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Middle School Vs Elementary School

One of the closest and most valued relationships I currently have in my life is my relationship with my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years but we have known each other for way longer. We met in elementary school. A small school in a small neighborhood in the Bronx. We were always amazing friends which is one factor that I believe makes a relationship so great. My boyfriend, Isiah, had been my best friend since...
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Nothing Could Be as Hard as Middle School

According to the famous actress Zooey Deschanel, “Nothing could be as hard as middle school’. My three years at Leslie H. Walton Middle School were full of excitement and learning, but what Mrs. Deschanel stated is completely accurate. Walton, without a doubt, had been part of the hardest years of my life. Finding out my identity and where I belonged was the epitome of middle school. The values I took back from Walton Middle School were to be myself and...
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Prospectus of Thomas Starr King Middle School

As more and more people are flocking to Koreatown, it is necessary to build a school to educate the growing population of children. A highly diverse area of Los Angeles, Koreatown contains especially high populations of Latino and Asian immigrants, most of whom are low income. Thomas Starr King Middle School is a satellite branch from the Los Feliz location that will be created for the children of low-income families in the central LA area and to help tackle overpopulation...
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Reflective Essay on My First Day of Middle School

Can there be a quote that can relates to my first day of middle school? “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”-Nelson Mandela. Can there be a quote that relates to today, my last day of middle school? “Not today Satan, not today.”-Bianca Del Rio. There is a quote for everything in life just like my first and last days here at Nams. People that spoke their hearts and minds. That’s all a quote is. Words. But all the different...
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Studying Middle School Versus High School: Reflective Essay

My only goal was to make my family proud of me. I grew up with a single mother and my twin brother, Jevon. It was hard growing up because my mother worked until late hours trying to provide for Jevon and I. My father popped up here and there, so I didn’t have a strong male presence guiding me throughout my adolescent life. Growing up had been a struggle. Transitioning from Coney Island Prep Middle School to Coney Island Prep...
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Reflective Essay on My Middle School Years

Since I was young my life has been a bit of a mess with no order at all, but there was one that I knew was clear, and this was that my family was the one thing I could always go back to. The mess that was my life was a result of many factors. Some of them were problems for my parents that later affected me and also problems within our family. Since my parents were still new in...
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PBIS Program Design at Putnam County Middle School: Analytical Essay

The Target School Profile Putnam County Middle School is a public school in Eatonton, Georgia. Eatonton is a city and holds a seat in Putnam County. As of 2016, the population of Eatonton is 6,555; of this population 48 percent is female and 52 percent is male. Race demographics include 63 percent black or African American, 30 percent white or Caucasian American, and 7 percent other (Native American, Pacific Islander, two or more races). Nineteen percent of the people in...
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Ethical Dilemmas within Lessons in Middle School HPE Classes: Analytical Essay

Introduction A recent study about the levels of integrity and fair play within the middle school HPE classes at Palm Beach Currumbin State High School (PBC) has been researched and analysed with the help of a survey. The survey conducted has been used to gather primary data on student engagement within the Middle School HPE classes at Palm Beach Currumbin State High School with an objective to recognise ethical issues that impacts the integrity and fair play of students. The...
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Educational Autobiography: Reflection on My Middle School Entrance Exam

My name is Rose Wang. I was born on January the 28th in Beijing, China. I am a Chinese girl who never received the “normal” type of education in China. Growing up, I never attended a traditional Chinese school, took the Chinese elementary school and middle school entrance exams, or wore those baggy traditional Chinese school uniforms. From the first grade to the third grade, I attended Morning Stars International School. From the fourth grade to the sixth grade, I...
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Essay on Perfect School: Differences of Studying in Elementary School, Middle School, and High School

When it comes to perfect school I have many high expectations and qualities a school needs. If I compare my current school to a perfect school. There would be many differences but also some similarities. The qualities that my perfect school would have are leadership, goals that they need to achieve, organization, working together as a community, and equity and access. To start my perfect school I would have 3 separate buildings that are close to each other. One building...
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The Impact of Mentoring School Aged Youth

Zero tolerance policies usually include harsh disciplinary consequences, either long-term or permanent suspension/expulsion and often includes arrest or referral to juvenile/ adult court (N.A. Heitzeg, 2009). Within these types of cases, most students fall behind academically, which often leads to students dropping out of school. Students who have limited options either work full or part-time at a low-wage job, sell/do drugs, or they may have picked up a trade. Many students who are disproportionately impacted by zero tolerance policies are...
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End of School Year: Reflection Essay

As 7th grade comes to an end, I reflect on the 20212022 school year and the changes I have experienced. Academically, I have been pronouncing words better. At first, I was having trouble pronouncing a bunch of words. I even had to use a translator. In math, I have been understanding circumferences more. It was confusing at first but with practice, I can finally understand it. I am also understanding how to use PEMDAS and the order of operations. Something...
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After-school Activities for High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers: Analytical Essay

What can you generally do after school? Would you prefer watching television or scrolling social media daily or would you want to chill with your friends, play games along with learning something brand new online? Have you ever thought about how could you utilize your day-to-day time interestingly when faculty receives over? This post will provide you with a number of the most useful tasks that middle schoolers and adolescent kids can pursue after school. But should you have pleasure...
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Tips on How to Make Our School Better

Today I will really be showing and explaining to you how we can for all intents and purposes make our school a better place. To for all intents and purposes begin we can change all of these thought to make our school the coolest of them all lets basically do it, which is fairly significant. To start, I mostly think that our school should change the time schedule throughout the week, which is quite significant. To generally begin with, I...
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Personal and Academic Achievements from Challenges

Over the course of my life, leading to the day I wrote this essay, numerous opportunities came my way, some of which I seized by the horn and many of which I look back and wish I had. Looking back at all the events I took part in where I won recognition, it’s hard not to think about all those missed opportunities and events that I chose not to participate in. Now we have ourselves a bunch of achievements and...
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Faulty Scholar, Faulty School

Throughout a student’s academic career, the path they take to progress from youthful and yearning to wisened and learned will be one featuring many ups and downs. The student will experience anger and anguish, moments of brashness and boredom, spurs of claustrophobia and bouts of captivity – and those are only the alliterations. However, while many of these toils can be accredited to the student himself, such as procrastination or a lack of self-improvement, several others can often be inflicted...
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Features of the Education System Model in Elysian

A couple of years after the establishment of a stable colony at Elysian, there will be requirement of an education system which will provide Earth like education. However, the education pattern is designed in a way that it is relevant to the surroundings the children grow up in. A primary school will be located in sector 1 of Residency, a middle and high school in sector 2 and a common Elysian University in sector 3. We aim at providing a...
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