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Market Research and Its Use in a Marketing Plan

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Market research includes many objectives, strategies and or tactics, the process is used within the marketing plan to prove a return on the investment. Apprehended by marketing standards such as data mining and product sales.

Qualitative research is a type of research conducted, it is intended to gather detailed, rich and deep information about the attitudes and emotions that inhibit behaviours. For example, Apple conduct qualitative research for their IPhones by generating online questionnaires and surveys for their customers to take part in. The responses help Apple with their consumers thoughts and opinions of different target markets and use this information in use when launching a new IPhone. However, there are limitations when using Qualitative research in the marketing plan, such as cost. Professionals are needed to carry out this type of research and this may cost companies such as Apple, and finding the right employee could cost time.

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Quantitative research is another type of research that is conducted by Apple. Quantitative research collects information that can be shown numerically. Apple uses this type of research, looking at the figures of different sales made by different companies and brands that compete with the selling of the IPhone. The company looks at how much revenue and customers their competitors (etc Samsung), and how they can have a competitive advantage then those competitors. Although, questionnaires may be closed ended questions, leading to limited outcomes drawn in the research proposal as respondents may have limited options of responses, made on the selection by the researchers.

Furthermore, primary research is a type of data used within the marketing plan. It is the data gathered specifically for the current market research program. Primary data is used when collecting information based on IPhone. On the Apple website, it includes a ‘Market Research Survey Feedback’ where they have hired outside market researchers to push customers to take part in the survey. Customers are able to give feedback on their experience with the IPhone and other technological devices Apple provides, and if there are any problems or issues which may need to be looked at again and fixed. Primary research helps companies such as Apple to understand their consumers as they may mention the areas of their IPhones that might need improvements. Apple use a questionaire on a website called ‘Survey Monkey’ and the questions are based around what people want and what do they use the IPhone for, receiving responses and feedback from different people and age groups. By doing this, Apple are able to notice which product is the most popular and which product is used the most. Not only is doing questionnaires and surveys a primary research but it is also considered to be qualitative research as it has opened ended questions and they are again looking for responses which indicate improvements for the IPhone and other devices.

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