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Mental Health and Mental Illness Should Be Taken More Seriously

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In this essay I will be discussing my opinion on mental health, my personal experience, and why I believe it is not taken as seriously as it should be. Most people have been or will be diagnosed with a mental illness in their lifetime. Unfortunately, though everyone does not receive the help they need for these illnesses. Mental illness is normal and can affect anyone, even being passed down genetically. But yet there is still shame behind having it. I can relate to this because in many Black homes (even mine at one point in time) it is looked down upon to not be fully okay mentally. This opinion makes a lot of people hesitate to seek help and can most of the time make things worse for the individual. Everyone isn’t as judgmental as they used to be, so mental illness acceptance & support has increased but improvements can still always be made.

One example I wanted to talk about is therapy. Therapy was first introduced in the 1800’s by a man named Sigmund Freud and his lady colleague named Anna O. Its purpose was to help people cope and get through mental disorders. In present time therapy can be pretty expensive if you want to work with someone who is really skilled. It is very unfortunate that people who cannot afford it cannot receive help simply because they don’t have the money. This should definitely be more focused on currently. Therapy might be just what a lot of people need to get them on the right path. Most of the time when people can’t afford it, they get sent to a ‘lower class’ program and, in my opinion, they aren’t the best. The therapists there seem to only ask questions from a paper and go on with their day.

Another reason I believe the system needs work is the hospitals and programs kids, teens, and adults are sent to receive more help. The facilities tend to seem very jail-like and scary. Anyone would feel uneasy or uncomfortable being there. They also have really uncomfortable sleeping conditions. The food isn’t good and sometimes not even cooked fully, when you don’t eat it, you are being noted on it because they think you aren’t eating due to depressive thoughts. If you lose weight from not eating that is also being noted. The other people in the facility with you have a possibility of having much more problems going on with them and sometimes this is a safety issue. Especially in roommate situations. I believe if any person was admitted because they are a danger to themselves and others, they shouldn’t be around others unsupervised or even super close to them.

Receiving help is the most important thing someone with a mental illness can do for themselves. But unfortunately, the right help is not always given or available. Mental illness should not be something to be ashamed about or thought of any differently from physical illnesses. The two can be quite the same, mental pain can eventually lead to physical pain. For example, a lot of people have gone to doctors complaining of body pain or headaches which were revealed to be due to stress.

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Teens suffer from many conditions including anxiety, depression, self- harm, eating disorders, mania, other mental health conditions. But only a few who need help get it. This goes to show that there is a serious issue if kids can’t even get the help they need. This can have a real negative effect on the person’s life growing up. It can even lead to suicide. Substance abuse, self-harm, and suicide are very common in teens and should be looked out for more.

Anxiety is also an issue that is looked over because people believe it isn’t real or its over dramatized but it is not. Anxiety has affected me pretty much my whole life and I have never been able to receive the proper care for it due to financial lack. It should be normalized more and not looked down upon. This is also a huge issue in the workplace which I believe is somewhat included in this government system. Having anxiety and a job doesn’t really mix well and it’s hard to get managers to understand what position you work best because of it. It should be more accepted in the work environment and employers should help find the best position for the employee.

Social media is the last the topic I will be discussing in this paper. There have always been sayings of how social media has ruined our generation and, in some ways, I believe that to be very true. From online bullying to comparing yourself to others, social media can have a real negative impact on your mind and what you think about yourself. Teens have the most involvement in social media and it tends to leave them depressed, anxious, or too worried about trying to prove themselves to people online. It has also been reported to lead to addiction. People can really lose themselves and forget all about the real world if they get too caught up in an online one. Social media also needs to be better as a whole, it is a very hateful place at times when it doesn’t need to be.

In conclusion, mental health is a very serious issue and should be dealt with better. Teens and adults should be taken care of the most while dealing with this because it affects them the most. People need to demand better mental health services because patients with mental disorders are the most vulnerable population that needs to be handled with care. The public needs to be aware of the negative effects that can affect the lives of those who have mental illness. I believe that if the treatment options for mentally ill people got better and the care system along with the government work on a lot of things to help citizens the substance abuse, overdose, and suicide rates would reduce. Hopefully one day changes will be made for the better.

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