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Embarking on the journey of mentorship can prove to be a gratifying and transformative experience for both the mentee and the mentor. As an individual driven by the desire to assist others, the opportunity to steer and encourage someone towards their goals can be immensely satisfying. In this composition, I will elucidate my aspirations to become a mentor and how I aim to bring about a constructive influence in another person's life. Personal Background Growing up, I was fortunate enough...
2 Pages 948 Words
Introduction Throughout life people often have a person who one looks up to as a role model. Having an adult figure in one’s life to help guide, support, and assist to reach goals one wants to achieve (Rhodes, 2002). This person often will guide you as you experience many lessons in life, while facilitating a path one wants to take is one-way mentoring is helpful for many people who experience the benefits of this mentorship partnership. The support of a...
5 Pages 2120 Words
Zero tolerance policies usually include harsh disciplinary consequences, either long-term or permanent suspension/expulsion and often includes arrest or referral to juvenile/ adult court (N.A. Heitzeg, 2009). Within these types of cases, most students fall behind academically, which often leads to students dropping out of school. Students who have limited options either work full or part-time at a low-wage job, sell/do drugs, or they may have picked up a trade. Many students who are disproportionately impacted by zero tolerance policies are...
2 Pages 1006 Words
Coaching and mentoring are regular terms used across the school, especially in my role as assistant Headteacher for quality of teaching, early professional development (EPD) and mathematics. There is an ethos of mentoring and coaching and the school has adopted the principles of coaching and mentoring as set out in Mentoring and Coaching CPD Capacity Building Project 2004 -2005 (National Framework for Coaching and Mentoring). Although the school has adopted some of these principles, they have not been adopted by...
2 Pages 904 Words
Garvey, Stokes, and Megginson (2009:26) conclude that ‘there can be no ‘one best way’ in mentoring and coaching and therefore no one definition. In this essay, I intend to critically consider this statement by starting with various definitions of Mentoring and Coaching, comparing different models and methods; then moving on to the implications this may have for practitioners, focusing on how coaching is aligned with leadership as this is relevant to my setting as a leader in education. Introduction: I...
8 Pages 3429 Words
According to NMC(2008), Mentor is a registered nurse who has attained the standard to support learning and assessment in practice (8 domains of SLAIP standards) criteria and again NMC,(2008) recognizes standards for mentors as they should complete mentoring or equivalent course, and should have 12 months post registration experience and have developed their professional skills beyond registration, and should be experienced in a similar area of practice as the student they are to assess. More names like mentor, preceptor, coach,...
7 Pages 3316 Words
Introduction Mentoring is a dynamic aspect of our daily lives. It is a partnership between a more experienced person (mentor) and a less experienced protégé (mentee). Definitions also revolutionize as time passes but the key element that describes and separates mentoring interaction from other forms of association is that it is an evolution of partnership rooted in the scope of careers toward improvement. (Ragins 2007). According to Ellinger (2019), studies conclude that mentoring outcomes are career growth and advancement,...
5 Pages 2174 Words
Analyze the differences between coaching and mentoring As a manager when new employees start their roles, I will mentor and coach the new employee for a week minimum to enable them to feel settled and supported in their roles they are coached to be able to complete their tasks confidently and competently. The new employee may require more support after their week as people all have different ways of learning or may take more time to build their confidence to...
6 Pages 2566 Words
The Mentoring Program is designed to provide information to new employees with the opportunity to improve their knowledge, skills, capabilities, and experience to enhance their careers and professional development. Mentoring programs see experienced staff in a company giving direction and individual bolster to less experienced group individuals. They can be colossally useful to trade in several ways. Regularly, the mentor/mentee relationship could be a one-on-one course of action, where the mentee is guided through aptitudes and career advancement, as well...
5 Pages 2350 Words
A. Executive Summary This is the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Learning Strategy for 2019-2018. This is based on the skills assessment needs of Bake Sweets bakery to maintain the high-quality standards of the production of goods and enhancement the capabilities of the employees in the production line. The goal of the strategy is to uphold the competitiveness of the company through the appropriate knowledge and expertise of the team. Peer-to-peer learning is defined in the institution as the workforce educating each other...
5 Pages 2458 Words
Stereotypically, when considering how an individual can engage with CPD to enhance their knowledge, class room based learning would be what is thought about. However, there are now a number of ways for individuals to now engage with CPD due to the increasing use to technology and innovative ways to learn. There are a number of ways in which everyone can learn and develop their skills, whether this is for personal and professional reasons. This can include coaching, mentoring, workshops,...
4 Pages 1982 Words
Literature is abundant on the barriers Women of Color face in Higher education faculty and administration roles. This literature review will present research from articles and books. Women in higher education who seek leadership roles give up on working in administration for seen or unseen barriers. Jackson and Harris (2007) suggest nine barriers to Black and Minority Females in higher education. The barriers are: 'race and gender intolerance' ( p. 121), 'gate-keeping' (p. 121), 'glass ceiling' (p. 121), 'myths' (p.121),...
6 Pages 2655 Words
Generally there is a misconception about coaching and mentoring; it is assumed these are one and the same and although some similarities maybe present there are also significant differences. However, both are practices that target personal or professional development. Coaching focuses on specific skills, knowledge and development goals by breaking them into tangible tasks to be completed within a specified period of time. It is a non-directive form of development aiming to improve a persons’ job performance with the focus...
2 Pages 793 Words
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