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Margaret Thatcher Ronald Reagan Eulogy Rhetorical Analysis

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Margaret Thatcher in her eulogy appeals to our emotions to show how successful Reagan was especially during the Cold War. America was in terror and unease but Reagan’s humor was able to keep the public together and unified. America is looking up to the President to provide firm leadership and the tone given alludes to people appreciating how the situation was handled as well as his principles and values. Reagan’s humor was able to comfort the American people which is just another way to show how successful he was at being a President. This means that Reagan was able to win the Cold War without actually going to war. He also made our enemies our friends. This shows how successful he was as a President because this is something that is really hard and challenging to do. He went through all those challenges for the American people and continued to uphold his values.

Prime Minster Thatcher uses her credibility as a prime minister to say this and say what he had achieved. The sensitive era at the time of the Cold War showed firm leadership to which the American people looked up. She also uses a metaphor to show how diligent and successful he was as a President. The metaphors also show how risky and difficult the challenge of the Cold War was especially being the President. Reagan persevered in pursuit of healing and unifying America from the burden of war. Reagan went through all of these challenges so he could restore America for the people. This gives a tone of passion and optimism to represent his dedication to being President. Thatcher also uses the Cold War to show what Reagan valued and how he helped the American citizens and to show how successful he really was. This shows that it was his job as President to stop the Soviet Union from expanding and from potentially going to war. He had to go through a lot of trouble to keep the American people safe and he did it all out of his love for the people. She illustrates the idea of the Soviet Union collapse which Reagan had achieved.

This conveys the idea of how Reagan had a selfless heart and love for the American people. The description in the quote shows how he knew what was going on around him and was knowledgeable about it to find a solution. The imagery also stresses his role as President, especially during this time and towards the end of the Cold War. The word choice use illustrates foreign and political struggles that the audience sympathizes with. She also repeats the idea of how successful Reagan was throughout the eulogy.

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Eulogies are very sincere with emotions that help mourn the loss of that one person. Margaret Thatcher does a great job to combine her melancholy emotions with a vision of hope rhetorically. In Thatcher’s eulogy to not only United States President Ronald Reagan but to the whole United States, she uses parallelism and a great sense of tone to show pathos in her eulogy.

Parallelism is shown right away in the opening sentences when she addresses her audience that we lost a “great president”, “great American”, and “great man”. While she addresses the fact that Reagan was a great person not only to America but to the rest of the world leaders, it relays the information that this message is truly sincere especially when she calls him a “dear friend”. Thatcher saying that Reagan was a “great American” allows the audience to show how big of a figure he was in America. When she explains that we lost a great president she then proceeds to mean that he was a successful president during his time in office. The first paragraph grasps the audience’s attention with a sympathetic tone and that Thatcher’s message is sincere.

Thatcher appeals to Pathos during her whole eulogy by reminiscing all Reagan’s traits which made him so beloved. She makes sure the audience realizes how powerful he was, and how he would give reassurance to the anxious world. Or when Thatcher speaks about his recovery after the attempt on his life when she says “Ronnie himself certainly believed that he had been given back his life for a purpose”. Reagan carried his people with him with every endeavor during his presidency, Thatcher reassures this with her soft gloomy tone when she concludes when she is going to miss the large-hearted Ronald Reagan.

Margaret Thatcher repeatedly uses parallelism and the language appeal to pathos to the audience. These Rhetorical devices help console the audience. She simply tries to comfort the audience with her eulogy. Thatcher was able to connect her emotion with the crowd to commemorate all Ronald Reagan has done for the world.

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