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Main Reasons for Gun Violence in America and across the World: Analytical Essay

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“Let’s give everyone a rocket launcher! What can go wrong?”- Oliver Markus Malloy said, he is saying that if we give rocket launchers to everyone everything is going to go wrong and nothing will be fine. Gun violence is one of the highest leading deaths in the world. Gun violence happens everyday and everywhere, it happens with people with mental illnesses, who are in gangs and are domestic violence offenders. Guns are very easy to come by and almost anyone can get one. In 2018, the states reached the gun death counter to 250,000 yearly. Gun Violence is a serious matter and the things that are wrong with it are gang related, domestic violence and mental illnesses, and this should all be fixed soon.

Gang gun violence is a big and serious crime everywhere in the world. Guns are so easy to come by in gangs, they are all over the black market and underground stores. Older and leaders of gangs often give guns to the younger ones who are new to the gangs for it is easier for them to get guns. In 2013 5,780 deaths were counted by using firearms of gang members. Gangs are an organized group of criminal delinquents. They sell, use and transport drugs to people and they go by the laws of the laws they make. They use guns as power sources guns are used everyday to have power against someone. A gun can kill anyone in a matter of seconds and they find that as an advantage. “You can’t reason with gangs violence, you can’t talk to it, sit it at a table and negotiate with it.”- Greg Boyle. This represents that gangs are here to stay it’s going to take a lot of action do it to stop but it will never stop and will always be here.

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Domestic violence is a huge problem with gun violence and is a big part of the reason for so many deaths. Domestic violence is in 1out of 3 women and guns are one of the main components within the domestic violence. Most of the time guns are used to threaten and not many are fired but that should never be used to threaten or brought out in general. Domestic violence happens when that male is mad or upset from work or something happen at home. They are angry and take it out on their loved ones, there are multiple ways of abuse there is verbal, and physical abuse. “It’s not the gun you should be scared of it’s the crazy man behind the gun.”-jennifer mahon. I think from this quote it means that guns are not the problem in the gun violence I think it’s the people behind that gun, it’s the person who pulls the trigger.

Mental illness is one of many ways gun violence is a serious problem in our lives. People with mental health instability are in reach of guns a lot at home and other places and they have no clue what they are doing or they think it is a video game. They might think people have multiple lives and come back to life after getting shot like in the video games. Veterans are also a big problem in the reasons for gun Violence. Most veterans have PTSD coming out of the war, PTSD is post-traumatic stress disorder. They are given guns for serving the country and they are mentally unstable and should never be handed a gun. People on drugs are never in the right state of mind and most of those people are gang members and they usually always have guns with them. They all need to take test every time someone buys a gun for any reason of mental illnesses. “I think the only way to reform people is to kill them.”- unknown serial killer. People die every year from all of these types of mental illnesses that are able to get a hold of guns.

The three main reasons for gun violence in America and across the world is gangs, domestic and mental illnesses. This should all be fixed, innocent people and loved ones die everyday from these actions. They all have serious actions to them and they never really see it until after the action. Mental illness, they give the gun to the wrong person and that person goes out and there is a school shooting or a mass shooting. Domestic violence, they beat and kill their loved ones with guns and use it as a source of power. Gun gang violence is also a serious crime that is one of the top leading gun violence deaths. Gun violence is all across the world and kill hundreds of thousands to millions every year.

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