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Major Critiques On Universal Human Rights

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Human rights are rights given to any or all persons by birth, irrespective of gender, position, place of residency, sex, ethnicity, religion, color or class they belong. Thus, human rights are non-discriminatory. It implies that all persons are entitled to human rights and can't be denied access from having them. Since all persons are entitled to human rights, not all persons expertise them equally throughout the globe. several governments and people ignore human rights and viciously exploit different persons.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) could be a historic document that was adopted by the global organization General Assembly at its third session on ten Dec 1948.

The Declaration consists of thirty articles affirming a person's rights that, though not lawfully binding in themselves, are detailed in later international treaties, economic transfers, national constitutions, and different laws. The Declaration was the primary step within the method of formulating the International Bill of Human Rights, which was completed in 1966, and came into force in 1976, once a decent range of states had legal them


The Western cultural construct of human rights provides inherent and inalienable rights to any or all, notwithstanding culture and tradition. Non-Western cultures do limit the applying of human rights, however only if these rights culturally and historically breach the rights of their members. These cultural traditions, like law and feminine circumcision, challenge the cultural foundations of human rights by providing different means that of understanding the individual and their role within the broader community. As such, cultural relativists WHO support every culture's right to variation, albeit it grossly abuses the rights of its members, area unit wrong to counsel human rights could be a type of cultural imperialism. Human rights offer a way of sanctioning all of humanity with inalienable rights while not respect to variations or cultural traditions, and intrinsically international human rights law is sort of universally supported by all the international states.


The critics aver that human rights, in spite of the rhetoric regarding generality and equality, area unit really items of western liberal democratic ideology that aren't applicable to societies with non-western and tyrannical political structures.

Human rights conjointly enshrine a degree of individualism that merely isn't shared by some cultures, wherever social belongingness and cluster success rank higher in concern. the very fact that concepts regarding human rights originated in western Europe, they say, isn't simply associate accident: it's a very important reality regarding the globe read contained within the human rights plan. this concept bears the ineradicable stamp of an ECU or European-derived culture. it's naive at the best, and chesty at the worst, to assume that this culture speaks to everybody, or is applicable to each existing social context notwithstanding native history. If human rights categorical that western individuals believe ought to be provided to everybody in their culture as a matter of minimally tight treatment, then that's rattling, and then be it. But, the critics raise, WHO area unit westerners to insist that {the plan|the thought|the concept} conjointly expresses associate equal commitment to such treatment in each different culture? this can be simply the newest idea, with its attendant set of establishments, during a long history of an equivalent previous issue: chesty westerners mistreatment their power blessings over different cultures to re-make the globe in their own image. wherever westerners see the promotion of universal truth and betterment, nonwesterners understand the infliction of 1 slender, and foreign, set of values over another set that was already there and doing simply fine -thank you a great deal -prior to western intervention. whereas Westerners may believably signify that a lot of enhancements were caused by such 'intervention', we tend to all recognize the account remains uneven and blemished.

For Example, Human rights violations throughout the Syrian warfare are varied and heavy, with global organization reports stating that the war has been 'characterized by (a complete|an entire|a whole) lack of adherence to the norms of jurisprudence by the opposing parties who have 'caused civilians immeasurable suffering'. For the background and legal content use the prosecution of Syrian warfare criminals. there have been violations of free speech and attacks on media and journalists. Journalists are illegal from coverage in Syria. Those that have entered the country regardless are targeted. at intervals a month of the protests starting up, a minimum of seven native and international journalists were detained, and a minimum of one in all these was overwhelmed. subject journalist prophet Hariri was in remission in Apr 2012, tortured in jail, associated sentenced to death in could 2012 for giving an interview for Al Jazeera (news channel) native Christian minorities also are facing several human rights violations.

One another example of this is Hong Kong. There is a deep distrust of China’s poor human rights record and its opaque legal system, with no guarantee of a fair trial; arbitrary detentions; forced confessions; political prosecutions, and the use of torture and other cruel treatment. For years, China has operated a “global kidnapping campaign” to forcibly bring both Chinese citizens and foreign nationals back to China to face justice. Victims of these abductions include Gui Minhai, a Hong Kong-based bookseller who was snatched from Thailand and later emerged in detention in China.

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Lawyers in Hong Kong have pointed out that the proposed law has insufficient built-in safeguards for fair trials and rights protection. For example, while the ordinance says that suspects shouldn’t be extradited for offenses of a political nature, the onus is placed on the suspect to prove that an extradition request is politically motivated, said Billy Li, a barrister, and convenor of the Progressive Lawyers Group, a local association that promotes democracy and the rule of law.

And while Hong Kong’s well-respected courts are involved in the process, the courts are not empowered to examine whether the suspect would receive basic human rights protection upon removal, according to the Hong Kong Bar Association. Instead, the courts have narrow review powers and can only look at whether there is sufficient prima facie evidence to convict the suspect.


Human rights in the Asian nations is a difficulty difficult by the country's massive size and population, widespread economic condition, lack of correct education, in addition as its numerous culture, although being the world's largest sovereign, secular, democratic republic. The Constitution of the Asian nations provides for elementary rights, that embrace freedom of faith. Clauses conjointly offer for freedom of speech, in addition to the separation of govt and judiciary and freedom of movement at intervals in the country and abroad. The country conjointly has associate freelance judiciary and in addition as bodies to appear into problems with human rights.

The 2016 report of Human Rights Watch accepts the above-named colleges however goes to state that the Asian nation has 'serious human rights concerns. Civil society teams face harassment and government critics face intimidation and lawsuits. Free speech has come back vulnerable each from the state and by interest teams. Muslim and Christian minorities accuse authorities of not doing enough to guard their rights. However within recent years, additional stress is given to minority rights & freedom of speech. the govt. is nonetheless to repeal laws that grant public officers and security forces immunity from prosecution for abuses.

For Example: In Gregorian calendar month '19, the govt. Assam revealed a draft of the National Register of Voters, aimed toward distinguishing Indian voters and bonafide residents following perennial protests and violence over irregular migration from the People's Republic of Bangladesh. The potential exclusion of over four million individuals, several of them Muslims(Rohingya Muslims), from the register raised issues over arbitrary detention and potential migration.

Dalits, erst 'untouchables,' continued to be discriminated against in education and in jobs. There was redoubled violence against Dalits, partly as a reaction to their additional organized and vocal demands for social progress and to slender historical caste variations.

In Gregorian calendar month, farmers protested against debt and lack of state support for rural communities and demanded establishing rights of girls farmers and protective the land rights of Dalits and social group communities against the forceful acquisition.

In April, 9 individuals were killed in clashes with police once Dalit teams protested across many north Indian states against a Supreme Court ruling to amend the scheduled Castes and also the scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. In response to a grievance of alleged misuse of the law, the court had ordered that a senior police officer ought to conduct a preliminary inquiry before a case is registered beneath the law. Following the widespread protests, the parliament passed amendments to the law in August, overturning the Supreme judicial writ. In July, police in Ahmedabad town raided a vicinity, home to 20,000 members of the vulnerable and marginalized Chhara tribe, a denotified tribe. in step with residents, police allegedly viciously beat up many individuals, broken property, and filed false cases against several of them.

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