Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglas as the Activists for Freedom

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Throughout American history, the existence of blacks in history is very important. Whether it was the abolitionist movement or the Civil War, black people have added a heavy pen to American history. In these movements there are two blacks who have made great contributions to the status of blacks. They are Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglas.

Freedom is never obtained by gifts, but by the sacrifice and suffering of some people. However, the power of love can avoid sacrifice.In a lecture at Berkeley University in 1957 that non-violent confrontation is the most effective way to fight evil. (Martin , P1133) He has always been a representative figure who opposes the use of violence against evil. He believes that using the power of the soul to resist material violence and how to get the friendship and understanding of the other party is the best way to solve the problem (Martin , P1134). Most people think that nonviolence is weak, ineffective and impossible to succeed. The best way to fight against violence is to use stronger violence, but King uses his own methods to win the respect of the enemy. In the 17th century, discrimination against blacks by whites was taken for granted. This attitude lasted for a hundred years, so it is difficult to change the attitude of whites towards blacks. Whether it is prohibited by law or not cannot change people's psychology and ideas. Violence can't change people's psychological views, so Kim uses the power of love to make people gradually understand and accept blacks. He not only made the world's attention and sympathy for the black movement, but also touched the hearts of white people from all walks of life. The discriminated status of blacks also disappeared because of his efforts.

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In contrast, Frederick was more radical in the abolitionist movement. Compared to Kim's way of using love to influence the enemy, Frederick chose his own way to warn blacks and criticize whites. As a successful speaker, Frederick exposed the crimes of American slavery in his speech. In his eyes, white people are pacifists who love revolution. They prefer revolution to peace (Frederick, P507). Frederick has been a slave since he was born. He knows the suffering of being a slave, so he can feel the horror of slavery firsthand. In an era when black people were generally educated and restricted, Frederick could clearly express his thoughts and inspire more people to follow him towards the same goal. Frederick pays attention to the equality of human rights. The United States was born in the war for freedom, so why should black people wait patiently for others to grant freedom? This positive attitude allowed the northern government to promote the cause of black liberation more quickly.

Whether it is King or Frederick, what they did and what they called for was to liberate the status and rights of the blacks. Some people may not accept their approach, but they are still a great communicator and active and constructive promoter.

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