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Main Themes In The Book Fahrenheit 451

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The theme of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is how technology changes the world for the worse. In this society books are banned and people rely on technology for everything. This book shows the importance of knowledge and being able to think on your own. Technology has a big impact good and bad, in Fahrenheit 451 and in daily lives today.

One way technology has changed society for the worse is people interacted with other people less and less. For example, it was out of the ordinary to walk outside and enjoy nature. Clarisse was considered weird because she talked to her family and she went on walks outside. The normal thing people do in this society is sit at home and watch their parlor walls. A parlor wall is a wall completely filled with televisions. People rarely interacted with each other. Clarisse’s uncle was arrested for jaywalking because people thought he was acting suspicious for walking outside. Montag was completely happy and content with his life until Clarisse asked him “are you happy?”. This simple question makes Montag rethink his entire life. Montag realizes he is not happy and he starts taking books and tries to memorize them. When Montag is reading the books he can’t read into the depth of the book. In this society they are taught to read and write so they can read road signs and such. But since books are ban they can’t read in between the lines of what the books are saying. This makes books much less enjoyable. It is also very dangerous to be caught reading a book or to have a book “scent” on you. The mechanical hound symbolizes government control and advanced technology. If the hound catches you violating the laws it will inject large amounts of procaine and morphine. This will anestinse the person and they will not be able to move or escape.

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Another reason the world has changed for the worse is the characters don’t know who is their real family and who is just an actor on television. Mildred was asked “will you turn the parlor off” and Mildred replied “that’s my family” . This means the Mildred is more attached to her television family than she is to her actual family. All she cares about is the television and not real life. People have become addicted to the television and can’t tell between what is real and what is fake. Technology changed the way people communicate, people communicate less and less though face to face communication. Mildred and her husband Montag don’t have a relationship. Mildred has more of a relationship with the television characters than she does with Montage. Now they communicate more through technology and don’t know how to talk in person.

Technology changes for the better in some ways. For example, with better technology the amount crime would go down. People would be scared to commit a crime because with the new technology it would be easier to get caught. Also the punishments of crime are much worse. For just owning a book the hound dog will inject drugs into you so you can’t move. Imagine what would happen if a larger crime happened. Also, Bradbury predicted many of the things that are going on in today’s world. For example, recently in the news samsung created a TV called “The Wall”, which is basically a wall that fits the size of your house walls for most enjoyment as possible. This is just like the parlor walls which Mildred thought was part of her family. This novel being written in 1953 Bradbury was pretty accurate. In today’s world people are slowly beginning to interact personally less and less. Technology is controlling people’s lives and making people completely lose touch with society. Book reading isn’t the most popular either, today people who read a lot as a child or even as a adult are considered out of the normal or weird because most people would rather be on their phone. Also, people are writing on pen and paper less and less and slowly transition to using computers. Overall Bradbury predicted the future of technology.

Interest in reading and writing has decreased by a lot in today’s society. People spend more and more time on their phones and watching television than anything else. This has also lead to health drawback due to people sitting on a coach all day instead of exercising. But technology also has some positives like you can communicate with people easier. Fahrenheit 451 is very similar to today’s world in the aspects of technology.

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