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Mark Zuckerberg's Leadership Shown in the Movie 'The Social Network'

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Table of contents

  1. Vision and Motivation
  2. Leadership Style and Effectiveness
  3. Contingency Theory
  4. Lessons Learned from the Movie

This report will introduce the effectiveness of leadership shown in the movie ‘The Social Network’ which was based on the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. It primarily focuses on the, leader’s leadership characteristics, behavior and style. Mark Zuckerberg was the undergraduate 2nd year student in the Harvard college. He was very obsessed to the programming and coding. Afterwards, he created a website name FaceMash, in which he hacked various hostel databases and downloaded pictures of female students, where male students can interactively choose which of two girls presented at a time is more attractive. and also resulted in suspension of half year from the college.

Afterwards, Zuckerberg ask his best friend Eduardo for launching a website named ‘TheFacebook’ in which Harvard student can add their bio, pictures, relationship status and can interact with each other and Eduardo (co-founder) agreed upon his idea and funded him $1000 to start this website. ‘TheFacebook’ become very popular in the Harvard college, so they decided to launch this website in other colleges also. ‘TheFacebook’ was becoming more popular in many different colleges very quickly.

Vision and Motivation

Mark Zuckerberg and his team have setup a long-term goal for ‘TheFacebook’. The entire group can possibly well when you realize what their activity degrees are. In one of the scenes in ‘The Social Network’, Mark Zuckerberg needed to extend ‘TheFacebook’, and he coordinated his group on their jobs, and what they should do. What’s more, when the two women who were available in the family room, inquired as to whether they could help in any capacity, he declined them absent a lot of thought in light of the fact that at that point, he realized that he didn’t require their assistance in any capacity. Then again, he explicitly mentioned to the others what their assignments were. When you realize what your group should be comprised of, you would have the option to locate the correct individual for the activity. You have to set extended and quantifiable objectives for them and you likewise should be educated regarding the advancement. Viable assignment isn’t just pushing endlessly the employments that were intended for you. Successful appointment is to guarantee that the individual with the correct ability does what the person knows best.

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As they were expanding their ‘The Facebook’ in different cities and colleges, they met a person named Sean Parker who was the co-founder of Napster. He suggested him to setup their head office in California and changing the name of ‘TheFacebook’ into Facebook. After shifting to California, Sean Parker helped him to get the big investor, who led them to setup a big office and spreading Facebook worldwide. They achieved their goals as if today it’s net worth is estimated as $74 billion.

Leadership Style and Effectiveness

Mark Zuckerberg shows the transformational initiative style in real life. He is portrayed as empowering and forceful. Zuckerberg is known as the youngest billionaire in the world. He became successful leader because of the following leadership skills:

  • Passion. His passion makes Facebook so successful. Zuckerberg always wanted to expand his Facebook. He didn’t take an interest in any class exercises and devoted his whole time to the improvement and development of the Facebook venture just as the site creation. As he doesn’t want to earn money, he just wanted to people use his Facebook and have fame in the world.
  • Product. He is always committed to Facebook. He left his college to work on is product. He is always working on Facebook to make it better and people can do many more things on it.
  • Fearless. He is a fearless personality as he takes decisions very quickly. Also, his team member trusts him and agrees upon his decisions.
  • Partnership. What recognizes Zuckerberg from different pioneers is the solid relationship he works with his representatives and accomplices. Banding together with the correct speculators who have similar thoughts and execute them and furthermore having a solid supervisory group is crucial for a fruitful organization.
  • Problem solving skills: He have a good problem-solving skill as he his innovations in Facebook make the company highly successful. He always tries to solve the problem more efficiently.
  • Interpersonal skills: As he always tries to interact with people. He always asks their team to present their ideas and adding more people in his team. As in the movie their first office they offer drinks and games to his employees as they can feel comfortable for work.

Contingency Theory

Mark Zuckerberg was a task-oriented leader. He was only focusing on the product development and expanding it globally. As he controlled his partnership with staff through the implementation of bonuses and disciplinary methods, Mark Zuckerberg held a high leadership position. Zuckerberg unmistakably had issues with Eduardo Saverin, Facebook co-founder, who last posed a lawsuit accompanied by a deal and early exit from Facebook by the co-founder. Task-oriented leaders are inherently good at managing and organizing the staff, and completing the assignments. Concurring to the situational authority of the possibility hypothesis Mark Zuckerberg contains a control over his workers and that’s I think he is blend of both the task-oriented administration and relationship-oriented administration. Yet Mark concentrated only on the product, and other centered on the company’s management.

Lessons Learned from the Movie

The major lesson I learned from the movie is that a person has to always be highly motivated and must be passionate to his work that he has started, no matters how many problems come and go. Moreover, trust is the major part in the teams. If we have conflicts between the team members, we must listen to every person viewpoint so that we can reach at any final decision before interpreting one another. The major key skill that is learned in the movie is setting up a long-term goal besides the profit and investment. Altogether, this film advises individuals how to bring in cash and claims that the genuine friendship is critical.

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