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Modern Day Slavery, Its Growing Problem And Ways To Be Reduced

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Slavery, when we hear this word the first thing that comes in mind, is a person that can be a woman, man or a kid forced to work without his or her willingness. It can be anything from a kid working as a domestic worker, a man working as labor, because of debts, human trafficking, forced begging and many more. In India, this is a common thing poor people under debt working for the landlords, kids working in small restaurants just to get a meal twice a day. This is a common thing in the country because of weak law enforcement, inflation, and lack of knowledge among people about slavery and these are the things that should be taken care of and in the following paragraphs how slavery can be reduced by working on the above-given reasons while suggesting some other measures that can also be considered.

To begin as stated above one of the major causes of why slavery exists is weak law enforcement means there are no proper rules and regulations i.e. poor investigation means police don’t investigate properly because the system is corrupt as landlords bribe officers. Moreover, court cases also have slow trails means if someone files a claim it remains pending for years, no action is taken and even if the action is taken it is not something that will affect the person on whom the case is filed as the file does not involve solid evidence because of improper investigation. So, the rules and regulations are needed to be changed so that victims can be rescued. The special department is needed to be introduced to help victims of such cases. Action is to be taken on corrupt officers, and other law enforcement agencies, penalties should be toughened, and the court environment is needed to be improved.

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The second main cause of slavery is inflation and low income means prices of everyday use items are rising and income is much lower so they get under the debt as they take loans from landlords or money lenders on high-interest rates and to overcome this problem government should offer job opportunities with a minimum wage rate and prices of daily use items should be decreased. Additionally, the government should give subsidies to the poor. The administration should also work on the implementation of already running schemes such as the PDS (Public Distribution System).

Equally important people of India are needed to be made aware of slavery. The government should give education in educational institutions about slavery, and it should be made mandatory. Awareness campaigns and public workshops should be organized around the country to give knowledge to folks about what is slavery and how it affects poor people and what steps should be taken by ordinary people to help the victims. Social media services such as Instagram, Facebook, etcetera should be used to make youngsters about this topic. Drama, Plays, etcetera can also be organized to educate individuals who cannot read or write.

To conclude in my perspective modern-day slavery is a serious threat towards human rights such as freedom in a democratic country such as India where independence is a priority. It is a thing that cannot be fully eradicated but can be reduced by toughening rules and regulations by raising fines etcetera, decreasing prices of daily use items, and educating people about the concept of slavery and encouraging them to help victims. Job opportunities with minimum wage should be offered to people to provide them with a basic income.

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