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Microbiology As A Career Path

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The occupation of microbiology has a lot of parts a person has to know before they can be one. Before you look at anything else, a person has to look at the educational requirements so they can know what they are headed into. Next, you need to know what the occupation does since there are many specialties in health care today. A person would also need some skills needed to go into this occupation. Certain skills are required because every occupation has different goals that need to be accomplished and not every occupation is the same. Since the medical field is connected, all the people going into occupations have a lot of similarities. Some of these similarities are qualities that they need to have to succeed in their occupation. Working conditions are a huge part of health care society today because not all jobs have the same amount of physical labor. With every job in health care forces some sort of stress onto a person, which is why this paper includes ways to deal with stress. With every occupation in this world, a person needs to use some sort of equipment, so does a microbiologist. Before picking an occupation, a person needs to look at the advancement opportunities, the wages, the benefits, and the advancement opportunities.

A microbiologist does a variety of work. Some of the things a microbiologist does are conduct research projects, conduct experiments, review works of their other microbiologists, and etc. According to Powell in “The yeast is rising”(2004), many jobs for microbiologists are available in the making beers, wines, and many other alcoholic beverages. Since there is such a wide spectrum of work in a microbiologist’s career, the work is divided into specialties. Some of these specialties are bacteriologists, clinical microbiologists, and virologists. A bacteriologist focuses all different forms of bacteria. Some of these different forms are the effects, positive or negative, of bacteria on organisms. Clinical microbiologists test specimens to check if they have any trace of disease, infection, or illnesses. They are also called medical scientists because they also research information on human health. A virologist study all parts of a virus such as the structure and development of a virus.

Some of the skills for a microbiologist required for communication skills, interpersonal skills, math skills, and observation skills. A microbiologist needs communication skills because they should be able to tell their peers about their research and findings. If they are not capable enough to present their findings to their peers, all their research would be of no use. A microbiologist needs interpersonal skills because they must be able to motivate everyone on their team to complete the goal. Microbiologists need a lot of motivation because they might not always find what they are looking for. They need math skills because the work of a microbiologist needs to use math all the time. Math is a very broad subject, but the subjects that a microbiologist needs to master are calculus and statistics. Microbiologists use a lot of formulas and equations in their everyday work. Observations skills are crucial since they have to be able to notice the smallest difference in their experiments. Every small thing could make a difference in the results. A small difference could change the whole experiment, and if the experiment changes, the result would change.

There are many occupations in health care, but there are some qualities that all health care workers need to have to be proficient in their occupation. Some of these qualities consist of patience, will to do good and perseverance. All health care workers need to have patience because they may not find the answer to their question within the first try. A health care worker such as a certified nursing assistant needs to have patience because they need to deal with patients. Patients can sometimes be hard to handle and you have to be kind with them. They need to have the will to do good because that will gives you goals and in the long term they help a lot of people. They need to have perseverance because in health care you need to work and you will fail. You also need to study a lot so they have to have the perseverance to go through all the work and to become your dream occupation in health care.

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“Microbiologists need at least a bachelor’s degree in microbiology or a closely related program that offers substantial coursework in microbiology, such as biochemistry or cell biology.” (“Bureau of Labor Statistics”, 2018) Having a postdoctoral degree opens up doors to many different opportunities. “They also gain greater responsibility through certification and higher education. Ph.D. microbiologists usually lead research teams and control the direction and content of projects. They also gain greater responsibility through certification and higher education. Ph.D. microbiologists usually lead research teams and control the direction and content of projects.” (“Bureau of Labor Statistics”, 2018) Microbiologists usually work in labs where they research many different bacteria.

Three methods of dealing with stress are about figuring out what is a priority, not complicating things, and change the way we think. Figuring out what is a priority reduces stress so you know what you have to get done and what is most important and finishing the task. Not complicating things reduces stress so you know the importance of things and not stressing over it. Changing the way you think reduces stress because when you change the way you think, you know what really matters in life.

“Microbiologists held about 23,200 jobs in 2016” (“Bureau of Labor Statistics”, 2018) A microbiologist’s schedule is normal and usually does not change. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018), the 2017 median pay for a microbiologist was $69,960 per year and $33.64 per hour. Also according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018), the job outlook is 8% from 2016-2026. “Microbiologists typically work in laboratories, offices, and industrial settings where they conduct experiments and analyze the results.” (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018)

Microbiologists use a lot of pieces of equipment throughout the length of their occupation. It is quite obvious that they use a microscope, but they use other equipment which makes their jobs way simpler. Some of the equipment used by microbiologists are analytical balances, biosafety cabinets, and a shaker incubator. The analytical balances precisely measure very small things in millimeters. The biosafety cabinets are used as a storage chamber for the products. The shaker incubator is used for shaking things at a fast pace to separate chemicals.

As you can tell already, becoming a microbiologist is not a piece of cake. It is not an impossible thing to accomplish because nothing is impossible. If you really set your mind on something, you will be able to accomplish it and everything around will help you. Becoming a microbiologist gives you a stable life because they will always be in demand. Their schedules also do not change as often compared to other occupations in the medical field.

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