Melanesian Wisdom Of Crito

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I am interested in dialogue 8 Crito. This dialogue is all about taking justice to injustice act of people that they have done according to the laws of the state to take appropriate action to the victims. It focusses more on justice (honesty) which sees that if someone commits a crime he should deal according to the offense that he had done and not escaping from it.

The dialogue of Crito relates to Ethics “meaning the philosophical study of moral values and rules”. Crito talks about justice (honesty) meaning taking the appropriate actions for something that is injustice or unfair that is not right. Which in the dialogue Socrates has given up his life to respect to the laws of the state by been honest to give himself to the law for what he had done.

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In Melanesian, Wisdom Crito relates back to principles of law (custom) that honesty is most treasured in the Melanesian societies that must build trust between the Chiefs, leaders and the people of the village and other nearby villages. Narakobi (1983, p. 14) claims that “Members of different families and clans will contribute to the work either to discharge an obligation or to create new obligations or to give honor to an endeared personal relationship.” For instance, in Papua New Guinea context we see exchange (trade) when trading with another village the Chiefs and the village leaders must have trust and honesty amongst each other in trading goods or food with each other for the benefit of the people. If there is no honesty and trust in the exchange or trade, there is a possibility of having a tribal fight between the villagers because there is no honesty and trust between the two villagers. As said in the dialogue Jowett (n.d, p. 211) “fulfilling a divine mission and trusting in the will of heaven, but simply as the good citizen, who having been unjustly condemned is willing to give up his life in obedience to the laws of the state.” This refers to Papua New Guinean context of tribal fight people are killed in the tribal fight are seen as they have given their lives for the justice of the people according to the colonial act and beliefs of the people and the community.

In conclusion, honesty is a virtue and must always be practiced in our day to day livelihood to gain trust and respect from others. If there is injustice or unfair practice in a society, there will be more immoral behavior from the people against each other. There must always be Justice and honesty among the people in the society if someone commits a crime or assault someone in the society he must deal accordingly to the punishment given rather than escaping from the penalty.


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