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Marketing Sport Tourism in India

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Promoting sport the travel industry requires sport and the host goal to be cross-utilized to advance the nature of encounters that the game traveller acquires. Diverse types of game the travel industry (spectating, partaking, adoring game locales) are hence potential supplements, and the nature of foundation and administrations at the goal give fundamental help to the general game the travel industry encounter. Chances to associate with travelers who share a game intrigue can likewise upgrade sport vacationers’ involvement. Cross leveraging of game and goals is encouraged when vertical and even collusions are shaped among game and the travel industry suppliers. Further research is expected to investigate the social and mental universes of game vacationers, and to recognize compelling utilizing strategies.

Marketing is more than advertising and selling. Yet it is common to see sport tourism marketing, particularly for events, described only in terms of the marketing communications and sales roles. Whilst these come under the rubric of the promotion element of marketing, the practice of marketing involves much more. Marketing is essentially about exchanges that create value for customers. The target and, therefore, the basis for marketing strategy is the consumer. To reflect this, rather than considering the consumer in a separate section in this essay, the consumer is considered throughout our examination of the elements of sport tourism marketing. When examining the role of marketing within sport tourism, it is important to reflect on who is included as a sport tourist. There has been some debate about whether professional sports people should be included, and whether recreational leisure activities constitute sport. Others have focused on active participants in sport rather than spectators of sport . Gibson defined sport tourism as ‘leisure based travel that takes individuals temporarily outside of their home communities to participate in physical activities, to watch physical activities or to venerate attractions associated with physical activities’. This definition will be used throughout this essay, and the discussions about marketing to sport tourists will demonstrate why this definition is a particularly useful one for examining sport tourism from a marketing perspective.

Most of the studies completed on the sport promotion and development has been conducted across the global. Sports can be developed and promoted through various activities engaging the sports reviews have shown sport tourism, league, marketing development etc. taken place for the development and promotion of sport.

A study on sport tourism was conducted in Taiwan which reported that event sport tourism (EST) has become an important economic sector around the world EST could also be used as an instrument of city development strategy. In India Smart cities concept is fest being developed which can use the Event Sport Tourism as of its blocks.

Sport studies are also being conducted by premium India Institution like IIMA. A study was conducted on Sports League which identified the constituents of the sport leagues being successful the study identified fan acceptability as a measure of success of leagues.

It has been studied that the sport business industry has a direct influence on entrepreneurship, small, medium and micro enterprises as reported for the country of South Africa.

Media coverage has also an upward trend with specific implication to host the sporting events which has been reported in studies making sport a consumer decision making model.

Sport history is analysed in one of the studies. A case of Oman was studied which showed that organised history of sport was not available and also commented that to make sport professionally organised will require various challenges to be overcome.

Tourists’ arrival also is impacted by mega-sports events as reported by one of the studies. Conducts of the sports events are provide lucrative opportunities for tourism. Study has reported that tourism flow toward host countries between 1995-2006 as reported of 200 countries had seen a positive influx of the tourists.

Involvement differences exist among gender characteristic and also reveal that individuals’ involvement level more significantly impact to recall the sponsors. Study also said that marketer investing more on sponsorship – linked marketing in emerging economics.

Applying of sponsorship and brand management in global marketing significantly enhance achievement sport business goal and organizational performance in global sport industry.

Sports sponsorship grows hence sporting arena has approaches platform where sponsor become an intricate pillar in the sports industry of Singapore. (Wai) Sponsorship of Resources and financial support of many companies and stage events relied on event promoter and sport organization.

The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The demand of travelling is growing every year and new creative products to supply in this sector are increasing. It has involved into new directions within the tourist market. In the past, tourism was taken as a new development and only recently it has been considered as serious business or an academic field of study. The travel to a destination and the staying at the destination are the two key elements in tourism. A destination is the temporary and short-term activity which means that the visitors return to their own permanent destination within days, weeks, months or within a year. There are three ways to classify the visit as a tourist. The leisure and recreation category includes the holiday of cultural, sports and visiting relatives and friends. The business and professional category includes meetings, conferences, incentives and business tourism. The third category other purpose includes study and health activities. According to (World Tourism Organization 1992), subsequently ratified by the UN statistical Commission in 1994 defines that tourism comprises the activities of persons travelling to and for spending some days or nights out of the environment for less than a year in purpose of leisure, holiday, business or research or any other specific purpose. In the early 1980s, Matheson and Wall (1982, 1) indicated that tourism comprised of the Short-term movement of tourists to another destination out of the regular place of living, of work and home place. Actions that need to be taken while the spending the time in such a place are facilities created to cater for the need of the tourist.

The world tourism organization estimated (UNWTO, 2007) that there were 842 million international travelers in 2006 (this amounts was almost 12 percent of the world’s population). Among all the travelers, adventure and nature travelling is one of the fastest and youngest sectors in tourism. It creates physical and mental excitement and efforts that involve some kind of risk, real or perceived, the expectation varies depending on level of experience which may be taken as an element of physical danger. However, some of these activities may comprise of the same travelers involved in more than one journey per year and hence the precise scale of tourism as an industry is in some doubt (Leiper, 1999). Tens of millions of people globally work directly in the industry and many more are employed indirectly (Hudson 2003, 4.) Travel and transport, accommodation and catering, leisure, recreation and entertainment, promoting and developing create most employment opportunities in the tourism field. Both the demand and supply side of the destination in tourism is clear. The demand side describes the destinations as the people travel and they choose accommodation where they want to stay in order to gain experiences. The supply sided of describes the destinations as the visitors know the geographical areas with their politics and government and approved for the tourism marketing and planning. The tourism products, place and the system of products always depend upon the tourism industry which effects its management.

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In Sports tourism market is witnessing 10-12 per cent growth as Indians are showing more enthusiasm for visiting a country to attend sports event, according to industry experts. ‘Globally sports tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry. According to estimates, global sports tourism was worth USD 7 billion in 2017. While it is a mature industry overseas, in India it is in infancy (stage),’ Cox and Kings Head, relationships, Karan Anand told here.

The first love for Indians is cricket and they travel to watch the game, whether in India or overseas, he added. ‘There has also been a shift in the interest for other sporting events like the Soccer World Cup or the Olympics. We see 10-12 per cent growth in arrivals to these destinations, when a major sporting event takes place,’ he said. Indians travel to Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and England to watch cricket matches, however, over the last 10 years there is a growing interest to watch the Olympics, the Soccer World Cup and Grand Prix Formula One motor events.

Over the years, Indians have explored and shown interest in other sporting events, including football, tennis, Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Grand Prix Formula One motor events among others, he added. KAYAK Director, India and Middle East, Abhijit Mishra said, the sports-tourism industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, which is projected to shoot up to USD 5.72 trillion by 2021.

A holiday with friends or family to witness a mega sporting event is no longer an alien concept for Indian travellers. The number of travellers keen on a ring side seat to cheer for the ‘men in blue’ at the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh or their favourite team during T20 tournament or driver in a formula one race is rapidly growing. And these sporting enthusiasts are willing to spend ‘top dollar’ to jet set across the globe to experience the thrill of watching their favourite game live. These fans also like to ‘live it up’ exploring and enjoying the destination simultaneously.

Correspondingly, there has also been a marked rise in the number of tour operators and agents specializing in servicing the requirements of this particular segment. It’s not only niche specialists, but also big mainstream tour operators who set up a separate division to tap the potential of Sports Tourism. An alien concept in India about a decade ago, Sports Tourism, though a niche segment has evolved rapidly over the past five years. A large number of agents and tour operators are introducing interesting packages surrounding major sporting events. Sports Tourism is a well organised sector and major revenue churner in several nations around the world like UK, Germany, Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia etc. Several National Tourist Offices (NTOs) are aggressively working towards promoting their destinations for Sport Tourism in India to tap the corporate, as well as fast growing upper middle class and the youth.

It was the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003, which kick started the trend in India and offered the kind of exposure which Indian spectators never witnessed. Another major event, the Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty20, which commenced in 2008, proved to be a milestone in the Indian sports scenario. In the following year, IPL despite being shifted to South Africa played the pied piper, successfully attracting Indian and international spectators generating great volume of outbound traffic for Sports Tourism. Indians today travel abroad to watch a broad range of sporting events including cricket, soccer, tennis and Formula One.

While Sports Tourism in India is primarily outbound, there are small inroads also being made on the inbound and domestic front. Overall, according to industry experts, the segment is expected to have a growth rate of 10-20 per cent in the coming years.

The concept of people traveling to participate and watch sports dates back to the ancient Olympic Games and the practice of encouraging tourism through sport has existed for over a century.However, sport and tourism professionals alike are realizing the significant potential of sports tourism and are aggressively pursuing this market requirement.India has always been big in the tourism industry because of its extreme diversity. However, India’s sports tourism is also carving a niche for itself in the Indian tourism industry, attracting many adventurers to grab flights to India.

Sports tourism in India is an absolute must for all the thrill and adventure seekers. The Historical and geographical diversities of India open up great avenues for adventure sports and activities. India is a huge country with an extremely varied topography. Be it skiing on the great Himalayan ranges, bicycling on the wobbly Indian roads or rafting on gushing rivers. India holidays offer a range of opportunities to its visitors to test out their sporting skills! Not surprisingly, cheap flights to India are increasingly becoming more popular among sports freaks.

While cricket is the main attraction for tourists from other countries, India falls far behind in other sports and their tourism. Thailand has developed into a major golf tourism destination in a span of 20 years. India needs to bring in tournaments and major players because the amount of money a golf lover spends on a holiday is much more than other sports. A team of 20 American millionaires and golfers recently flew into Kolkata on a private jet to participate in the iconic Royal Calcutta Golf Club. So we can see that there’s demand for such events, and if we can build golfing infrastructure in a place like Goa, which is on the international tourist map, we can generate income that runs into hundreds of millions.

Sports are an investment in the tourism industry, they Create economic growth through filled hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments. They attract high-yield visitors, especially repeaters. They Create exposure and enhances a positive image for your community. A new product is launched with a new tourism destination. It Builds community relationships and strengthens corporate support. An opportunity is created for the youth and a source of entertainment is launched. Favorable image for the destination is being generated with the development of new infrastructure. Media is being used to extend the normal communications reach.

A holiday with friends or family to witness a mega sporting event is no longer a foreign concept for Indian travelers. Today, sporting enthusiasts in India are willing to spend to set across the world to experience the thrill and excitement of watching their favorite game live. Big mainstream tour operators who set up a separate division to tap the potential of Sports Tourism. An alien concept in India about a decade ago, Sports Tourism, has evolved rapidly over the past five years. A large number of agents and tour operators are introducing interesting packages surrounding major sporting events.

Sports tourism is witnessing 10-12 percent growth as Indians are showing more enthusiasm for visiting a country to attend the sports event, according to industry experts. Globally sports tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry. According to estimates, global sports tourism was worth USD 7 billion in 2017. While it is a mature industry overseas, in India it is in infancy The first love for Indians is cricket and they travel to watch the game, whether in India or overseas. There has also been a shift in the interest for other sporting events like the FIFA World Cup or the Olympics.

Scope and future of sports tourism are not going to end in India because of its diverse topography and climatic condition. You can enjoy on land and water, underwater and in the air whatsoever form of adventure sports in India. Future of sports tourism and adventure sports in India is very bright. Low-cost regional airlines (and more affordable long-haul flights) are also in demand for sporting events as flights become more convenient and more affordable. However, sport event organizers and state tourism boards in India should be ready to invest in other metro cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. With booming interest among Indian sports enthusiasts to explore their interests in different sports fields, and various NTO’s across the world encouraging tie-ups with Indian tour operators, there is sufficient fodder for India to emerge as a Sports Tourism destination and boost overall tourism in the country. It only needs to be utilized efficiently in order to gain significant benefits.

Sports tourism can be a vital force for world peace and increasing understanding and interdependence. Throughout the world, sport tourism can contribute to the establishment of a new international economic order that will help to eliminate the widening economic gap between developed and developing sports tourism countries and insure the steady acceleration of economic and social development and progress in particular of the developing countries.

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