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Albert Camus's and Friedrich Nietzsche's Views on the Meaning of Life

The ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ and Nietzche’s concept of “the camel, lion, and child” discuss the meaning of life. Their topics debate whether life is meaningful and if it is, how does an individual find it. Both authors share their belief of existentialism. While Nietzsche explores the possibility of life having meaning, Camus proposes a new idea of accepting and living a life devoid of meaning. Both philosopher’s philosophies reject Christianity as a means of discovering value in the universe....
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Critical Analysis of Richard Taylor's Article “The Meaning of Life”: Examples of Sisyphus, Glowworm and Cicada

The article I decided to read and master for this week is written by Richard Taylor titled “The Meaning of Life” on pages 560-569. I think everybody at some point in life will ask the question, what the meaning of life is or what is my purpose. Taylor has a different approach to answering that question, he wants us to think about what a meaninglessness life looks like. Taylor’s central argument is the meaninglessness of life. Taylor gives three different...
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Philosophical Concept of the Meaning of Life

Introduction What is the meaning of life? Why do people ask why? Is there life after death? These are all questions that do not have one particular answer and may vary from different life experiences. The main purpose of this report is to explain and explore the different answers to these questions and develop a secular and non catholic perspective of the question, is there life after death? This report will include the documentation of four interviews from people of...
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Meaning of Life: Opinion Essay

Placing value on a person’s life is not measured by the way an individual has lived, but rather, by what the person has gained in his life. The ideas I have towards the meaning of life could be totally separate from the ideas of another. For me, there are many things that make my life worth living. Life offers many obstacles but from the love that I receive from my family and friends, I become strong enough to face them....
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Summary Of Robert Nozicks's Philosophy And The Meaning Of Life

In this paper, I will be explaining the main points of the essay called Philosophy and The Meaning of Life by Robert Nozick, where Robert Nozick begins to talk about how we have to understand the unquestioned assumptions and do we really want to know about the meaning of life. In his essay he talks about what a meaningful life should be, he starts with the modes of meaningfulness, the conflict with his meaning of life with death, a person’s...
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Meaning of Life: Exploring Existential Meaning

Within the closing remarks of his outstanding work Mans Search for Meaning, Victor Frankl set the stage for which meaning-orientated therapy (Logotherapy) was to be born. For Frankl, human beings were meaning-seeking creatures; compasses tilted towards meaning; towards carrying out the appropriate activities that could help to contextualise a purposeful future, despite the inherent trials of life, or external tragedies of their situation. Frankl (2004), who bravely survived the torturous conditions of the German Nazi concentration camps, arrived at the...
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Meaning Of Life: The Scientific Perspective

The approach we employ in seeking to discover and understand the meaning of life is of utmost importance, as it greatly defines our eventual outcome. The philosopher has his own personal opinion about life, which he may innocuously presume to be absolute. Conversely, religious folks have their own biased interpretation of what life really means, and they have taken it upon themselves as their sworn duty to convince as many individuals as possible to imbibe their perspective. One thing is...
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Meaning Of Life In Judaism

Mind This topic interested me not only because you can write a lot about it, but because it seems to me it is important for each person. Throughout our whole life, we are trying to answer this question so that at the end we can turn around and remember everything that has happened to us and be sure that life has been lived not in vain. Human life as a whole is an amazing mystery. We unexpectedly appear in this...
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Leo Tolstoy: In Search For Meaning Of Life

Throughout his life, Leo Tolstoy pursued perfection in everything he did. He sought to achieve his desires in different fields. He joined Kazan University but left three years later when he established that it did not fulfill his desires. He also joined the army but left as the violence was too much for him. He opted for a simple life in the country. He then ventured into creative writing and the author’s successful books. His literary work brings him fame....
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Life in the Present

In the words of the sage Ashtakvarga: “Bondage is created when the mind needs something or it grieves for something, rejects or holds on to something or it is pleased or displeased about something. Liberation is when the mind is no longer attached to anything”. The human body undergoes a transformation from a newborn to youth and to old. The soul moves from one body to another after death and the body undergoes changes every moment. We should rejoice our...
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Having the Purpose of Life

First and the foremost reason is that we are conditioned like that by society. Since our childhood we are told that we need to have a purpose to live in. In our neighborhood, there is a man who always asks her granddaughter in front of everyone why you are alive and what’s the purpose of your existence and every time she replies the same. My purpose of life is to live for you. So, the idea of having is purpose...
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Reflections on Meaning and Purpose of Life

The inanimate thing that gives meaning to my life and what makes me wake up every morning to do my tasks are my goals in life. The bliss of becoming a career woman who is financially and emotionally stable and could provide for herself has been my long-term goal. That gave meaning to my life and that what made me strive to be the better version of myself compared to yesterday. By aspiring to be a strong, independent woman, I...
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Having a Purpose in Living

What’s my purpose in living? Do I live in the true essence of life? Or does, I live just to live life? Life defined as an existence of a person to experience the world. The world where we, human beings, live, seeking ourselves and purposes. Eager to learn new experiences and knowing the true virtue. The philosopher that triggers my perception in life is Socrates because his word of wisdom is so deep but lots of learning. One of the...
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My Colorful and Beautiful Ikigai

I’m alive because I have life, I have life because I’m alive. A very simple statement but meaningful as we used to expound it. It is like I exist because I have an ikigai that gives me a reason for living even the moment that I’m feeling distressed and my life becomes miserable. The true meaning of life for me is to understand my true reality, my personal purpose, and reasons to live as a human being and a child...
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Meaning and Purpose of Life

Humanity is constantly searching for meaning and purpose within their own lives. A meaningful life typically has a clear and positive self-concept, goals that give purpose to life, commitment to relationships, provide the world with some ‘greater good’, and give a sense of hope for the future. Many things can impact an individual’s viewpoint of what gives meaning and purpose to their lives, whether through religion, culture or their own personal experiences. So, what gives your life meaning? What makes...
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Socrates' Views On Problem, Morality, Life Meaning And Death

Socrates’ Worldview The goal of this paper is to accumulate and examine the views of Socrates according to four of the eight fundamental questions. Excerpts from Defence of Socrates, Euthyphro, and Crito by Plato will be used in this essay. The text from Defence of Socrates, Euthyphro, and Crito will be shortened for in-text citations to eliminate confusion and unnecessary information. All statements and original ideas in this paper have been formulated using these sources. Condition/Problem Most people are further...
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The Meaning And Purpose Of Life In Christianity And Buddhism

What is the meaning and purpose of life, the importance of this question is to understand why humans were put on the Earth and how Catholics and other Religions provide reasoning to this question. The term “Meaning” in this question refers to the importance or value of a question. In this text I will look at the Non-Religious point of view and comparing the Catholic and Buddhism view to the question and will Focus on the following. What Catholics and...
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There Is No Meaning to Life Except: What We Have in the Present

In the essay titled ‘On the Vanity of Existence’, author and philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer examines the meaning of life in accordance with the past, present and future. He comes to the conclusion that in order for us to live a meaningful life and our best life, we have to spend our time focusing on the present rather than the past or the future because they do not exist. In order for this to be true, he established two premises. One...
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Why People Search Meaning In Life

One professor said that “Existence is too difficult without a reason.”. Let me be honest with you, I will not try to solve the biggest life questions in these several pages. Who am I, to talk about something that goes beyond my wisdom as a 20 years old student. Adding to that, I can’t even brag about my impressive life story, because I don’t have one. But if I would have one, it would at least help me to convince...
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Susan Wolf And Finding A Meaning In Life

It is in our blood as humans to have the need for meaning in our life, but did we ever consider the questions; what is that meaning we constantly search in need, will we ever find it, and how? American philosopher Susan Wolf asks lots of questions but many of them concern what we should do with our lives also, and she is introducing us to how to live a moral life, in what way can we find meaning, and...
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Significance of Knowing My Life's Purpose

My purpose in life is the very meaning of my existence and without knowing this I may suffer ignorance of my own significance. We fall prey to the illusion that our lives don’t matter and we have no connection or impact on the world around us. There are many insights into my purpose on earth and living within a meaning mission: “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared before that we should...
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Purpose of Life and Its Awareness

From a very young age I asked myself the question that many of us ask ourselves. What meaning does my existence have? The exact answer I have not yet found because it is a very complicated question and difficult to understand not only for me but for all. Talking to myself experiencing things to know myself better I could find that I came to this world with a purpose. I came with a purpose A compromising purpose, great and positive...
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