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Marketing Strategy of Samsung Smartphones

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If we turn some years back, we know that the mobile phone industry was commanded and dominated by Nokia and Motorola. They had been superiors in this position for quite some time. However, as time goes by things dramatically changed. At that time Samsung company in the mobile phone industry was one of the smallest company with almost low profile and distinct products or low cost product portfolio. In less than a decade, they managed to emerge the market leaders in the smartphone industry. So how they achieved such a great success? In the Smartphone’s industry, there is always a big competition, the companies have always been demanded to come up with the latest and creative technological innovations and proper marketing strategies.

When Apple company launched the first iPhone in 2007, they were producing smartphones for only business users which was later fallowed the creation of the Smartphone market for also average consumers with lower costs. After that, Apples’ iPhone and Android phones, which are produced by Samsung, HTC and Nokia have tried to do their best in order to contest and win their rivals in this ever changing and high-technological market and so far have qualified to be the big players in the Smartphone industry. In this global world the industry is growing day by day, time is really important matter and every company wants to possess most innovative technology and products before its competitors. According to some statistics Samsung is currently one of the largest Smartphone manufacturer in Europe.

At the end of 2012 Samsung had 32.3% share of the market according to the figures from Comscore. In April in the same year Nokia was totally overtaken by Samsung and for a long time Samsung had maintained its superiority. Apple contributed 20.5% market share that was the second position and followed by Nokia at 16.3% market share. Samsung had been able to dominate European Smartphone market in 2013. As for the Kantar world panel computer technologies, being the top selling Smartphone brand in Europe, Samsung has obtained 45% share of the European Smartphone market. As the worldwide Smartphone sales increased by 46.9% in 2016 and accounted for 39.6% of total mobile sales, according to Gartner research, Samsung and iPhone dominated the Smartphone market.

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Samsung mobile phone led with 98 million units in Q3, commanding 32.5% of the global Smartphone market (Apple and Samsung started leading global Smartphone race in 2012) Samsung Galaxy 9 Smartphone’s use Google’s operating system Android. They introduced its first Windows phone in 2012. They offer great variety of products that target a wide range of customer segments in the market. Example is the, Galaxy Music, which are for music lovers. It includes features like easy access to music and surrounds sound. For the people who value innovative technology, they are offered Galaxy S7, which has also a mini version for those who find it too big. (Samsung, Mobile devices, 2015) The prices for these Smartphones vary greatly to meet different consumers’ needs.

Some time back, Samsung was struggling to catch up with big players like iPhone in the Smartphone market. And now it is the leading company in the market with the addition of being the largest technology company by revenue. With the introduction of Galaxy S8 Smartphone, they have brought a whole new package of Smartphone with impressive features. Samsung has always been under accusation of copying iPhone, which got them into trouble by losing a high-profile case to Apple Inc. for imitating Apples design. This was seen when a nine person Jury awarded Apple more than $1B, when founded Samsung infringed Apples patent. The Jury found Samsung to have infringed the Apple Utility, that is Design patents but not for all products. Damages owed by Samsung was $1.05 billion (Lowensohn, 2012).

Luckily for them this legal and marketing warfare didn’t slow its momentum nor dimmed its ambitions. Samsung is focusing in increasing its annual revenue to about $400 billion in some few years from now, which will see them in same heights with the likes of Wal-Mart Inc., who are world’s largest companies. Samsung still lags behind Apple even after its success in the perception of most innovative company. The company leaders are now working towards changing Samsung’s culture and strategy to be classified as an innovative company and change its reputation of being a fast follower.

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