Mission Statement As the Company's Heart: Opinion Essay

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You want it to stand out against your rivals when it comes to creating your business goal, vision and quality statements. The statements must have an effect that reflects the company's ethos and culture and captivates the customer. How are we strategically running an organization if we don't have a goal to fulfill our business vision? The mission is known as the company's heart.

In a Forbes article titled: 'Corporate Mission Statements Don't Really Matter Unless You Want to Be a Great Leader, 'Len Sherman talks about how troubled companies like Apple, Lego, and Charles Schwab came back to their core values as they reorganized after big deficits. Apple and Charles Schwab rehired former CEOs to help the company get back to the basics of why they were produced and turn them for better income. With a new, youthful, ambitious founder, Lego has chosen to take the lead on new ideas and development. The first non-family-related CEO, Jorgen Knudstorp, started his role by working on an action plan to help the children serve.

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Such businesses were committed to returning to the core vision of the business and remained determined. This sometimes meant taking tough decisions, such as Steve Jobs ' 'shrink-to-grow' policy, which meant ending those unfavorable goods or producing enough revenue that eventually resulted in mass redundancies. To turn the company into a profit-making company, this approach had to be used. Looking at Apple and its strategy now, it has proved to be one of the most successful businesses to retain the number one spot while rising. Charles Schwab replaced the CEO as president of the company and was able to focus on just one key strategy. This was 'to create a consumer bond.' When the company began, he cut it down to his original mission and objectives.

A mission statement will show you the purpose of a company and whether it corresponds to what you want to be part of. Toyota, for instance, has a mission statement that reads:

“Toyota will lead the way to the future of mobility, enriching lives around the world with the safest and most responsible ways of moving people. Through our commitment to quality, constant innovation and respect for the planet, we aim to exceed expectations and be rewarded with a smile.” We all know that Toyota is a vehicle service, yet their mission statement reads that they are not merely a vehicle or a manufacturer of a car but also want to concentrate on sustainable energy that is environmentally friendly. It means that they look to the future and seem to have a product that wants to support new and improved technology for the greater good of the world. Toyota's mission statement is full because it reflects strategic goals, 'Business management, value of services, human resources and corporate social responsibility.' (Greenspan, R, 2017) This is a detailed example of an innovative car company's mission statement.

An article written by Neil Kokemuller at the beginning of last year for smallbusiness.chron.com clarified that ' The company's mission statement is simply a statement of purpose. (Kokemuller, N. 2018) If your organization has established a mission, it will pave the way for moving towards that target. The statement of mission becomes the basis for the strategies and approaches of the company. A mission statement is used as a reference when setting long-term or short-term goals to decide how to achieve the desired results we set for those targets. You continue to separate yourself from the founding principles of the organization if you don't adhere to the original purpose that you set up.

Finally, if you don't have the right fundamentals for a statement of mission, vision and purpose in your business, you're only setting up your business to fail. You cannot be guided to success solely by any core principals. Once employees and customers know what the standards are, they will create better choices to help the business grow. Many businesses tend to lose focus on what the mission or vision of the business is, which not only leads to mistakes, but can also lead to the demise of your organization. Keep up with your goal and watch the success of your company grow.


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