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Main Consequences and Results of American Revolution: Analytical Essay

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The American Revolution was an integral turning point in American history. Before to the Revolution, women didn’t play significant roles in American society, there was little to no national unification, and the government, for the most part, was in an infantile stage. However, the American Revolution transformed the roles of women in society, encouraged patriotism and unification, and acted as a positive catalyst in American Government. However, despite the many advancements it influenced, the American Revolution also revealed and introduced new problems regarding Indian policies, major discrepancies within socioeconomic classes, and many problems regarding the education of women arose.

The American Revolution greatly affected the roles of women as their positions in society changed greatly post-war. Due to their husbands being in combat, many women were expected to take on new roles in their homes, farms, businesses, and in some cases, the battlefield (1-HC). With reformed roles in society, many women found a new sense of self-empowerment and advocated for their rights to education and most importantly, gender equality. For example, in alignment with newfound feminist beliefs, Molly Wallace, a graduate of the Young Ladies Academy of Philadelphia argues that women are as intellectually capable as men. Wallace is representative of the majority of American women post-war as she fights for the right to share her opinions as liberally as her male counterparts and garner similar levels of respect (7-AUD). Despite an increase in advocacy and greater availability of roles for women in America, it is evident through Wallace’s speech that the issue of gender inequality still existed post-war and not all American citizens reaped the benefits of the revolution- not everyone was regarded similarly or equally.

Along with the many societal differences between American men and women, there were also major socio-economic discrepancies in American society post-war as many middle-class citizens struggled to find a solid economic standing among the wealthy. After the war, to pay back bonds, Alexander Hamilton proposed to indirectly tax American citizens. Hamilton’s proposal resulted in the demise of the middle-class and the wealthy unscathed; war bonds were heavily in the possession of the wealthy, including Abigail Adams, one of the first American bond traders. According to a letter written by Adams to Thomas Jefferson in 1787, this inequity between classes led to many middle-class rebellions (5-HC). This letter also insinuates Adams’ disdain for the poor, which is representative of America’s socio-economic gaps post-revolution.

One of the most prevalent results of the American Revolution was the nationwide influx in patriotism and national unification. America before the war can be described as hostile, divided, and incredibly segregated. However, post-war, this newfound sense of patriotism was evident all throughout America. For example, many Americans demanded that Torys, or British loyalists, were to be kicked off of American soil and sent back to Britain (2-AUD). With a lessened amount of British men on American soil, many Americans took up positions of power that were once held by Torys. And therefore, more American men holding higher positions of power, along with British expulsion, established a greater sense of national pride in America and further solidified America’s identity as a strong and sovereign entity.

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It is clear that post-war, many advancements were made in America as many reforms were made and many supposedly “radical” ideas were introduced to the states. For example, in 1786, Founding Father Thomas Jefferson proclaimed that “No man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship” (3-AUD). Pre-revolution, puritanical beliefs were harked upon Americans, but from Jefferson’s statement, it can be inferred that the notion of “religious freedom” can be credited to the newfound ideas of Enlightenment as it shows the influence of ideas of reason, reform, and progress, as Americans were now allowed to practice any religion as they so choose. This proclamation of Jefferson’s was then followed and solidified by the Constitution as the First Amendment promises that all men had the right to freedom of religion. This was a major turning point in American society as citizens were now allowed to practice any religion that they so pleased- which in itself, was a huge advancement considering the many restraints that American’s once faced pre-revolution. This was undoubtedly a symbol of growth and increased individualism and freedom in American society.

After the Revolution, along with new government and social reforms, the Government also began to impose more power. Considering the overall lack of “togetherness” in America pre-revolution, the Governments heightened role in American society was a huge turning point as they implemented more organization. This newfound impression of order can be seen in the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, because the banning of slavery in territories Northwest of the Ohio River proved that the government had power to reclaim authority in the country, but it now had the power and control to impose order and reform in America, which is a significant governmental and societal advancement overall.

However, amidst many advancements and an increase in western expansion, many Native Americans were removed from their land. Angered and betrayed Native Americans recited a speech at the Confederate Council to express their dissatisfaction with the results of the Treaty of Paris, as their rights were overtly dismissed. To elaborate, the Treaty of Paris failed to address the existence of Native American Tribes and nowhere in the treaty were Native American rights mentioned. Despite great Native American efforts, this discourse between Native Americans and white settlers continued on. Eventually, Native American rights became increasingly disregarded, more Native American land was lost, and although American society flourished, Native American culture and land diminished rapidly. This proves that although America saw many advancements post-revolution, Native American culture suffered tenfold.

Lastly, after the Revolutionary War many advancements were made. Most notably was the ratification of the Constitution in 1788. The Constitution tangibly represented post-war American values and it set parameters for the American government. The Constitution granted American citizens to radical ideas such as freedom of religion and declared that slaves should be regarded as 3/5 of a person. The American Revolution, simply put, was a major turning point in American history as it led to many advancements and conflicts in America post-war.

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