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Medical Tourism in the Philippines: Strengths and Weaknesses

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Medical tourism is the one major part resources in the rapid growth of the economy nowadays, it involves more patients to decide where to visit a local health provider, that’s why if you’re in the world of medical tourism you’re not stop finding discovering new tactics, styles, and find ways to attract patients, so they don’t get stressed over whatever their illness is. The customer’s experiences of medical tourism are the main factor that influences his/her satisfaction, which in turn would influence revisit intention.

In our country we have the lot of good characteristics that can influence and return not only locals but also foreigners in the field of medical tourism.

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In reference to the interviews with three leaders in various agencies about medical tourism. The two first interviewed were of equal strength to acquire or attract patients, either locally or internationally. Such as, it is large, full of expertise, well-trained abroad and world-class quality healthcare. Filipino doctor and health care workers have a great brand of compassionate caring, value compassion and are very competitive with others. Clear price advantage in many medical and surgical procedures compared to other countries, tropical climate, environment and cultural openness. This is a major marketing strategic priority for medical tourism hospitals and their administrators to develop a system that can provide positive experience to customers both Manila Doctor’s and Asian Eye Institute, hospitals should provide all the pertinent information to potential patients so that they can make intelligent decisions in selecting the best hospital for their unique needs with quality care and positive experience. By doing so, they can create positive outcomes. Such activities could encourage patients to have positive experiences, share their satisfaction with others, and make more visits in the future. There are many opportunities her in our country, such as the continuing of the population growth in originating countries, thus increasing demand, improvement of the global perception of the Philippine economy and tourism.

But in spite of all the characteristic strengths, there are also weaknesses that must be considered for, as per to the President of Eye Asian Institute the long and costly international travel to Manila and airport infrastructure deficits, if this problem will develop in the next future maybe medical tourism here will end up to the top rank, while according to Medical Tourism Solution Provider and Travel Entrepreneur, there is no agreed definition of medical tourism which leads to extreme confusion especially about the size of the market (number of medical tourists) and its revenue potential. Current estimates of people receiving care abroad may vary. Moreover, most reputable estimates were made before the global economic crisis (2006-2007). While some are fixed for the global recession, others are not.

I hope in the coming next few years our government may give importance to merging the forces of agencies for medical tourism that are ready to continue to grow around the world due to the combined economic, demographic, epidemiological trends, communication, and transportation, without Filipinos (OFWs) going elsewhere to serve others.

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