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Game Theory As A Mathematical Theory Of Conflict, Its Methods And Examples

What is conflict? This is a situation, in which the interests of the parties collide and a conflict of interests occurs. Each of the participants wants something, not what others want. How game theory can be used? Game theory is a mathematical theory that is tightly connected with the social sciences. Modern socio-economic studies are based on game theory, but game theory can be useful for every person. Game theory enters into the life of each of us unnoticed. The...
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The Concept Of Game Theory And Its Varieties

Abstract This paper covers game theory at a basic level and looks at an elementary application of game theory, the prisoner’s dilemma. The paper goes on to use the example of competitive pizza shops and how game theory can help to make the best business decisions when it comes to pricing slices of pizza. This is an interesting topic that is quite new in the mathematical world. Since John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern invented the idea in 1944, there...
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Math In Our Daily Life

Introduction Even those suffering from math-related anxieties or phobias cannot escape its everyday presence in their lives. From home to school to work and places in between, math is everywhere. Whether using measurements in a recipe or deciding if half a tank of gas will make the destination, we all use math. It is a good idea, therefore, for teachers and parents of reluctant math learners to use real-world examples to ignite a spark of practical interest. Math is everywhere....
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Theorems And Proofs In Geometry The History Of Their Appearance

Theorems and proofs both play a crucial role in mathematics as they serve as something more than the justification behind a result. Theorems are statements that can be demonstrated to be true by accepted mathematical operations and arguments. A theorem makes up some general principle, meaning it is part of a larger theory. The process of showing a theorem to be true is called a proof. The two simply tie together as they are both what geometry revolves around. With...
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Mathematics And Numeracy In Everyday Life

Mathematics and Numeracy can be found everywhere in the world around us as they are both an important aspect of our lives. Be it a shopkeeper, a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, a student and even an insect in nature they all use the form of mathematics. Mathematics and numeracy are often thought to be the same but are two different concepts. While numeracy and mathematics draw upon the same body of skills, numeracy is not the same as mathematics;...
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The Reliability Of Police Statistics

It was first in April 1998 that the Home Office introduced a methodical recorded system when it came to counting and recording crime statistics . Beforehand the statistic results gathered would not have been part of official figures and therefore would have been lost in translation and not reliable to be used as a data source for what crime was occurring across society. Throughout the years, the Department of Justice (DoJ) has been releasing these statistic reports bi-annually (Spring and...
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Main Tools And Terms In Statistics

Without statistics the market research would be impossible because they provide information necessary to conduct a proper market research. For example, statistics allow companies to make decisions based on customer’s preferences and provide information around their needs. It is also important and necessary because it compiles complexity to develop useful insights recommendations for business and if the statistical analysis is correctly applied you can produce effectiveness results. 2. What is the purpose of statistical analysis in a business context? In...
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Types Of Charts And Their Uses In Statistics Science

Abstract: “Types of charts and their uses” There are different types of charts used in statistics science, in order to facilitate the presentation of statistical results. Those types are Bar chart, Histogram (frequency distribution diagram), The frequently polygon, Frequently curve, Line graph, Pie diagram. In this research each type of them had been identified their main idea specifically, and show each type purpose and use, to implement in different categories and fields. Keywords: Graphic presentation of data, Statistical charts and...
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Methods For Modelling In Ecology And Conservation Biology

A large number of methods for modelling are in vogue and evaluating the relative performance of different methods remains a continuous challenge in ecology and conservation biology. In general, the various methods used in species distribution modelling can be classified in two categories, one set of methods require species presence and absence data for model construction and other set of methods rely on presence only data for making predictions. Presence-only data differ from presence–absence data in that they indicate locations...
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Regression Analysis To Build A Model For Baton Rouge Housing Prices

Introduction and Business Understanding: In the assignment, I will perform a Regression Analysis to build a Model for Baton Rouge, Louisiana housing prices. Predicting listing prices for a Single-Family Homes or Townhouses. JMP Software will be used to extract data from the 2,129 houses listed on the I have presented within each table listed in the Appendix, variables that were used in data clusters are as follows: Price, Beds, Baths, Square Feet, Lot Size, Year Built, and $/SF. Data...
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Statistics In Psychology And Its Help Interpreting Research Results

The purpose of this report is to cover information regarding why we use statistics in psychology and how it helps interpreting research results. The report covers other parts such as how psychology is used in different fields like marketing, education, MBBS, organization development, statistics etc. Introduction: Psychology: Psychology is the scientific study of human mind, its functions and behavior specially with refer to a particular context. Psychology is a study that takes part in not only the field of social...
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Mathematical Models In Numerical Weather Prediction

Abstract The first attempt to predict weather numerically required a larger workforce. With the development of powerful computers and better modelling techniques, numerical weather prediction has returned to models that are quite similar to the earliest model. The simple-basic equations are used as the forecast equations in Numerical Weather Prediction. The weather data at a particular station for a short range over a particular region is considered. The parameters such as minimum temperature, maximum temperature and relative humidity is calculated...
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The Impact Of Mathematics In Our Lives

Mathematics is a means of thinking, a process of solving problems and explaining arguments, a foundation upon which modern society is built, a structure that nature is patterned by. It is said to be a systematic application of matter. Some people say it made a man more organized. Also, it makes our life practical and prevents disorder. However most people have the history of struggling with mathematics tasks which make them think if they will ever apply the knowledge in...
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Types Of Mathematical Models

Mathematical models are tools we can use to replicate real-world situations, solve problems, analyse behaviour and predict future behaviour in real-world scenarios using mathematical concepts and language. The most common form of mathematical modelling are equations, formula used to solve the area of a sand box problem is an example of a mathematical model; we transform a mathematical problem into a modelling problem. Models help to explain a system and examine the effects of various components and make predictions about...
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Importance And Significance Of Geometry In Architecture

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that studies the shape, sizes, position of angles and dimension of individual objects and spatial relationships among various objects, and the properties of surrounding space. It is one of the oldest branches of mathematics. The work geometry originates from Greek, geo means earth and metron means measure. Eventually it was realized that geometry need not be limited to the study of flat surfaces (plane geometry) and rigid three-dimensional objects (solid geometry) but that even...
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The Mathematical Application Of Solar Eclipse. Interpreting Solar Eclipse With Geometry

Challenges for the solar eclipse First of all, the solar eclipse is necessary that the sun, the earth and the moon located in the right configuration. Compared with the sun, the size of the moon is quite small. This means that the only possible way to form the solar eclipse when the moon is located on the position in its orbit which takes it closest to the earth. And then in this way, the moon could shed a large shadow...
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