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McDonald's and Burger King: What Makes McDonald’s Better

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When talking about two very similar fast food companies like McDonald’s and Burger King it can be a little hard and sometimes confusing, because there is not many of differences between fast food companies. McDonald’s and Burger King are fast food companies that are known for having burgers as their main product. Both companies have a lot of similarities like both have fat content, are known worldwide, have a lot of costumers and much more, however there is no doubt that McDonald’s is better than Burger King

First of all McDonald’s is better in many ways and one of them is the fat content. They both have fat content but one of them has more fat than the other. McDonald’s burgers seem to have more fat and they actually have. McDonald’s burgers have 100 grams while Burger King has 20 grams more in weight and in terms of fat Burger King loses again with 12 grams of fat while McDonald’s has 9 grams of fat. I personally don’t like Burger King because I had a bad experience with their products. When you are used to eat in a certain place little changes can make you dislike the new place you eat from. I’m really used to eating at McDonald’s, and in one of my trips to Turkey I had to eat at Burger King because the nearest McDonald’s was closed. When the food came I could not finish what I had asked for, because the taste was very different from what I was used to and it was nothing like what I expected. It tasted like rubber and was very heavy, it was something that even without eating half of it I could not take more. It was so heavy that my stomach started to reject it, and that all happened because of the fat content. When you are used to eating lighter food, you find it hard to eat something that is heavier than what you are used to.

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Another difference between McDonald’s and Burger King is the quality of the products both sell. Personally I like McDonald’s bu7rgers better than Burger King’s because for me McDonald’s burger taste better and are more versatile, their meet tastes better, the sauces they use are amazing and the fries are the best thing they have. McDonald’s menu change every month and they try to increase the quality of their products every time. For example at McDonald’s there’s kid meals and it comes with a toy which motivates kids to keep eating there. They started to step out of their comfort zone more and it helped them a lot. For example the first thing they did was including wraps in their menu. Not everybody enjoys eating burgers everyday, so changing the routine a little bit may have positive results and that’s what happened with McDonalds. Now they have healthy salads, soups and even breakfasts. Although Burger King has also the same food categories the quality of McDonald’s products is way better. When I first ate Burger King’s burger I could not finish, so I wanted to try their apple pie to see if my opinion about their products changes a little bit, but instead it just made me dislike even more.

Last but not least, the other difference found in both fast food companies is the costs. When it comes to price most people choose the cheaper ones, but what they forget is that sometimes the cheaper doesn’t not have the best quality or it can have no quality at all. In terms of price Burger King is cheaper than McDonald’s but after all it only goes back to quality. The more quality you products have the more expensive they will be. Sometimes Burger King has some deals, for example you can buy two burgers, two drinks and two deserts you only pay $10. But there’s also a lot of deals at McDonald’s for example there is this deals that if you have their app you can have a free Coffee beverage and many others. I would rather spend a little bit more for a better quality. One day I only had $10 in my pocket and I had the choice of eating at Burger King for $5 or spend the only $10 I had on me at McDonald’s. I decided to spend the only $10 bucks I had because I knew that I could eat something with more quality and tastier. So sometimes it is better to spend more for higher quality products than buy something cheap with no quality and that you won’t even be able to eat.

Besides both McDonald’s and Burger King selling the same type of products which are mainly burgers McDonald’s is better in many ways like fat content, quality and price. Their fat content is lower than Burger King, Their product’s quality is higher and even though the price is higher it goes according to their quality. And these are some of the reasons why I like McDonald’s more than Burger King.

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