Media Bias As a Negative Aspect in Our Society: Argumentative Essay

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The problem of 21st century

In 1/16/2019, a news editor form Seattle’s local fox affiliate Q13 was fired, after it was revealed that the editor had aired a doctored clip of president Trump’s January 8 oval office address to the nation. The video was changed to make it look as if the president was sticking his tongue. (studentnewsdaily 1) Media bias is a controversial issue on our population. The media’s goal is to brainwash and guide people toward what they think is best. Bad information leads to bad decisions. On the other hand, some people might say that media bias should occur because sometimes, saying the truth causes problems, and that people should stick to their own roots.

Listening to wrong information leads to very bad decisions. If one hears a bad thing about a person, the first idea that comes to mind is that this person is bad; the same goes for media bias. When you hear the news, now one would know its fake until you read a different article that shows a different story. big media is the reason why mainly America is filled with fake news. Journalists, besotted with their own ideology, are no longer able to recognize their own bias. 462 journalists were tested by people’s comments on social media. Of the 462 people surveyed, 17.63% called themselves very liberal, while 40% called themselves somewhat liberal, and the rest were moderate. Liberal means willing to accept other information which in this case, did not happen. In 2017, fox news posted a statistic that said that 68% of Americans think the press has been tougher on trump than Obama. This was completely fake news. Therefore; in the same month, Trump tweeted that ‘the fake news tweeted is not my enemy, it is the American citizen’s enemy’. This proved that this news was completely fake. (examples. Dictionary 1) this clearly shows that bad information leads to bad decisions and values. Therefore, the media affects the public’s interest in politics to what they want them to hear, not what they need to hear and this is completely irrelevant. In all conversations all over the world, when one receives untrue and bad information, this leads to bad decisions. The same goes for media, which receive bias information and see where they will end up due to bad decisions.

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All around the world, conflicts and problems occur between different political parties. Different parties have different thinking styles. They only believe what they think is best for them and their parties. In the United States elections in 2016, two political parties were fighting, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. According to the Washington post, trumps name was mentioned in 14,942 articles, on the other hand, Clinton was mentioned in about half of that amount. A study was made that most of these articles spoke about the positives of Clinton and the negatives of trump. Only fox news talked about trump in a good way. (john sides 1) According to Vivian Martin, a journalism professor, during the bill Clinton and George bush elections, CBS, NBS, and ABC, were showing the rising percentages of Clinton but not of the bush. On the other hand, the fox showed for the bush. This proves the problems that occur on social media between political parties due to media bias. (Vivian Martin 1) Another example is Lebanon, there are more than six political parties and each political party has his own TV channel, and each channel delivers the news as it wants. And this cause people to become controversial which leads to problems between the people that support each party. They start calling each other liars and at the end, no one would know the true story. All around the world, these problems occur with only one solution which is, knowing the truth and following the party that did a positive affect and the things they did were not biased at all.

Media bias changes a lot of people’s minds. It affects one’s beliefs, values, voting values, and political position, and the information that may be gotten might be wrong. Reporter and commentator Walter Lippmann noted that information is transmitted by two steps, one person reads the news and tells this news to his or her friends. And the person that hears the news gets affected by it. And this news keeps transmitting from one person to another. (Walter Lippmann 1). In media there are many factors that make it bias. There is ethnical, racial, class, and religious bias within the media. Media is not always completely honest and objective about their depiction of important issues. Certain issues are made to look a certain way to benefit a certain group and influence public opinion. (Janita thomie 1). A lot of people read what was said about Obama and changed their minds and then completely regretted it. At the end, Obama became president and everyone knew that what the websites and news were saying was totally wrong and that Obama was the right choice according to the true news. If the beliefs are wrong, there is nothing wrong to change towards the better, even if it means changing a family belief about a specific thing or person in politics. Always go towards the true and logical news, not the biased news.

Some people might say that saying the truth will cause problems, and that saying the truth will cause many problems with different groups of people. But this is wrong, there is nothing better than saying the truth in life. And a lot of people say that there is nothing wrong with media bias, as long as you are aware of it. back in the days of the American Revolution, each town received pamphlets from multiple sources on different sides of the issues of the day. People would gather, read, and debate. In those days, they understood that whoever was writing about the issue had an opinion, had an agenda, or had a bias. They didn't expect somebody else to put it together for them. They didn't trust anybody to do that. So they read more than one viewpoint, or at least they had to debate it with their neighbors. (allsides 1) these people might have a point of view but still, it is not enough to prove that media bias is a good and positive aspect that occurs between us in our daily lives. Saying what truly happened is the best way to be give people the truth and making a fresh society around us.

Another group of people say that people should to stick to their own roots. Well if this is wrong, if the roots are wrong, change. Go towards the right and lean away from the worse for a good and clean life. No one wants to be brainwashed or forced in believing in a certain way. (all sides) The best thing in life is having people with different perspectives. And this is why media bias comes in handy when it comes to different perspectives. Whether it's the media or an advertisement, a corporation or union, or even my friends or family, no one wants to be brainwashed or forced into believing one way. Whether they are doing it intentionally or by mistake, no one likes it. Therefore, people should have different perspectives and stick to what they believe is right and fits their logic. (all sides 1) for example in Lebanon, each generation follows the beliefs of the old generation, and even if the beliefs are wrong and don’t play a good role in our society, they keep following it and this is wrong. Follow your own perspective and logic to find your perfect place mentally and live in a good minded society around you, where no problems occur around you.

From all these facts and information, one can conclude that media bias is a negative aspect in our society and that the negatives overlap on the positives. It is something that occurs daily that a lot of people don’t see. People should start being aware about what is occurring around them before they take a wrong decision or speak something that is totally irrelevant to others in our society. Media bias causes problems between different political parties, makes lies, and changes in one’s beliefs, morals, and values. These are the three main reasons to prove that media bias is affecting our society in bad way. Some people might say that all these reasons don’t prove them wrong, they might have a point of view, but all the counter arguments that can be made are going to lose when faced with the reasons that prove why media bias is negative in society.


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