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Miguel De Cervantes And Don Quixote

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Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547–1616) led a life full of adventures and riddles. He had been the victim of astonishing adversity and had become immensely resourceful in a cruel and disenchanted world. He was an innovative Spanish author, distinguished soldier and humanist. I mean, he was a man of brilliance. Cervantes’ life provided him with the experiences he needed to explore a different kind of truth in fiction. Their ability to see the world through the perspectives of other people is one of the key elements that makes him a great writer. It follows that, through all his adventures, Miguel was a man of great inner suffering. In 1605, Cervantes wrote El ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, one of the most notable novels in all literature. Cervantes Quixote is the most conscious, the most introverted of literary genres. To read the text for entertainment, and its accessibility as funny text, obscures the philosophical purpose it serves.

According to Roberto Domingo Toledo, Don Quixote was the work of an era of decadence and social unrest (216). Cervantes then creates a man who decides to live life by his own rules. Quixote was a creator of his own destiny and did not subscribe to traditional thought. For this reason, the radical life of Quixote influenced others to live with reason, specifically Miguel de Unamuno. Unamuno admired Cervantes’ writing form and Quixote’s life influenced him. That’s why Unamuno coined the term quixotism (Driggers 1). Quixotism is the emphasis on the role of the individual in defining what is possible and the form of reality. In short, a quixotist is perpetualby incorporating other personalities on his own without losing his own individuality (Unamuno 227). This is what makes Don Quixote a celebration of free will with all the beauty and problems that come with it.

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In essence, Quixote’s legacy lives strong in its central principle to live life passionately, despite the opinions of others. For this reason, the novel served as literary therapy for the teachings that everything is subjective and that dreams can manifest themselves to realities. The text is not for entertainment purposes, but serves as a reflection on humanity in the hope of forming a change. That is, Cervantes’ most notable novel redefines the world as a dreamer. Quixote’s legacy is still alive as it is still present at the tabletops today. Sadly, however, there are people who do not yet know the life of the talented author.

However, Cervantes’s remarkable life influenced his literature which is extremely funny but simulatedly very human. In this way, the work is more palpable and real and convincing than anything that has been written before. Cervantes aimed to perceive real truths of the world by illuminating various aspects of human nature. For that reason, Quixote could be seen as a judgment on the grotesqueness of human nature.

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