Malcolm X And Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As Civil Rights Leaders

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There have been so many great civil rights leaders in America but the two that have stood out to me were Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Their remarkable amount of effort put forth in the fight for change is really noteworthy. Although both had two different leading styles they both accomplished many milestones and helped to make a change in the U.S. regarding equality in society. The concept that really made the two individuals different in a political standing was that Malcom X was in support of getting change by any means necessary even if it meant violence, and on the contrary Dr. King focused on non-violence movements. In regards to today’s society they really paved the way for a change for the better, however I feel Dr King’s method is still a lot more powerful in regards to really accomplishing the goal of making a difference.

Dr. Martin Luther King was a leader that didn’t allow this turmoil during his time of fighting for change to discourage him from his plans so it is appropriate to say that he was determined. Dr. King faced many adversities that could have caused him to lash out violently but his discipline to make this change through non-violence stayed clear at all times. “Between 1958 and 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested 30 times for demonstrating and participating in non-violent protests against segregation.”[1] This was a very gruesome time period for African Americans in the U.S. because caucasion people were seen as superior and they were against all ideas of equality. During this time as well most of the police forces were dominated by white people so this caused more friction in the society when African Americans expressed their interest for change. Through his determined actions he made a lasting impact on his supporters and provoked the caucasion class society to understand that his people will be heard.

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In addition, Martin Luther King Jr. had patience that allowed him to thrive through difficult obstacles. One of his early accomplishments was his “I Have A Dream” speech which brought together over 250,000 supporters where he discussed his passion of being able to see the U.S. united between whites and blacks. Also, Dr. King lead one of the largest marches in history which was the “Selma to Montgomery March.” This took place in Alabama on a 54 mile route straight to the capital and upon his arrival with his 2,000 supporters tailing him he was met by another 50,000 supporters both black and white.[2] Once they arrived Dr. King and many other speakers addressed this large audience and from this speech he helped to get the 15th Amendment passed which was his initial start to change

Although, Martin Luther King Jr. was a passive aggressive leader which caused him to take a more reasonable approach, Malcolm X was still making an impact on his supporters who felt that violence was the only means to make a change. Martin Luther King, who was a pastor incorporated his beliefs in to his teaching. Malcom X, was a member in the Nation of Islam, he also did the same but through his experiences he have faced tribulations which affected his reputation and made him take a more aggressive approach. Therefore, his approach involved rioting against the police at times and trying to prove a point. This was quoted from Malcolm X where he stated, “The people who are involved in a revolution don’t become a part of the system --they destroy the system, they change the system.” From this concept you can clearly understand his thought process and see how it could work. However, this idea was very complicated because it presents an issue with trying to overthrow a whole race. This is what made Martin Luther King’s ideology more supportive of both races and why he was directly able to have an effect on society leading to the 15th Amendment being passed.

In regards to these two civil rights leaders they have both made remarkable impacts on today's society and we wouldn't be where we are without both of their efforts. Nonetheless, Dr. Martin Luther King’s ideology of non violence movements really had the greater influence on society. This is clearly shown with the simple fact that with the help of others and of course Dr. King himself they really got the 15th amendment passed. I could relate to this non-violence act in today’s society because we currently are revolved around the media. Therefore, the way that makes most sense would be to build up your support through this platform without having to fight anybody and then taking it to a political standpoint. Through this process we are most powerful at this point because trying to revolt through violence is just not the answer.

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