Mayan Predictions About The Global Collapse

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The Mayan civilization left the inhabitants of the earth a message written in stone, with seven prophecies that warn us of several coming events, while giving us a message of hope. Although the Mayan calendar culminated on December 21, 2012, these so-called “prophecies” are still to be fulfilled or are already being developed. The message of hope tells us about the changes we must make in ourselves to push humanity towards the new era. If we don't do them, we will disappear.

The Mayans used to call these warnings predictions, since the prophecies refer to visions of a clairvoyant about the future, while the predictions are based on observation and statistics, such as a meteorological or stellar observatory. The Maya had such observatories, and there they calculated their predictions, which are loaded with high spiritual content.

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From the beginning of their civilization, in 4 Ahau 8 Cumku (3113 B.C.), the Mayans told us about “the end of fear” or “time of no-time”, and warned us that on December 21, 2012, 5125 years later, our world of materialism would end, having the following 20 years, the options of both extinction and humanity, or of evolving towards the harmonic association with the universe, by understanding that we are part of a “whole” that is alive and conscious.

In these times, heaven will mix with the worst of hell. The main reason for this will be the so-called 'industrial civilization, which in its ambition to accumulate economic powers, has deteriorated the life of Mother Earth, lowering its natural vibration. Therefore, it will be destroyed along with its material goods, and with all those who do not want to leave it and return to their spiritual nature.

Years before 2012, humanity has felt that the era of the Apocalypse is being lived, and although this word is scary, it literally means 'revelation', and in these times, many hidden things are being revealed. The Mayans had already predicted this, we are at that time without any doubt.

The Mayans left us their warning in the predictions, looking for humanity to meet the dawn of the galaxy, the new era in which there will be no more chaos or destruction. For the Maya, the universal processes are like the breath of the galaxy, they are cyclic and never change, what changes are the consciousness of the man who passes through them, always in a process towards perfection.

We must bear in mind that when the Mayan predictions do not sound very positive, it is because the Mayans warn us of what can happen if we do not change, but if we become aware, they can be overcome, achieving as humanity to learn what had to be learned, to move towards a better future.

The first Mayan prediction, and the most famous, although very distorted today, tell us about the “time of non-time”, a period of 20 years from December 21, 2012, called “Hun Katun”; the last 20 years of this great solar cycle. But what happened that day? The sun, whom the Mayans consider a living being and what they call 'Kinich Ahau', received a strong synchronizing ray (what our scientists call solar eruptions and magnetic changes) from the center of the galaxy (Hunab Ku), changing its polarity, so that mankind, from that day on, must be prepared to receive this radiation, changing the generalized state of fear, for one of more harmony, beginning the new era, the sixth cycle of the sun.

The radiation received from the center of the Galaxy increased vibration, also causing physical changes in the Sun and Earth, and psychological changes in humanity, transforming social, economic and justice systems, also changing religious beliefs, facing the man to his fears to overcome them and be able to get in sync with the changes of the planet and the universe

In those years, the forms of communication and the wealth system will change, and the economy will enter into a deep crisis since it is based mostly on selfishness and on the exploitation of some people over others. It will resurface until it is a system based solely on justice.

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