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Metabolism and Ways to Increase Its Rate

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Metabolism is what sustains life, it is the sum of chemical processes happening inside your body to keep you well and functioning at your fullest. From breathing to digestion and even the nervous network which is helping you to coordinate with the outside environment is a part of your metabolism. It is an autonomic process (which means you get to control any part of it) and is controlled by our brain. In short metabolism is the basis for all forms of life on earth. For yourself, metabolism can be depicted in a relative way, like how fast you can burn calories and stay healthier? Metabolism can be a complex term regarding life, exercise and body.

To find about different things which relatively affect your metabolism or metabolic rate, many factors come into play which include:

  1. Age. There is an epic fluctuation regarding the metabolic rate in a growing child as compared to an old person. When you are young all your essentials are in their best shape, your body, muscles, bones and all other things are growing. There is an exponential increase in the metabolic rate. But as you get older and weaker, many physiological and hormonal changes start happening and gradually your metabolic rate becomes slower with time.
  2. Gender. As though there could be a contradiction regarding this fact, but men are known to have a higher metabolic rate as compared to women.
  3. Genetics. Genes play a vital role in maintaining metabolism and other body reactions, changes in metabolic rate can be a result of genetic disorder OR sometimes a hereditary condition.
  4. Physical activity. It is a plain truth: “The more you exert, the stronger you get”. Doing exercise is the great initiative, it burns calories faster and help your metabolic rate stay in an optimum range, even when you fall asleep.
  5. Body size. Your metabolism is defined by your body weight, a large accumulation of fat than protein delivers the clean message of someone having very slow metabolism and vice versa. Your body and muscular structure defines the metabolic rate upon which you operate.
  6. Environmental factors. Any kind of natural change including habitat, climate and atmosphere can change the metabolic rate of a person accordingly. In more colder or warmer conditions your body needs to cope better and that’s why it exerts more. Thus, an increased metabolic rate.
  7. Diet. “You are what you eat” – it is a famous saying which finds it application here. Diet is the most prominent factor in determining your metabolic rate and nothing affects it more. If you choose a healthy life style and take in Organic diet, your metabolism is substantially going to get a whole lot faster and better. And the chances with a bad diet aren’t much good.

Your metabolic rate prescribes the rate at which your body burns calories. There are a few tested way by which you can increase your metabolic rate and thus, the fat burning. Of all the energy you get from the food you eat, approximately 60% goes into just keeping you alive by regulating your breathing, heart rate and body temperature. Other 30% finds it use in physical activities like working out, house work and doing other basic tasks. And only 10% is used by your stomach to break the food you eat into compounds which allows your body to work at an optimal rate. Here are some ways by which you can increase the fat burning:

  1. Eating healthier foods with a lot of protein, this increases your metabolism and helps the body to burn pre-existing fat.
  2. Exerting yourself in Hard physical exercises OR a strenuous work out at gym can lead to enhanced fat burning.
  3. Simply by walking and moving more often binds a certain drift to your metabolism and fat burning increases as well.
  4. Get a proper sleep! During sleep your body is not taking in food or any kind of energy, so, all these hours your metabolism is still up and running. No matter what you are still burning the extra calories in your sleep.
  5. Avoid all type of carbohydrates, especially sugars which necessarily increase fat production and accumulation inside the body. Instead eat organic and aim to stay healthy.

When it comes to diet and certain foods which helps us to achieve a healthy metabolism, nothing can help us more. Food is not only the mean to get energy but also to process it inside our body. The type of food which we eat practically affects our level of metabolism and other changes as well. Here are some healthy foods which can help us to have an optimal metabolic rate:

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  • A wholesome diet, which is very little processed.
  • Protein and fiber related diet, which keeps our Glycemic Index at controlled rates thus, contributing towards a healthy metabolism
  • Eating dark chocolate, because it contains more than 70% cacao which has high levels of magnesium. Magnesium helps to stimulate the fat-burning hormone called ‘adiponectin’. Adipose meaning ‘Fat tissues’.
  • Considering lean protein which keeps your muscle mass healthy, e.g. lean meats, beans, legumes and other plant related diet.
  • Plant based organic food which is minimally processed contain high yield of fibers which contribute to healthy digestion and a more full appetite.
  • Good fats which are essential for normal functioning of the body like: almonds, nuts, olive and coconut oil. Omega 3 and 6 which are found abundantly in fish and chia seeds.
  • Cinnamon acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to keep our fat content in check, it also helps to contribute in fight against the fat.
  • Using low processed foods especially without sugar can help to increase the metabolic rate and keep a healthy life style.
  • Drinking a plenty of water everyday can substantially lead towards a more effective and healthy metabolism, excessive water keeps the fluid level at moderate and helps in detoxification along with burning of fat itself.

Superfoods refer to mostly plant based foods including some fish and dairy contents as well, these foods are thought to be nutritionally dense and are considered good for one’s health as a result of its nutritional analysis. Here is a list of some incredible superfoods which can keep our metabolism healthy:

  • Chilies, jalapeño and other hot peppers which contain high levels of capsaicin, which increases the fat burning process. Minute quantities are considered beneficial.
  • Whey protein contains high density of protein which increases muscular mass and keeps our metabolic rate at an optimum level.
  • Pineapple, apple, grapefruit and citrus fruits are all superfoods which moderates our metabolism.
  • Garlic and other leafy vegetables due to their high nutrient density can increase fat loss over time.
  • Lentils, beans and legumes are believed to have a right mixture of favorable nutrients which help us to keep our metabolism in check.
  • Fish and other dairy products can deliver the optimum states of metabolic rates.

Exercise is as important to lead a healthy life style as eating healthy. By doing exercise on regular basis you exert yourself through strenuous tasks which makes your muscular system more strong and proactive. Your cardiovascular system becomes more efficient and your lungs capacity also increase. You can easily tackle all the daily tasks with improved levels of energy. Also exercising delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues and help to achieve an even basis for the metabolic rate. Here is some profound importance of exercise:

  1. Exercise helps to control weight and burn fat easily.
  2. Exercise helps in release of certain neurotransmitters which balances mood and energy as well.
  3. Exercise promotes better sleep.
  4. Exercising can be fun and social as well.
  5. Exercise helps you combat diseases and health conditions.

A contrast shower is referred to as a combination of both hot and cold water used in certain intervals to achieve a unifying health benefit. Whereas the hot water dilates the blood vessel and increase blood circulation, the cold shower do the exact opposite, constructing a perfect rhythm of harmony and balance for the metabolism of the body. Other benefits include: improves circulation; relieves depression; keeps skin and hair healthy; increases energy; gives body a tough and rigid feel; burns fat and bring down calories simultaneously.

As it gathers there are many factors which contribute towards a more rich and risk free life style, some of these better increase our understanding about who we are and where our health practices may lead us. Having a complex lifestyle gathers for more health challenges in the long run. That’s why we should consider using a multi process approach. In order for our metabolism to stay normal and working hassle free, we should consider exercise, movement and sauna practice as our priorities. As many benefits of exercise have already been listed above, let us talk about benefits of using sauna bath:

  • Inhaling vented steam from water boilers help our nerves to become dilated which increases blood flow and improves cardiovascular function.
  • It helps to relieve pain from muscles and joints or after a serious injury or strenuous workout.
  • The moist heat taken up by our body helps in removal of certain toxins and drugs.
  • Sauna bath also help us to relieve the stress and induce a deeper sleep.
  • Saunas also burn calories and help us to combat certain diseases as well.

These were some crucial benefits of using sauna bath, as long as movement is concerned, it is the greatest motivation of all. Nothing good comes by if it isn’t for movement. We have to move in all steads of walk and function at our best, only then we are able to cope ourselves better with our environment and surroundings. As long as movement does not stop life goes on.

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