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Mission Statement: Powerful Quotes That I Live by

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Section A: Personal Reflection. Brainstorming

Powerful Quotes that I live by

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

Angela Y. Davis

I live by this quote because it challenges me to speak out when I witness injustices, to stand up for what you believe in and to never allow yourself to be silenced by anyone or anything.

Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.”

Christine Caine

I live by this quote because i have lived through many hardships where it feels like it is the end and there’s no way of rising up. Discovering this quote made me realize that sometimes life and situations are not always what they appear to be. It’s not the end, it’s just the start of a new beginning.

We all go through life, with different struggles. The biggest lesson I’ve learnt in testing times is to GROW through whatever happens. There is always a lesson.

“Grow through what you go through.” reminds me that I life, you can never stop learning and when you are learning you are growing and growth is change. The Christine Caine quote affirms that where there is darkness, there is infact light a

nd that you should have that hope and positivity to help you see that, that improving my psychological being. Angela Davis’s quote is assertive and keeps me on the path of my Marla’s and values. these quotes help me with the decisions I make in life, helping me to determine if my actions are right or wrong and they guide me throughout many aspects of my life. My relationships with people , myself and with life.

B) Scriptural writing

My spirituality is incredibly important to me because it fuels every single day of my took a long time to get where I am in terms of my faith and the road that lies ahead is also long. Finding my faith after trauma’s in my life, has been difficult but I get up every morning because I have hope and because God is giving me another day to witness his creations and to feel his love. These scriptures are my favorite and I live by them daily. This has relative to my spiritual/ethical being because what I believe in ideally helps shape my world, my opinions as also influences who I socialize with.

D) Photo of an important relationship in your life

Although this relationship no longer exists in life, it lives on in my heart and memories. My late father, is my first love. This picture was taken when I was younger on a family night out in cape town. I value what our relationship was because it has helped me grow over the years. Looking at this picture allows me to feel whatever i felt when with my father, be it joy or peace just as displayed in the image. I wake up everyday, grateful and live my best life in honor of my father.

This source has relevance to my social and emotional being. My late father was and still is a huge inspiration to me. He taught me how to develop myself socially , emotionally and most importantly intellectually. One of the many lessons that he constantly reaffirmed to me was that I should never settle for less that what I am worth. The life he lived set the bar and tone , for the life I would like to live.

E. Picture of an important person in my life

I chose this picture of Nomzamo Mbatha, a South African celebrity and actress because she means a lot to me, as I draw incredible amounts of inspiration , strength and wisdom from her. Nomzamo, has a very special place in my heart and I’m blessed to know her personally. This specific picture was from the day of her UCT graduation in 2018. Nomzamo has dropped out years back but decided to get back into it and pursue her dreams even whilst traveling abroad. Nomzamo had the words ‘resilience.’ ‘Courage.’ ‘Overcome’ and honored her loved ones who have since departed by having photos of them on her beautiful dress. Nomzamo as a mental health advocate had the number for the South African depression and anxiety group on her dress and also dedicated to her baby sister, Carla who committed suicide in 2014. She has helped a lot in life, through her story and through knowing her. I have become more loving, compassionate and resilient as a result of Nomzamo’s teachings. “It could be worse. It’s going to get better” are one of the few pearls of wisdom Nomzamo shared with me and till this day, I tell myself that every morning.

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As someone who is an empath, I can easily feel the emotions of others, as my own. Knowing Nomzamo personally, affects my emotional level even more. Many elements of the image are relatable. It made me remember the loved ones I’ve lost , equally as much as it affirmed the path I am on and made me optimistic about the possibilities life holds. I feel many emotions looking at this picture and that’s what I personally love about it, it’s able to evoke different emotions out of me. I am also made socially aware of mental health through her symbolic dress.

G. Any other images ( who I an & my beliefs)

  • I am a feminist
  • I stand for equality
  • I am an aspiring activist
  • I believe in human rights
  • I believe in speaking up and out
  • I believe that the truth holds power
  • I believe that our voices are important
  • I believe in the voice of the youth
  • I advocate for the youth
  • I LOVE my family
  • I love good company
  • I love poetry
  • I am Social
  • I am always growing
  • I am constantly learning
  • I am becoming

These are some images that share a snippet of who I am , what feeds my soul and what I believe in. They affect all aspect of my levels/beings in good ways.

Consider yourself a SA/ world citizen

My beliefs and morals are upheld in this image. I chose it because I believe in human rights. My role as a citizen of the world and my country is to know my rights, to never violate anyone’s rights and to uphold my own rights and those of others. I strive in my everyday life to call out an injustice, because I do see them on a daily basis. You can never trivialize people’s pain that comes off of the unfair treatment towards them, whether it be on a institutional, structural, societal or social level.

Being black and a woman in the world we live in, isn’t easy. You experience racism and sexism and violence may come with it. My own life experiences that surround my identity have affected my ethical behavior and social outlook on life. I have felt socially excluded before because of who I am, outside of my control and therefore I am forced to know ethics because of situations that have occurred in my life.

J. My causes in life on social and economic issues

This picture represents one of my hearts greatest joys and my life’s biggest purpose .Last year in October, My organization hosted a group of 30-40 underprivileged girls for international day of the girl child, founded by the United Nations. The agenda of the day was to create a safe space where all the girls and my team could interact and engage whilst being empowered and motivated to be the best version of themselves. My cause is feminism, social and economical, it is to empower and uplift those who are a disadvantaged , affirm them that they hold power within and that they are seen and heard. For my 2019 agenda, I will focus on education and the factors that surround it.

My organization and the events I plan under it, are directly linked to my cognitive being. In order to do what I do, you need to know what is is you want to address and what matters. I have had to research copious amounts of information to be successful at what I do. I have a deep level of cognitive thinking because in order to pursue these desires, I have to plan, type emails and prepare sponsorship documents etc — My cognitive understanding of the world around me has developed rapidly because I have had to understand the issues we have and find solutions for them and tremendous growth has come out of it.

Mission Statement

This quote has changed and transformed my life in the best ways. I have learned that everybody will go through struggles in life and what differentiates is, is what we do differently to handle them. I am not putting energy into situations that will only take me backwards but I will rather use that energy to move forward and make sure I have learned a lesson. I have used this quote to help me with my emotional intelligence and to determine what really matters in my life, specifically for 2019.

Physically I am working on my health, fitness and physique.I am going to work on my body language, accept new life experiences, resting/ sleeping more. I am working to reach a point where I feel whole in my body, where my body feels like a home and not just a space I’m renting. I don’t subscribe to beauty standards because I find they’re discriminatory or impossible but rather I aim to have a good relationship with my body and to achieve that I am exercising , eating healthy and keeping hydrated in order for my body to produce the results I would like. Self care, is self love so taking care of my body is my way to show myself love and to appreciate it. I am continuously striving for my own goals, based on my own race and pace. With that, my ultimate goal is to have a peaceful and stable emotional and mental state and to accept myself as I am , therefore my physical goals are closely linked with my emotional and cognitive goals.

Emotionally I am working to express my emotions better to those I love and to embrace the imperfect moments. I consider myself emotionally strong because of the loses in my life and I have become better for it. I am adaptable and I rise from setbacks easier. believe in vulnerability which is closely linked to my emotional state because you cannot heal what you don’t reveal. As an emotionally intelligent and empathetic person, my emotional being is critical because it gives me a greater understanding of people and the life around me. As an emotional empath, I have the ability to feel what others feel ranging from lightly to intensely so this means that I have to be able to differentiate my feelings from the feelings of people around me. It is rather difficult because my moods don’t necessarily stay consistent and before I knew this of myself, it didn’t make sense. However, it is a learning process and I am happy to grow myself emotionally through it because it is apart of who I am.

Socially I am going to be in the moment, handle situations better, broaden my horizons and be open to change. I am socially confident and conscious of myself and the world around me however I can always strive to be even better. I am going to travel, adapt and accept to things that may come my way. I am going to integrate with people from different countries, ethnic cues, culture ties and heritages because I believe life is more effective and stimulating when you surround yourself with people who are different from you and this will allow you to gain more social awareness. I am going to do more work with my organization to fix and alleviate social issues that I care about such as poor education and women’s rights. I also find myself to be a paradox, sometimes so while I love people and going out, social interactions are draining so I am working on becoming more balanced socially. I also would like to reach a stage where I can be a great public speaker because that is my true passion and I want to be known for it.

Spiritually I will align myself with my beliefs and I will go to church and read the Bible more. My religion would identify as Christian however I believe in having a relationship with God because anyone can follow a religion just for the sake of it. God is my confidant and my friend so when things look bad for me I want to be able to go to God first, that’s the type of relationship I am working to achieve through going to church, having conversations about God with people and reading the Bible or a faith based book.

I will be present in every moment life gives me, I am going to strive and succeed in life, if I put my mind to it. I am going to be vulnerable and allow the change that comes with it, in order to best express myself. I am going to accept my body the way it is and work to get the body I desire. I am a blessed and highly favored being who will use my position of influence to help and fight for the rights of disadvantaged youth. I am compassionate, loving and strong. I will constantly and continuously work on creating myself and learn everyday.

My mission is a state, it is creating, expanding and evolving just as I am.

Section C: Company mission statement


Our Mission

To reach the group’s widely dispersed customers daily, and to provide trusting consumers with quality products through our extensive network. We take care to develop or acquire brands that have the potential to occupy the number one or two position in its chosen segments. To focus on way better operations across the supply chain including services to the trade, and to deliver sustainable shareholder value by being a responsible corporate citizen and preferred employer.

  • A ) This mission statement is very effective because the language used is simple and easy to understand. Clover aims to communicate with its consumers and customers which shows their commitment and dedication to building a relationship. Clovers main points are about delivering good service, being an active corporate citizen and to reach a wide audience.
  • B) This mission statement resonates with South Africans customers because clover is not an exclusive brand, it is affordable , they want to develop and help other smaller brands to reach their full potential and they strive to make their products accessible on a broad scale to all South Africans. The statement also implies that they care about social issues that would fall under their corporate social responsibility hence they want to be a responsible Corporate citizen.
  • C) Clover upholds the value of : having a good relationship with its customers, consumers at large and being responsible towards the corporate world. They state that they will achieve this by providing quality products, deliver sustainable shareholder value and improve their trade and services.
  • D) Yes. Clover produces and supplies what majority of the world consumes ( dairy) and food, so it makes it a global need and want. In their mission statement they mention delivery quality products through an extensive network, which implies how they are set on reaching audiences in the world.


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