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Trademark under the Pakistani System Versus International System: Comparative Study

Abstract Traditionally, trademarks were considered as convenient tools for source identification and were granted legal recognition on this premise. However, more recently, trademarks have progressed in a new yet challenging medium as an effective tool for both corporate and social communication. Given the dilemma, this thesis aimed to evaluate and analysis the current system for trademark in Pakistan and to propose change accordingly. The thesis argued that which and where Pakistan Trademark legal system is lacking by analytical approach by...
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Effectiveness of Morrison’s Use of ‘Own Brands’: Case Study of Mystery Shopper

In this assignment, I am going to investigate the effectiveness of Morrison’s use of ‘own brands’. Background information Morrison’s is a public limited company (PLC) which was founded in 1899, 120 years ago, by a man named William Morrison. Mr Morrison started selling eggs, butter along with other dairy products at a small, local market until eventually, 53 years later; William’s son took over and opened their first store. Morrison’s are continually growing and are currently the fourth largest British...
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Project Management Process and Its Involvement in the New Product Development: Analytical Essay

Chapter 1. Introduction The investigation carried out through this research study is focused merely on the context of Project Management and innovation practices in new product development. The focus of this research is on the organizations that aim to manufacture new products by using project management processes and achieve high innovation. The three categories which projects come into when it is new product development here are the use of technologies of project management that helps in product launch, using the...
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Qualitative Investigation on the New Product Development in Pharmaceutical Industry in Pakistan

New product development is an important success process, which is required for continuous development and long-term growth of the company in pharmaceuticals. In addition, new product development is a process that is more difficult in this pharmaceutical sector in Pakistan and high risky process. There are factor, which are highlighted as per the previous literature and research. These factors include, senior management support (SMS), Cross-functional team (CFT), Customer involvement (CI), Supplier integration (SI), and Time to market (TIM). These factors,...
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Ways to Improve Customer Experience Quality and Business Performance: Case Study by Mystery Shopper Practices

1. Paper Title: How Improving Customer Experience Quality and Business Performance? A Case Study by Mystery Shopper Practices Authors: Yung-Lung Lai & Shih-Chieh Chang. International Journal of Marketing Studies; Vol. 5, No. 6; 2013 1.1 General description of the research method: Case Study Case study method was first defined by Benbasat et al. (1987, p. 370) as “examining a phenomenon in its natural setting, employing multiple methods of data collection to gather information from one or few entities (people, groups...
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Case Study of 'Teen Dreams” Trademark: Refusal of Registration on the Basis of Confusion

#1 Concurrent use registration Rule: 15 U.S.C. §1052(d) That if the Director determines that confusion, mistake, or deception is not likely to result from the continued use by more than one person of the same or similar marks under conditions and limitations as to the mode or place of use of the marks or the goods on or in connection with which such marks are used, concurrent registrations may be issued to such persons when they have become entitled to...
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The Multidimensional Question of 3 Dimensional Trademarks: Analytical Essay

Introduction The product market today is highly competitive. If a brand does not constantly evolve itself, it is at the danger of failing to satisfy its customers. To keep reinventing itself, it must ensure protection to the assets that bring value to the company. For this reason, it is important to give recognition to non-conventional trademarks, such as shape of goods, 3D marks, sound marks, smell marks, etc., through which we can identify various products and services provided by companies....
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Evolution and Effectiveness of Product Placement: Analytical Essay

Game Appreciation and Industry Analysis Introduction The rapid growth in popularity of games has created considerable opportunities for marketers, estimating a global spending of $109 billion on games in 2017. In-Game advertising has become a new successful way of improving and growing revenue, as games become the most common past-time (Kerr, 2017, p. 5). In-game advertising is a popular method of marketing on a vast range of products, from music albums to presidential campaigns (Barnes, 2019). Product placement and advertisement...
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Analytical Essay on New Product Development and Integration

This quantitative research work aim to investigate the influence of supply network strategies on innovation and supply chain competence in pharmaceutical industries, by explicitly focusing on the moderating effect of knowledge sharing relationship between supply network strategies and innovation. summarized research finding will be explained, discussion will help to answer the research questions mentioned in chapter one as the following: (R1) To what extent do supply network strategies influence a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s innovation?. (R2) To what extent do supply network...
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Quality Control and Improvement Project of TATA Motors Company: Analysis of Company's New Product

Abstract Contextual investigation on improving quality administration of TATA organization’s new item advancement venture incorporates the examination of the present circumstance inside the quality administration of TATA organization’s new item advancement venture (current circumstance and recognize existing issues), improvement study (investigation the reason for existing issues and plan the improvement plan) and usage. Through checking the execution procedure, we have an assessment investigation for the usage results. The reason for this examination is to improve quality administration of new item...
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Phenomenon of Product Placement Used in Commercial Movies across the World: Analytical Essay

Abstract Recently product placement in movies have increased with double fold worldwide. Product placement is used by the brands to be placed in movies, which ultimately results in revenue to the brand, which is gained by selling more the highlighted product on-screen(Gaille,2017). To understand the factors responsible for grabbing the users desired attention towards a particular product. This study will investigate the impact of luxury cars in product placement advertising on male consumers (age 25-35). In particular, I will investigate...
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Product Placement in Movie's Influence on Young Adults in the US: Literature Review

Theory in Review The purpose of this literature review is to research how product placement can affect the consumer habits of young adults. The inductive research process will help identify if young adults are more inclined to change their purchasing habits due to product placements that they see in movies. This literature review will be organized with 9 articles, opening with the background of product placement, following up with influences from celebrities, and concluding with the culture of today’s young...
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Protection of Well-Known Trademarks: Developments in India and the UK

Background/Introduction The Trademarks Act, 1999, defines well-known trademark as, ‘a mark which has become so to the substantial segment of the public which uses such goods or receives such services that the use of such mark in relation to other goods or services would be likely to be taken as indicating a connection in the course of trade or rendering of services between those goods or services and a person using the mark in relation to the first-mentioned goods or...
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Protection of Trademarks for Commercial Purposes: Analytical Essay

Trademark Type is the name, brand, logo or design or any combination of these used to distinguish the supplier or supplier from the business or any other person and to indicate the origin of the product. Trademarks are often used by manufacturers to identify names, ideas, logos and trademarks in the display of their products. But shapes, sounds, smells and colors can also be registered as trademarks. In recent years, trademark legislation has expanded to include clothing and flood protection....
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Relationships between Product Placement, Comic Books, and Comic Book Readers: Discursive Essay

The Hershey Company publicly attributed a 66 percent increase in Reese’s Pieces (Reed and Dutka 1989) revenues to a famous and unforgettable product placement in Universal Studio’s E.T.: The Extraterrestrial (Kennedy and Spielberg 1982). E.T succeeded in pairing with Reese’s Pieces, 20th Century Fox became the first Hollywood film studio to publicly give producers a structured method for product and advertisement placement in its monetary reward films (Harmetz 1983). Product placement in cinematic history may be the predilection of an...
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An Analysis of Service Quality Provision Using Method of Mystery Shopper: A Case Study of Shampan 3, The Spinning Wheel

Background and Context- Shampan is a small UK group of Contemporary Indian restaurants serving traditional curries and specials with a modern edge. Whilst all three of their (London and surrounding areas) branches offer high quality and authentic Indian cuisine, the most recent business venture for them, Shampan 3 is said to be ‘redefining Indian Cuisine’(Shampan, 2020) at their Westerham based branch called ‘The Spinning Wheel’ which offers it’s customers a timeless, high quality fine dining experience. This report will analyse...
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Relation between Supply Chain and New Product Development: Analytical Essay

Abstract In order to build value for product and to achieve better share, companies rely on strategic partnerships with their customers and suppliers. In today’s rapidly changing markets are the design of products to fit processes and supply chains, processes to fit product platforms and supply chains, and supply chains to match product platforms and processes. If this co-design is done well up front with adequate management of the product development process, the product will cost much less overall and...
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Case Study of Gucci: Analysis of Luxury Brand Management

Luxury Market in India Overview Luxury adds to pleasure and comfort which is more than just necessity. Luxury provides satisfaction at two levels i.e. product and experiential. The products satisfy the functional aspects like craftsmanship, design, exceptional product capabilities, technology, etc while, experiential brings a reward of possessing a coveted item, association with hierarchical brand and status. Currently, the luxury market in India is valued at $18.5 billion which is expected to grow to $100 billion in next the 7-8...
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Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality: Analysis of Ryanair’s Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary This paper is to analyze the factors that lead Ryanair Holdings to success and understand and evaluating the marketing strategy that Ryanair implement in order to be one most successful and well-known operating company in the aviation industry. This study looks at external and internal key influences of the environment of the Ryanair Company. Also assess the impact of business macro and micro environmental factors, with the use of market analysis and relevant theories, and examines and evaluate...
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Analysis of Marketing Strategy Plan for Honda for Upcoming Motorcycle Model

1.0 Introduction [bookmark: _Toc36383668][bookmark: _Toc16449]The purpose of this report is to build a marketing strategy plan for Honda, for their upcoming motorcycle model CBR1000RR-R Fire blade. So, it can enter those target segments in which Honda can create Superior customer value and gain a competitive advantage over rivals. 1.1 Company Background Honda Motors ltd , is a Japanese base company, established by Soichiro Honda in 1946, first started by producing combustion engines (Miller, 2008) then began manufacturing motorcycles with complete...
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Brand Audit of BMW: Historical Overview and Background

Brand Audit – BMW Historical overview and background Parent company background Existing brands History of chosen brand Any changes in positioning/target market Competitors Existing brand extensions (if any) The birth of BMW can be traced back to Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto. Their respective companies; engine maker Rapp Motorenwerke and aircraft manufacturer Flugmaschinenfabrik Gustav Otto, gave rise to Bayerische Motoren Werke. In 1923, BMW began its first metamorphosis when it expanded from manufacturing airplane engines to motorcycles. This was an...
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Marketing Makes Consumers Happier

Major online retailers have held their positions for many years. Each of them has its own secret to success, but there is one thing they have in common: trust on the part of customers. It is built as a result of constant interaction with the audience and receiving feedback, which increases brand awareness and sales. Trust and happiness are closely linked. According to Marketing and Happiness research, the top two reasons for loss of brand trust are poor customer service...
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Marketing Strategy in Automotive Industry: Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai

About the industry The automobile industry has developed substantially over the previous decade. Computerized innovation, change in client notion and financial well-being have assumed a fundamental role in this advancement. OEMs and other key industry players are observing this development and investing vigorously in non-commercial strategic approaches of assembling vehicles. Substitute income sources are quickly assuming control over the market. Transport organizations, for example, Uber have grown exponentially in the course of the most recent couple of years and established...
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Mystery Shopper as a Particular Form of Observational Research

Observation is a proposed tracking, recording, review and evaluation of attitudes, acts, or events of people. Observational studies provide substantial insights that other methods of data collection do not. Observational approaches shed light on the actions of consumers and workers and can help address questions such as How do customers walk through supermarkets? How do they ingest goods and dispose of them? And how do workers spend their days at work? In order to explain what people are doing rather...
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Research Design and Its Main Types

Research design refers to the overall strategy used to conduct research, which defines a concise and logical plan for addressing established research questions through the collection, interpretation, analysis, and discussion of data. The study design defines the study type and subtype, study problem, hypotheses, independent and dependent variables, experimental design, and, if applicable, data collection methods, and statistical analysis plan. Research design is a structure created to find answers to research questions. The main types of research design are: descriptive...
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Service Positioning of Amazon and Flipkart: Comparative Analysis

Service positioning is a unique identity of a service in competitive market. Positioning is concerned with the identification, development and communication of a differentiated advantage which makes the organization’s products and service perceived as superior and distinctive to those of its competitors in the mind of its target customers. Positioning a service is difficult as compared to products based on its key characteristic: intangibility; degree of variability or heterogeneity of quality; inseparability. Service positioning involves following steps: 1) determining the...
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Ryanair's Unethical Conduct in Advertising Practices

Ryanair’s has brought many great success throughout the past years by growing their profitability, returns for shareholders increased and increased strong financial performance due to their low cost strategy. However, with this low cost strategy they has been accused of concealing ancillary revenues and offering customer service only for fees. Based on the questionable practices that are discussed in the case, there are stated some of unethical behaviour of Ryanair in advertising practices. Ryanair has been faced a controversial or...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Mystery Shopper Technique

Mystery shoppers are used worldwide by services to evaluate the performance of their front-line employees. An online survey of mystery shoppers compares the reality of the situation with the best practice identified (Dr. Jacqueline Douglas, 2015). It is seen as an efficient and effective instrument to gain in-depth knowledge of the customer’s perception of service delivery (Finn, 2001). When a firm is delivering the expectations of management and customers through standards of service then there is a necesity to measure...
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eBay and the Big Data Tools

Business organizations across the world today are keen to leverage maximum technological advantages and benefits due to the increasing use and applications of modern internet based technologies and devices by consumers globally. Exponential rise in the applications of technology across all industries and societies has revolutionized the way people communicate and think consequently generating a lasting impact on their life styles. Consumers today are keen to explore millions of products on the internet that they intent to purchase. IT revolution...
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Overview of the Key Features of Honda Marketing Management

Operations and the industry processes and the characteristics of Honda’s market has a several key parts and sectors which are needed to be known like suppliers, marketing channels, competition, market attractiveness, and many other factors. So, the first one will be the suppliers, who is the main suppliers, their number, and what they do. Honda is one of the biggest motorcycles manufactured company that working on manufacturing the internal combustion engines in the word specially in Japan under the name...
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