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Mayari, Haik, Poseidon, and Helios: Traitors and Butchers of the Ocean

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Mayari, the daughter of Bathala and the Goddess of Combat, War, Revolution, Hunt, Weaponry, Beauty, Strength, Moon and Night who lives in the southern part of the Philippines in Mt. Pinatubo. Mayari is the defender of the moon from Laho, whenever the monster tries to consume it. Also, the moon is her emblem. Helios is the opposite of Mayari, as being the god of sun. Helios has the power to control the sun and was known for pulling it across the sky with his golden chariot. Haik and Poseidon both have the power to control bodies of water and sea creatures. However, Poseidon is one of the supreme gods of Mount Olympus with the weapon and symbol of a powerful trident and being able to control Zeus’s lightning bolt, creates flood, drought, and earthquakes. Making him more powerful than Haik. Haik is a very kind god as compared to Poseidon, he helps voyagers and other travelers pass by those negative elements of the sea such as, stormy weather and powerful waves. Although, he’s not welcome in Kaluwalhatian because of his confrontations with Amanikable, the purveyor of troubled water.

No one would have believed that the world was being watched and ruled keenly by the gods greater than men yet, being immortal. For so it had come about, the hatred and war among gods. Helios, the god of sun flew from the battleground wielding the trident of Poseidon, leaving Mayari, Haik, and Poseidon without the strength to use their power to recover quickly.

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Helios started travelling to Atlantis where one of the supreme gods’ lives, Poseidon. He wanted to have him forge an enchanted orb that could create life. But, the god of seas declined as he had feared that he would do the same thing as Prometheus did. Helios prove his worth to possess his craved power by having Poseidon test him with difficult conundrums. Poseidon then designed a task that will tests Helios pure heart. Poseidon transported Helios to where Prometheus chained at. Where every day his liver is being torn apart by birds, only to grow back and repeat it cycle. To Helios observation, Prometheus has an orb that he thought the power to create life. He then rushed to Prometheus to claim the orb. As he almost had the orb, surprisingly it turned into pieces of sand flowing from his fingertips and brought back to the Atlantis. With his actions, Poseidon banished him from the Atlantis with large tides as he had raised his trident.

Being left in a desert filled with hatred and angered, Helios decided to return to his golden palace in the River Okeanos (Oceanus) at the far ends of the Earth. To plot a revenge to what have Poseidon did to him. As he rode his golden chariot, he saw Mayari defending the moon from the moon eating monster Laho. He flew down to hide from Mayari. He watches the two exchanging powerful hits. As Laho fled from the battlefield, Mayari flew back to heal in the mountains of Mt. Pinatubo. Helios came up with a despicable plan to move the moon with his golden chariot just like he did to the sun. As he moved the moon with his golden chariot, it resulted to an imbalance where the oceans and seas started to create powerful tides and aggressive waves enough to destroy the city of Atlantis. With his actions he flew vastly to Atlantis. Hoping he would have Poseidon’s trust by helping him prevent the destruction. Poseidon raised up his trident trying to command the water to be calm. Because of the Mayari, Haik, Poseidon, and Helios Muceros, Equipaje imbalance, Atlantis loosen up its foundation causing it to be sunk down. As Helios approach Poseidon while watching Atlantis despair, Helios told Poseidon that it was Mayari who moved the moon towards the Earth to gained limitless power to defeat the supreme gods and to declare a war. With Poseidon’s anger, he hunted down Mayari to confront her. Poseidon used the water as a glider while Helios used his golden chariot to travel to Mt. Pinatubo where Mayari stays. When they got arrived, Mayari is bathing to the enchanted healing rivers of Mt. Pinatubo, recovering from the fight with Laho. Without hesitations, Poseidon quickly throwed his trident to Mayari causing a powerful blow. However, Mayari deflected his trident. Mayari spoken why they have come to bargain. The god of seas accused Mayari as the destroyer of his beloved City. As Mayari denied his accusations, the god of seas summoned back his trident to send powerful water spikes through Mayari. Mayari fought by throwing enchanted knives at the incoming spikes. As they fight side by side, Helios held Mayari by making an enchanted rope made from the rays of the sunlight. Mayari was forced to suppress her powers because of the enchanted ropes. Poseidon and Helios left Mayari with earthquakes to destroy Mt. Pinatubo and to kill Mayari. Suddenly in a vast distance, large tides approach Poseidon and Helios enough to knocked them down temporarily. A man with a perfect physique surfing to the waters and clearing the falling debris to Mayari. It was Haik, the god of seas of the Tagalogs. Haik break the ropes made of rays from Mayari’s body with his enchanted trident forge from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. He raised up his trident to form sharp spears made from the water and start throwing to the Greek Gods. Mayari and Haik fought Poseidon and Helios side to side. Exchanging large and powerful blows. Because of the power of the supreme god Poseidon, the god of seas and goddess of the moon doesn’t match to his power. Mayari and Haik fell without any strength to make powerful attacks. While Poseidon got tired from the battle, Poseidon witnessed Helios’s betrayal through his confessions and offensive throwed powerful sun rays towards him.

The god of sun flew away from the battleground to return to his golden palace wielding the trident of Poseidon and leaving the gods and goddess without the strength to use their power to recover quickly.

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