contributes to disease. For example, ROS have been shown to promote tumor metastasis through gene activation.”(Paul, 2012) Making such manual alterations in the cells of ROS can cause a more rapid increase in contributing to diseases attacking certain body functions such as the ability to grow. Even though the alterations could slow down the process of ROS developing in organisms’ bodies, it’s important to understand that stabilizing atoms that are radically paired is risky and should be practiced with caution and more information on ROS effects on things. Also, the process of regenerating reactive oxygen species will need many more clinical trials if the main goal is to help people overcome or push back some diseases that are associated with ROS. Some relevant science that would assist this research is the age of flatworms being broken apart in the experiment because ROS should show a difference in affecting the energy system if it was in a more aged body rather than a younger body.

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Within the experiment of the regeneration in the flatworm study, “the team first amputated the worms above and below their feeding tubes (in the middle of their bodies) and placed the body fragments in culture dishes inside an electromagnetic coil within a magnetically shielded chamber.”(Ruth, 2019) This portrays how Beane and other colleagues of his sought the idea of having the flatworm body fragments to be exposed to weak magnetic fields that have different ranges of magnetism for three days. In their results, it showed how magnetic fields between 100 and 400 uT compared a 500 uT magnetic field and to the magnetic field exhibited by the Earth, which is approximately 45 uT. Based on the collected data, it was seen that the flatworms exposed to the 200 uT force of the magnetic field had minimum stem cell growth and, ultimately, lower levels of ROS. This is a significant way of pointing out how the changes in the magnetism of the magnetic field can affect the number of stem cells produced and the amount of ROS in attendance within the flatworm!

After going over the results, it was concluded that there is still more research that can ultimately be done to uncover the real truth about using weak magnetic fields to Greenebaum said: “What the heck is going on here, and how can we use it?”(Ruth, 2019) To answer this question, there are multiple aspects to worry about how the knowledge of magnetic fields altering molecules and atoms in living things. For example, it is important to consider how would the changes in molecules and atoms based on the weak magnetic fields could affect the energy systems within the human body, such as the ATP-PC System, Lactic Acid System, Aerobic System, etc. These three energy systems are used within the human body to create and provide energy for the host to obtain and live on. “…ATP is essential for every energy need in the body — including all the automatic body processes of growth, development and maintaining vital body functions.”(Thelma, 2019) This illustrates how significant the ATP-PC System is to the human body to function correctly, and if there are a plethora of changes made to the body because of something similar to changing the atoms being paired up in awkward ways, then the body would ultimately shut down in a worst-case scenario. So, when using magnetic fields to alter molecules in the energy systems, it is key to identify the functions that the human body, for example, exhibits rather than continue the process of making more and more reactive oxygen species that can cause a lot of ordeals.

Magnetic fields can only do so much for the world and technological advancements that human beings have made on Earth and sooner or later on other planets, too. With this study about the regeneration of reactive oxygen species, it is now known that the weak magnetic fields can help by slowing down the process of regenerating the species or make matters worse by speeding up the process of regenerating the species. It is a great objective to strive for not promoting diseases that could be brought up by these species through concepts such as gene activation. Over time, the process of using magnetic fields to create and manipulate cells/atoms will become deeper insignificance in the face of creating multiple ways to improve energy systems that are mainly inside of living organisms.

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