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Essays on Medicine

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Observation Of Self-Image In Adolescents

Self-image refers to the way an individual views themselves and how they feel they are portrayed within society. The more positive self-image a person has, the more confident they are and the higher their self-esteem will be. The way an individual views themselves is crucial...
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Dogs' Health And Nutrition

Nutrition and feeding are integral to good pet care as a correct diet can improve the quality of life, as well as longevity by preventing dietary related disease throughout the animals’ life stages. Correct diet can also aid in the management of diseases, such as...
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CPR Saves Lives: How And When To Do It

Almost everyone has heard of CPR – it’s been taught in schools, shown in television shows, used as seminar topics in company events, and has basically been in every media platform in the form of videos and educational posts. All for a very important reason,...
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The Peculiarities Of Medical Observation In Middle Ages

Medicine through time has evolved into many different discoveries and achievements spearheaded by revolutionary changes in our technology as well as practices. However, the grassroots of such revolutionary and modern developments lie in the past, by exploring some of the main leaders of progress in...
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Organ Donation Opt Out System: For And Against

Organ donation is a process when one organ is surgically removed from one person into another. Organ transplants can be needed for many reasons such as the recipient’s organ has failed or been damaged due to an illness or an injury. In the news today...
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Organ Donation: Types, Misconceptions And Benefits

The death of a person waiting for a transplant could be avoided if only, more people were aware of organ donation. There are several types of organ and tissue donation, these are divided into a living donation and deceased donation. Organ donation offers many benefits...
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Lack Of Blood Donors In Pakistan: Reasons And Solutions

ABSTRACT For patients suffering from life threaten conditions as well as those under maternal and prenatal care, blood is a vital resource. Pakistan has an additional burden because of a high number of thalassemia patients. This problem is magnified due to a lack of blood...
3 Pages 1400 Words

The Importance to Learn CPR Essay

Why is CPR Important? Accidents can occur at any time, and in many situations, someone ends up in the emergency room. However, if everyone has basic first aid and CPR knowledge not only do you benefit from having this knowledge but others around you also...
1 Page 489 Words

Vaccinations: Major Breakthrough In Medical History

Vaccination is a form of artificially acquired active immunity, meaning it is acquired through medical intervention and is a response produced by the immune system. Vaccines are “a preparation containing antigenic material used to protect people against serious and potentially deadly diseases” (Class Notes, 2019);...
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