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Mission Statement For ADN College Of Nursing

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According to Ekpe and Sunday, mission statement is very important and a critical part of an organization and its overall operating plan (2015). Mission statement defines the goals and the vision of the organization. According to Ekpe and Sunday, mission statement “should provide a unique and directional statement, on why the program exists” (2015). People involved in an organization, have an opportunity to achieve their desired goals and work independently to perform at a desired level. This assignment will include, Chamberlain’s mission statement, my initial draft of mission statement as well as corrected mission statement for Associate degree for community College of Nursing program. In addition, I will include the changes to my mission statement as well as the importance of peer collaboration.

Mission Statement

The mission statement that I wrote for the ADN Community College of Nursing Program is as follows: To educate diverse, unique individuals who will go on to provide high quality of care, provide health and safe environment to their patients, by integrating efforts to facilitate learning through student involvement, education and original, creative educational principles.

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Peer Evaluation

During the past few weeks, I have collaborated with my peers and provided feedback on mission statement. First step in this assignment was to pick a group and create a draft of mission statement for the program that each of us chose, and comment on their mission statement, to provide the best possible feedback to improve the mission statement. The group I’ve picked is an Associate Degree Program in a community college. After graduation, I would love to work at the community college close to my house as a clinical instructor. I believe that this is the best place for me to work in.

In order to properly follow the assignment, students needed to follow a Chamberlains mission statement which is to “educate, empower, and embolden diverse healthcare professionals who advance the health of people, families, communities, and nations” (Chamberlain University, 2019). I have analyzed the mission statement and I started creating goals and ideas for the Associate Degree program. My original mission statement was: To educate diverse, unique individuals who will go on to provide high quality of care, promote health and safe environment to their future patients. Nursing students will be provided with exceptional education, and innovative, individualized educational principles.

When I received a feedback from Jami and Tessa. I started to analyze my mission statement and I have noticed that it needs some improvement. In order for my mission statement to be concise and compatible with Chamberlain’s mission statement, as well as prominent from other similar programs. The ADN program is unique in its objective approach. While other similar programs focus on service provision or teaching, my program includes both of those approaches. In addition, the mission statement states how education will be supported by student involvement, education and unique, original and creative educational principles. It means that besides the program ensuring the best education, it also offers students with the assistance needed to be involved fully on learning. Ertmer and Richardson (2019) found that good peer feedback, either thought online or in a school setting, involves students in a process to provide a route to improvement on writing skills as well as clear understanding of issue or a topic. Due to the feedback that I have received, I was able to identify areas of improvement. Jami advised me that it would be ideal to provide a tailored plan of education to every single person, but statement about providing individualized educational principles might be challenging, since I have included word individualized in my initial mission statement, which could have been changed to a general plan so it does not challenge me as much. Tessa’s feedback also mentioned that individualized education principles might be challenging as it would be difficult to individualize a learning plan for every single student. After the feedback, I did assimilate those recommendations within my mission statement. In addition, I did change some of my wording and chose adequate words to make my mission statement concise. My new mission statement for the ADN Community College of Nursing, evidently identifies the ADN programs goal, it is also compatible with Chamberlain’s mission, and it is unique for students starting the ADN program.


The goal of the mission statement for the nursing program is to provide nursing students with learning opportunities that make use of resources to provide adequate education. Mission statement is distinctive, describing why this program exists. The mission statement was created with the institution’s mission and goals in mind. This paper presented a proper way in creating a mission statement which also included a peer feedback and collaboration that is very important. Providing adequate feedback will give students one of the best learning opportunities that will enable them to provide safe and high-quality services. Working collaboratively with peers will make a great impact on creating unique program for nursing students.


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