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Mars As A Future Of Civilization

Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system, yet its environment is extensively chillier than Earth. This is due to Mars’ weak atmosphere – less than 1% of Earth’s – which prevents the planet from preserving heat for lengthy periods of time and is...
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Weather Conditions On Mars

The weather here on Earth is ideal for life because this is where it evolved. Choosing the right planet in our Solar System to terraform in order for it to sustain is going to be a difficult task no matter the circumstances as there are...
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Why Is It Hard To Colonize Mars?

Being the second smallest planet in the solarsystem and named after the Roman god of war, Mars is considered to be a desolate, frigidand inhospitable rock whose colonization is one of the biggest challenges in our century. Curious to know why it is so hard...
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Mars Colonization Issues And Solutions

For centuries Humans have considered colonizingor even terraforming Mars. Today we will look at exactly that but insteaddiscuss the issues and challenges with traveling to Mars and forming a colony there. We’ll mainly focus on the issues with creatinga colony there as, in my experience,...
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The Evolution Of Humanity Living On Mars

As we go further within the future, the Earth is getting more and more polluted each passing day. It will eventually come up to the point where it couldn’t sustain any more lives, having the possibility of it “breaking down”. Our reign is coming to...
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The Ways To Get And Colonize Mars

Going to mars has for long been science fiction and colonizing it more so. But now it is becoming more of a reality then we could ever imagine. We are getting closer and closer to both getting humans to mars and colonizing and build habitats...
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Terraformed Mars: What It Would Look Like

Have you ever stopped to think about what the Red Planet would be like if it were terraformed? There are several initiatives underway with the goal of sending humans to Mars, as you may know, and the first manned missions are expected to begin between...
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Should Humans Colonize Mars?

Solar, wind, hydraulic energy are all ways we can get natural resources. However, NASA and several other organizations want to move everybody to a new planet? Since the beginning of history, we have been solving problems. One problem is whether or not humans should colonize...
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The Benefits Of Manned Mission To Mars

Since the early 1970’s the mysterious Red Planet has been closely examined by rovers and space probes, which have sent back invaluable information. Mars at large is a unique and different place compared to Earth, with the thin atmosphere that conjures winds and storms many...
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The Effects Of Aerogel On Mars' Lives

Aerogels are a type of porous solids that are mostly known for their extreme low densities. This means that because they are open-porous, they are impermeable to gas. Aerogel was created by Dr. Samuel Stephens who discovered it between 1929 and 1930 (A, 2000). Aerogels...
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The Possibility Of A Space Colony Of Mars

Earth’s future has become increasingly unstable over the course of hundreds of years, not only do we face terrorism, climate change and catastrophic events but humans could also be wiped out in an instant by a meteor collision, says Steven Hawkins (Hoare, 2019). In order...
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Astronomical Research On Mars

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and is an extremely cold desert world. It is covered in rusty red, iron-rich dust which is why it’s called the “Red Planet”. Mars travels around the Sun in an oval-shaped orbit which means the planet completes...
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Should We Continue Exploring Mars?

According to (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2019) Research about mars and its possible life continues as signs of water indicate form of recent lively activity. If earth suddenly becomes uninhabitable mars is the easiest planet to access and live on. (Jones, CJ 2019) appointed that Mars is...
2 Pages 970 Words

Is Sending Humans To Mars Necessary?

Have you ever wanted to go to a different planet? Have you ever wondered if going to a different planet is even necessary at all? Throughout the 20th century, our views of life on another planet has changed drastically. This essay will argue that a...
2 Pages 803 Words

The Mission Of Mars Exploration

The exploration of Mars has been a long awaited mission. The effects however have been questioned for a very long time. Through my understanding of Martian Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury. It...
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One Way Astronaut: Mission To Mars

Kids are leaving school to take part in climate strikes. Young adults are losing their jobs and they begin to lack of economic opportunity. Children are lacking education because of poverty. These are some of the many problems that are taking place on our Earth...
2 Pages 896 Words

The Ethical Issues On Mars Getting And Colonisation

Throughout the history of mankind, an undiscovered world above us has fascinated us into studying and observing what could potentially lie behind nature’s secrets. A constant push to make discoveries has led us to several findings, recently and mostly related to the exploration of Mars,...
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The Advisability In Space Programs Of Living On Mars

Buzz Aldrin once said, “By refocusing our space program on Mars for America’s future, we can restore the sense of wonder and adventure in space exploration that we knew in the summer of 1969. We won the moon race; now it’s time for us to...
4 Pages 1611 Words

Ethical Implications Of Colonizing Mars

It was obvious that the conclusion of my tutorial group was against the colonization of Mars because there are some ethical implications of colonizing Mars. First, if we start to land frequently on Mars when we surveyed the surface of Mars it would potential harm...
1 Page 646 Words

The Solar System: Venus, Mars, Jupiter And Ceres

THE SOLAR SYSTEM The solar system comprises of the Sun, the planets, the moons and all the other minor objects that circle the Sun, such as comets and space rocks. In spite of the fact that the essential picture of planets circling the Sun is...
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The Implications Of Percival Lowell’s Theory-laden Observations Of Mars

Introduction A recurring debate in scientific research is the effect of theory-laden observations. Scientific observation is regarded as theory-laden when one’s beliefs, assumptions, or expectations are used to interpret observations. When investigators observe a distant world, everything that their senses convey is interpreted by the...
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The Logistics Of Living On Mars

Introduction Since I was a child, I was always fascinated by the solar system, space, astronauts and whether or not there is another life that we have not yet encountered. In high school we had a very special guest visit us to tell me and...
2 Pages 852 Words

Possible Consequences Of Sending People On Mars

Sending people to Mars is one of humanity’s greatest ambitions this century. We are not just going there, but we plan live there as well. With the climate of Earth heading toward a dire state human might need to leave Earth indefinitely one day. However,...
3 Pages 1143 Words

Use Of Mapping Mode Data To Map Mars

Studying the Martian surface composition is essential to understand its past and current condition and pave the way to unveiling the nature of occurrences of detected minerals – be it weathering, precipitation, or of volcanic origin (Bandfield, Hamilton, & Christensen, 2000). Multiple instruments have been...
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