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Concept of Meaning of Life: Critical Analysis

Philosophy external “He saw reality too clearly – faulty denial mechanism, failed to block out the terrible truths of existence. In the end, his inability to push away the awful facts of “being in the world” rendered his life meaningless…” Since the earliest of mankind, we as a species have always pondered the significance of our existence – ‘the meaning of life. Although there is no implicitly objective answer to the reason of our existence, the question leads to many...
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Concept of Meaning in My Life: Reflective Essay

“Man, first of all, is the being who hurls himself towards a future and who is conscious of imagining himself as being the future” (Sartre in Cooper & McLeod, 2011, p19) In these modern times, there is little appreciation of the value of Philosophy, a discipline that is two and a half thousand years old. Many dismiss it out of hand, maintaining they have no time for it. Yet as Alex Howard (2000b, p) so rightly points out everyone practises...
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Philosophical Issues of Meaning, Sense, Reference and the Truth: Opinion Essay

According to the social-norm approach, certain standards of behaviour exist in every society and in every age and on the basis of these defined norms, an utterance or behaviour of a particular kind is judged to be polite or impolite. In this regard, Fraser is of the opinion that these standards of behaviour are usually attached with certain speech styles, in that it is noticed that a higher level of formality involves greater politeness (Watts et al. 1992: 4). Thus,...
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Concept of Meaning and Its Role in Our Life: Analytical Essay

Literature Life needs direction and purpose, or at the very least, a code of morals or ideals to lead a satisfactory life. Faced with the human experiences of death, sickness and poverty some higher meaning needs to be in place in order to lead a fulfilling life. The defining experiences of being human are the search for external gratification, such as niceties and necessities, as well as the search for internal gratification. The human condition is characterized by the deep...
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Analysis of the Significance of Our Existence: Concept of Meaning of Life

Humans have always pondered the significance of our existence – ‘the meaning of life. This relentless pursuit for meaning has produced a great deal of metaphysical, theological, scientific, and philosophical speculation. Prominent philosophers throughout history have attempted to provide a meaning to life, with many believing in order to understand the true meaning of life one must first acknowledge one’s existence as ultimately meaningless. Hence, an inconclusive answer to the reason for our existence has led to the creation of...
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