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Society refers to a group of people living together in the same zone involved in a determined social interaction (Skemp, 1971). Societies can be classified into some form of relations among oneself who can divide themselves into portions of characteristic culture and institutions. The way society behaves is very amazing to the fact that it is very organized and they make choices together to approach a particular task. As a society they consider soft skills like teamwork and leadership therefore, as a result, they have a strong union among themselves which makes them live together in peace.

While mathematics knowledge refers to having the capabilities and skills to understand how your students learn. For example, after your students have written a mathematics test then you make a follow-up to identify what students thinking to lead them to incorrect answers. It also includes identifying the mathematical understanding a student does not have and then you finally choose how best you can represent a mathematical idea so that they can easily get it. Mathematics Knowledge is categorized into two types which include facts with concepts and acting techniques. Mathematics plays a vital role in society because when you make judgments you would realize that everything in life has that aspect of mathematics like counting the money it has attributes of mathematics like adding and subtracting.

The Relationship between Mathematics Knowledge and the Society

The edge of knowledge and rehearsal known as mathematics has been derived from the contribution of scientists throughout the ages and around the world. Mathematics provides us with ideas to recognize patterns, measure relations, and foresee the future. Mathematics gives us an opportunity to comprehend the globe and we also routine the globe to recognize mathematics. If the infusion of mathematics is very accurate then this will be beneficial to society and they would be able to spot global connections and create a mathematical model that redirects the difficulty of global situations and events. Therefore, as a result, they will be able to relate mathematics strategies to solve real-life situations and then finally make conclusions, and use the mathematics knowledge and skills to make a real-life impact.


According to Hollands (1990), mathematics is not only considered in the classroom discipline. Scientists and engineers are not the only ones who benefit from mathematics but also every individual needs mathematics in their daily lives. A common man can get well with counting and calculating without even having the opportunity to enter the classroom to learn mathematics. For example, an old man counting cattle at the cattle post not even knowing that what they are doing is mathematics.

Personal Finances

The financial transaction needs some kind of mathematics the reason being that we need to know how much money we have in the account before we can do the transactions and how much we withdraw therefore as a result, we need to calculate all this process together with the available balances. We also use basic addition and subtraction when we buy groceries. It is also beneficial to have knowledge of complex equations involving fractions and percentages because it will help us to create monthly budgets. Investments, mortgages, car loans, and credit cards all require some understanding of compound interest. This awareness can help an individual to create the best asset selections based on his or her assessed rate of return, and it can help in making the best loan choices based on our expected financial commitment. With the knowledge and skills that we have attained in algebra, we are now able to deal with money. Now society is able to calculate simple interest and compound interest. It is useful to society because they can use the knowledge that they have on simple and compound interest to help members of society to pick the best bank account and to decide which credit card is best to have. People who take out loans understand interest as such, it helps them to figure out the best ways how to save and invest money. In addition, when an individual prepares a budget needs to ask herself or himself a couple of questions before deriving a conclusion. Those questions can be: how much should I spend today? When I will be able to buy a new car? Should I save more? The answer to these questions is mathematics. We prepare budgets based on simple calculations with the help of simple mathematical concepts.

Home and Hobbies

Mathematics is the core of everything in our daily lives (in our homes and hobbies). People use mathematics knowledge when cooking. Cooking requires us to understand some academic goals like fractions and volumes, including how to change them, such as how many cups of rice are required to serve five people. People make use of proportions and ratios to make correct calculations for each ingredient. If we plan to do any home repairs without the help of any qualified specialists, we have to know basic addition and subtraction, but we will also need to understand geometric concepts such as angles and areas for cutting wood and calculating materials needed. Understanding geometric concepts also help in finding how much paint they need to buy when repainting a room. When gardening, we want to know concepts such as area and volume to determine how much soil, fertilizer, grass seed, or other materials we need for a certain square footage of space.


Societies make use of mathematics when buying different items. For example, when buying a new computer, an individual will require to figure out which store offers the best price or discount. Mathematics is useful in finding the best deal for food items. Some Stores often have promotions that give a certain percentage off an original price therefore as a result it attracts customers to visit their shop many times. It is helpful for people to know how to figure out their savings. This mathematical skill is very useful because it helps us to save money and offer the best deals to customers at the lowest prices.

Exercise and Sports

Mathematics is important to receiving a good workout and meeting health goals. We use mathematics to calculate our target heart rate during exercise and to count our beats per minute. When we are playing sports, we use mathematics to keep track of the score and to figure out what plays and points are needed to gain an advantage to win the game. We even use mathematics to tell the time or to calculate the amount of time left in a game, an inning, or a quarter.


Having knowledge of mathematics is a dominant and amazing tool in society. Mathematics is not only important for success, and it is all around us. The rules of mathematics are visible throughout the world including in nature, and the problem-solving skills obtained from employment mathematics homework can help us tackle problems in other areas of life. Many societies see mathematics to be a difficult aspect to deal with in life, but the truth is that a life empty of mathematics means that we go around undergoing the world on a much less exciting level than we can. Although mathematics is more important in our society it does not mean an individual should focus only on number crunching, some isolate themselves from others as not everyone in the society adhere to mathematics, sometimes feel disconnected from society, engaging more in mathematics and neglecting other aspects of life also leads to being a loss. There is a need for balance in all aspects of life. Some mathematicians suffer due to increased isolation from society and other reasons. At the fundamental of any discussion on mathematics, it is vital to reflect on how mathematics helps society to make sense of the world, and what in an individual’s knowledge enables them to use mathematics to make contributions to the community.


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  2. R.R Skemp, (1971), the Psychology of Learning Mathematics, Harmondsworth: Penguin
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