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Main Causes of Suicide among the Teenager, Students and Young Adults: Analytical Essay

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Suicide is a subject that is not talk about often. Suicide does not only affect adults, but it affects teenagers and students as well. Suicide can happen to anyone. The age group which is presently becoming victim of such activity are mainly students and teenagers. A student or teenager will think of suicide or would commit suicide due to something that has occurred in his or her life or because the teen or student id going through a series of emotions.

Suicide is the word that many people like to avoid because talking about suicide makes most of the people uncomfortable. Suicide affect teenager and young adult around the globe each and every second. Every day rather every hour someone around the world lose someone close to them due to suicide. Suicide is an unfortunate occurrence that happens among all age group, however teenager and student are the age group most affected.

Suicide refer to the act or an instance of intentionally killing oneself. According to the world health organisation, every 45 min a person commit suicide somewhere in the corner of the world. While most countries with high suicide rate are poor, but surprising there are few highly developed and rich country which also ranked top on sad statistic.

In India, the increasing rate of suicide especially among teen and students have become a major topic to be concern. The official estimate of how many Indians takes their lives annually vary greatly but according to some sources, it might be as many as 250000 people every year in India. Almost half or major of the suicide that was committed are backed by the reason like family health, career, academic stress etc. Till 2014 suicide was an illegal activity but with amendment in 2014 the suicide became no more illegal practice in India. Maharashtra, Tamil, and Chhattisgarh etc. these states were more often ranked highest among suicide commitment. The reason behind having such highest ranking was because of growing urbanization and family pressure.

In today’s generation, where everyone especially teenager and student also young adults, are under pressure to perform amazingly well in their respective field, especially their career and where every person wants to excel, suicide is not new. Every person whether aged 22 or 12 has expectation to live up to –family, teacher and even person have expectations of all sort. This all type of expectation has led to increase in stress level among teenager and youth adults as well as students. There are many reason for stress like pressure to build career, relationship issue and family issue and so on.

Literature review.

Donald W Bechtold: This study has examine the relationship among cognition, academic development and psychological variable in culturally varied group of Indian children for five reservation and non- Indian children from adjacent locals. This study has included investigation measure of depressive symptoms as noted by their parents, teachers and students themselves. This study find that the risk factor for suicides or for depressive symptoms at the age of teen and adults is multiphase and unspecific. They include loss, stress family dysfunction and low self-esteem etc. This study tried to find out how these factors can trigger to suicide among adolescent.

William N. bender, Cecilia B Rosekran and Mory-kay crane: This article have reviewed the extant of stress, depression, risk resilience perception and learning disability among adolescent age group children. The study say that the risk of suicide is much too adolescent because of two main reason that are 1. They suffer from increased rate of depression and 2. Other is correlated to learning disability, they may predispose them to higher rate of suicide. The data indicates that certain subgroup of adolescent with learning disabilities manifest to higher rate of depression.

James R. Delisile: This study state that the environment is very important for an individual in which she/he lives in. The taught process of individual development in accordance to the environment. Hence, for the rate of suicide to get control we need to take step from the very binging like from school- colleges itself especially for the teenager and young adults. We need to have counselling at every fixed proportion of time in order to make the child understand the situation or to guide them how they can resolve the problems that comes in life.

OmPrakash L. Mandge: From this study, we have analysed the adequacy of designing specialized modules of data mining for suicidal behaviour. This study state that suicide is a serious public health problem, its demand our attention but prevention and control is very difficult task. This study has mainly focused on behavioural change of the person when there came the thought of such extreme step. It say suicide is preventable but it require provision for best possible condition for bringing up our children and youth, through the effective treatment of mental disorder to the environment control of risk factors.


  1. The main objective of this study is to identify main causes of suicide among the teenager, students and young adults.
  2. Study also focuses on the major factors of suicide as well as provide suggestion to avoid constantly rising rate of suicide among students.
  3. This study also try to find out the reason behind the constantly rising rate of suicide with passage of time.
  4. Factors that mainly trigger them for such extreme step.


  • H1: Is women are more expose to suicide than man.
  • H2: does this increasing rate of suicide affect country in any way.
  • H3: Is it influence other to go for extreme step.
  • H4: Is with modernization in generation led to more stress level and suicides.

Data Analysis

According to Oxford dictionary: Suicide is being defines as “An act of taking one’s own life”; one who die by his own hand, self- murder. In other words suicide is the process of ending one’s life purposefully. It is the problem of human being only because any animal can die due to disease or be distorted intensely or accidentally by and outsider’s agency such as human and natural calamities, but as far as it is known that only “man” and only man can kill himself willingly.

The risk of committing suicide is a significant factor in all type of depression or stress. However, it is also obvious that the depression is not only the factor which result in suicide, but the researchers say that about 50 – 90 percentages of the cases who go for this act it during depression episode. The attempts or approaches in order to understand suicide can be multidisciplinary, toxicology, physiologist, and physician etc. because a suicide cab be multi-faced and complex event and have different way to go for it in any way. The premature or unexpected or violent death has a negative repercussion in society and should be prevented from the society as soon as possible or whenever possible.

Suicide is a very complex topic and it can be performed r approached in multi- angular way. There can be variation among different from different view about this, all this depends upon the environment of particular person as well as upbringing of the personas well as the mind-set of individual. According to world trade organisation report suicide is being find as the major cause leading to the death among youth and adults.

According to science, the age of adolescences is age period during which the person faces depression, alcohol, drugs and anxiety show increase in prevalence and are the factor that contributes in the increasing the risk of suicide. The coverage of suicides by the media in species term all influences adolescent to go for such step and which led to increase in suicide rates. Hence, there we find aggregate increase in suicides, perhaps the reason may be they are highly susceptible to imitative behaviour. But the media never cover the fact or rarely discuss about the mental disorder suffered by the suicide victims may further led to increases the likelihood of imitation. Students with lots of expectation along with the combined stressed of academic demand and social fame, social problems and career choices evenly make the life of students and teenager to go with to fulfil all these expectation which make it impossible for some students to keep going continuously making adjustments that to their life with demanding situation.

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Although when we make comparison between teenager and adult. The adult have more capacity to deal better with all these aspects and they have good handling power regarding anxiety, stress and pressure etc. But even after that too, life make them to face such challenges which make them to unbearable situation and tend to collapse. If proper and as soon as possible that stringent step towards suicide will not be taken than it might let to giving up life. And the rate might further increases. Some research say that as the world is getting modernize day by day, the places of human being are being fulfilled by the machines. Hence, the need of human is keep declining which directly affecting the person who is capable of that particular job which being occupied by the machine. Hence somewhere man is losing their value because of machine and here the person feel that there is no need of himself which also influence him to go for irreversible step.

Let’s look out some of the recent case regarding students.

  • Case 1: Recently, In IIT Kanpur, A student of Ph.D. committed suicide in the hostel room the reason behind the suicide was not clear but there was no note kind of thing was found. But academically he was found to be good student but the life played the game with him which made him to go for such an irreversible step. This led to nothing but a family lose the dearest one of the family.
  • Case 2: A 22 year old man committed suicide by drawing in one of the river early in the morning. Sources say that he took this extreme step because he was unable to bear the extreme stress due to being unable to find the job and has been really upset. There was a great need of job for his family welfare. However, he has not left any note behind the suicide so the actual reason was unknown.
  • Case 3: A 19 year old girl had committed suicide by hanging herself at her residence after the man whom she love and wanted to marry refused her to marry. The man was cheating her with another girl and when she asked him, he use to not give answer. So, she decided to end her life and left suicide note. In her suicide note, she had mentioned all this and made her to take such drastic step.

In 2016, the number of suicide in India increased to 2, 30,314. Suicide was the most common cause of death in both the age group of 15-29 year and 15-39 year. About 8,00,000 people die by suicide worldwide every year and out of there 1,35,000 (17%) are resident of India, the nation with 17.5% of world population. Among this statistic, as per the world trade organisation the statistic of 2014 states that the students and teen age commit suicide because of major these reason are Failure in Examination (2403) and other family problem (28,602) mental illness(7140), love affair (4168).

Factors associated with suicides

The factors behind one commit suicide vary by individual to individual and the factor may take different forms, suicide is even associated with some negative events of various sorts. These may had led to hopelessness about the future which result in producing a mental sates that look to suicide as only the one way or suicide as only one possible way out to go for. According to research, suicide is the end product of long sequences of event that being in childhood. The cases of suicide are mainly form the people who became suicidal often come from the background of person in which there was some combination of a good deal of family psychopathology, child maltreatment or other reasons like family instability. This lead to the internally development of low self- esteem, hopelessness, building poor problems solving skill with somehow contributed or increased the risk rate of committing suicide in future. Because such happening again and again lead to weakness mentally among the people.

Biological causal factors:

According to some research done by the scientist, there is strong evidence that suicides sometimes run in families and the genetic factors have great role play in the risk associated with the suicide. Specifically, suicide victims have alteration in serotine functioning. This factor is trying to say that if in the family the suicide is being conducted before by any of the member than it has a direct influence over the other member of the family. Which indirectly influences them to take such drastic step, as the example are set by the family member itself.

Socio-cultural factors:

The all over attitude of the society towards death are important determinants of suicide rate in such an area are low correspondingly. Many rather most of the societies have develop such a mentalities that there should be strong sanction against suicide and even there are the section of people or societies which even consider suicides as the sin and most shameful activity to be performed. And the suicide rate is mainly favoured to be higher among those section of people who found it as the social pleasure.

There are many theories regarding suicides and that are as follow….

A. Emile Durkheim Theory

Durkheim performed a classic study of suicide and after having a study over suicide, he published his conclusion in year 1897 and the following were the reason for the suicide according to him….

  1. Egoistic: Ego of an individual was found one of the tool that lead to have such drastic step. According to him, having not enough integration or loosing of social interaction or network or belief system.
  2. Altruistic: building too much deep relation with other person or we can say too much integration that it make the person to sacrifice their life for the benefits of other. Such blindfold also lead to increase in rate of suicide in society.
  3. Fatalistic: when the individual find himself too much regulated by the suicide or found or feel himself as be restricted by the society and fell as he is unable to enjoy freedom also to have a thought of suicide.

B. Dr. Sigmund Fraud’s theory.

This theory have its own prospective that it has classified that suicide as the inbuilt process that form because of aggression and tension which makes an individual’s animosity of himself and hence treat himself accordingly. In better words, we can say it represent a psychological conflict, which can’t be worked out due to great force of pressure and depression. Hence, once person develop animosity with himself it lead to creation of the reason of factor behind having such irreversible step.

C. Krauss Theory

According to this theory, in discussion on psychology cause of suicides, it was explained the suicide is often the result of an unachievable goals which is being made with lots of expectations a belief or also because of dysfunctional relationship, which we can say similar to social standpoint. According to karauss theory he explain that killing oneself is one in reality killing the internal one of the unattainable object. According to him there is always fight against internal satisfaction and external obligation and in reality the mind don’t understand that both are equally necessary for a person.

D. Thomas Masaryk theory.

This theory considered that the main basis of morality in society is the once religion. With the increasing non religions deregulation the social organization make people of the religion unhappy and result in social disconnection. According to him, suicide and mental illness these can be seen a measure of social disconnections. He has given more dominant of religious by defining religion as the system that make psychological life coherent because it offer a specified and structured way of thought process or thinking. According to him, modern education system destroys religious prospective without offering anything similar, because since does not include any ethical component. He thinks that people are more likely to take their lives and are higher exposed to mental sickness if they don’t have satisfactory prospective on life.

Within in the last two decades, there have been repeated suggestion that the students with learning disabilities are subjected to a higher risk for increased stress during the school year and such stress my lead to increased depression and perhaps even suicides. Hence, youth suicides or extensive suicides ideation in children below the age of 12 and around the age old 14 an age at which suicide beings to occurs more frequently in the general population.

Major Reasons responsible for suicides.

As above stated that suicide is a multi-faced activity and identifying particular reason behind such a step is difficult to identify as it may involve several factors. People go for such a vulnerable phrase of life that everything in front of them seems to be problem may seems like a life when they are troubled and even a small problem may seems like a big one and might seem unbearable. However, even it is difficult to identify the exact reason behind the suicide still there are some reasons which have been specially point out and majority of the cases happens because of these.

  1. Biological aspects: this factor try to say that people belonging to such a family having an history of mental disorder or suicides are at increased risk of such step of suicide or suicide attempts. Biological aspects includes the environment in which a person is up bring or an environment in which suicide has occurred, it could produce a thought of suicide for vulnerable people. This type of family history reveals how level of the brain chemical serotonin may also result in suicide. As scientifically it is found that serotonin controls the impulsive actions, low level of such chemical may lead to impulsive behaviour.
  2. Stress: Stress is found to be the major factor behind such step. Stress in teenager and young adults may cause due to academic pressure, parental expectation, and expectation regarding career making, relationship issue, peer pressure as well as pressure from family to do well in life. In some of the exceptional cases teen and students and young adults also faces physical, verbal or sexual exploitation which may create stress and can also result in suicides.
  3. Depression: With day by day, the world is becoming complex and with this there it being a race of modernization increasing the cases of depression which result in loose of lives at a very initial stages. Depression can cause a feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and worthless in people and can be very dangerous particularly for the teen and young adults who faces or experiences violence at home, school, colleges, and at workplaces and feel alone or isolated from their peer or lack of social network of friend.
  4. Major disappointments: Major disappointment in life also lead to go for such extreme step. It includes such as failure, rejections and loss of love one may trigger the people who became unable to handle the situations and see the suicide as only the left way to go for.
  5. Substance abuse: Substance play one of the major role in the majority of suicide because drugs or alcohol abuse or addiction can lead to an impulsive behaviour especially it is found to be very vulnerable for teen suffering from other problem such as mental disorder or family difficulties, depression etc. Among young youth they build the thought that make them believe that substances abuse will bring them relief with surrounding but reality of it is just opposite, it makes them worsen these problems.

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