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Modern Day Prophet: Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa is a today’s prophet as she devoted her whole life to helping the sick, poor and homeless. She spent many years travelling and staying with people who were less fortunate. She was a Catholic Nun who later became a Saint through all her hard work and dedication. She never stopped putting God first and listening to him and what he had to say. Mother Teresa’s mother told her she can serve her life through God and that made her go and help people. In 1950 she received a call from God to become a missionary and later in 1979 she received the Nobel Peace prizes for all her effort and support she put into giving people new lives.

Mother Teresa chose to “serve the poorest of the poor and to live among them and like them”. Without a doubt she saw beauty in every human and strove to make peace and love around everyone she saw. Mother Teresa couldn’t save some people who were really ill however she made their last few minutes, hours or days the most memorable and loving ones.

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Mother Teresa made a massive impact on the society and also as a religious icon too. She stood up for what she believed in and didn’t fail to give her all to everything she did and said. The first year she started helping people, she was begging for food and water but didn’t have a doubt she couldn’t accomplish her dreams. She put everyone else before her no matter the circumstances she was in. She also led a very Christian lifestyle that taught people to pray, look up and worship God. She looked after the tiniest humans which were abandoned or left to die. She gave light to everything she was a part of, once saying “lived like animals but died like angels”. The most time she spent was in Kolkata India where she went on and found the Missionaries of Charity. She opened up 600 hundred schools and charities in over 200 countries. In doing this Mother Teresa had a few step backs, people didn’t want her, objections of medical care and racism. However, she put that all aside and fought for what she wanted and achieved that in the end. She didn’t stop helping people till the day she died.

Mother Teresa changed a lot of lives and will forever live on in her legacy.

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