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Miracle Berries. Are They Miracle?

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If there is to be a dramatic change in taste after the consumption of miracle berries then it can be concluded that miracle berries do affect the way you taste things because of its ingredients and even possibly the way it was constructed.


No doubt you’ve heard about a tonne of ancient superfoods claiming to work health miracles. But have you heard about the miracle fruit, fittingly named because of its ability to wondrously modify the way you taste other foods? It is known for its miraculous ability to, when eaten, cause sour foods (such as lemons and limes) to taste substantially sweeter almost like a lolly. The experiment that is being tested is blindfolding three people, giving them all normal food and asking them to guess what it is. Then giving them a miracle berry and giving them food and seeing if the miracle berry has any affect on their answers. This investigation is highly interesting as it gives in depth answers to many unknown aspects. Students will benefit from it as it will teach them about new and upcoming illnesses and how people deal to cope with them. The independent variable in this experiment is the test subjects answers, The dependent variable will be the test subjects taste and the berries, and the controlled variable is the food that will be used.

But why do miracle berries affect the way you taste things? The main aspect of the berry in which alters people taste is the miraculin within it. When miracle berries are consumed, the miraculin in the berry binds to the taste buds on the tongue. A regular person has tiny receptors on their taste buds that identify sweet, sour, bitter and savoury tastes within your food. Generally, if you were to eat a lemon, your sour receptors would start firing. However, under the influence of miraculin, the sweet receptors start signalling and nevertheless suppress the sour tastes. The miraculin changes the sweet receptors to temporarily identify acids and acidic tastes as sugars and sweeter tastes. However, are there any underlying health reimbursements to this regular berry? The Miracle berry is can be used as a medicine. People take miracle fruit to treat diabetes and correct chemotherapy-related taste disturbances. The real value of this berry lies in its ability to help people with dysgeusia: a condition that distorts your sense of taste.

This investigation is going to further investigate the real question which is “Why do miracle berries affect the way you taste things?” The area of science in which this experiment relates to is gastronomy and kinesiology considering it is the study of food and the study of how the body reacts towards it.

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The aim of this experiment was to investigate the aspects of a miracle berry in which affects your taste buds and this aim was unquestionably achieved. As seen in table one none of participant ones guesses after the consumption of miracle berries was correct. Now these results may seem obscure but after the observation of participant twos results it can be seen that miracle berries drastically affect your taste buds. The reasons why this occurred is because when the miracle berry goes into the mouth the skin of it immediately sticks itself to the top layer of your tongue. It then makes all food taste very different to its usual taste.

The hypothesis was if there is to be a dramatic change in taste after the consumption of miracle berries then it can be concluded that miracle berries do affect the way you taste things because of its ingredients and even possibly the way it was constructed. This hypothesis was most undeniably supported by the results, as the results stated that the miracle berries affect the way that things tasted primarily based upon the ingredients that were within the berries. There were a few major problems which occurred this included the factor of choosing what experiment to actually go forward with, finding a suitable stocker of the miracle berries, and choosing appropriate foods for the experiment.

Some changes I would make to the experiment would be to give a wider variety of foods within the experiment, having more participants, and possibly using fresh miracle berries instead of freeze-dried ones. A future concept which could be carried out to further understand the concept better would be to try taking microscopic pictures of the tongue before and after the experiment, and to also also giving a wider range of foods to be tested within the experiment.


Overall, the experiment that was carried out was highly successful and really gave participants a further understanding of miracle berries and their underlying medicinal purposes. It was a fun and enjoyable science experiment that really benefitted the participants knowledge on the very highly miraculous berry.


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