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Catholic Church in Modern Society

The Catholic Church is a well-known and well-respected part of modern society. Every baptized person has an ongoing responsibility to follow Jesus’s way of life in their thoughts, words and actions. Jesus is known for forgiving and redeeming Catholics who have sinned. The Bible also contains some things that do not fit in with modern society. Modern Christians feel pressured to obey the laws of the Bible and suppress feelings they may have against some of these rules. Pope Francis...
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Ocean Pollution as a Major Concern of Modern Society

Ocean pollution is a big concern in the world because studies are showing it is only increasing over the years (Christensen, 2019). A new study shows that along one stretch of the Pacific Ocean just between Hawaii and California there are around 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic waste gathered, which is a rapid increase since the 1970s (Barron, 2018). The plastic pieces in the ocean usually gather together in “one of the five patches” around the world (Barron, 2018). The...
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Importance of Thomas More for Modern Society

The three parts of the movie that I found particularly meaningful and moving is when Thomas More refuses to sign the document by the Cardinals because he felt like it was not the right thing to do. That stood out to me because Thomas stayed true to himself and never gave in and that is why he is a martyr. A second part that stood out to me was when Thomas More tells his family to leave England because they...
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Role of Art and Religion in Modern Society

Since the dawn of time moments, modern society has evolved over decades of history, ever-changing ever-growing, but some larger historical events and periods have aided the advancement and further development of modern society today. The Age of The Enlightenment was the dawning point of multiple subject shifts that can be traced to now such as Religion, thought, politics, science/technology, and even art. These changes in subjects it’s resulted in the blooming of culture and society. Religion and the church have...
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Art and Religion across Time and in Modern Society

Introduction At only first glance, this artwork of Andres Serrano is seen to be very provocative and blasphemous. This controversial artwork is a photograph of a 13-inch crucifix being submerged into a yellow liquid, which is implied to be urine as the title would suggest, and it is most likely to be his own. For many, the Piss Christ became a symbol of the secular assault and hatred against the Christian faith as it is said to be an act...
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Essay on Issues of Malnutrition in Modern Society

Abstract The issue of undernutrition in today’s world is applicable to many settings throughout society. The prevalence of this issue does not seem to be decreasing despite the many medical advances in this area in the 21st century and there does not seem to be as much significance on this issue despite its importance in clinical care. Therefore, this essay will investigate the nutritional care of malnourished patients in today’s society and will examine why despite the increase in emphasis...
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Problem of Stigmatization of Mental Illnesses in Modern Society

‘Stigma’ is a very basic word within the study of sociology that could be described by someone as a harmful mode of negative labelling towards someone else with a differentiating characteristic or attribute such as a form of mental illness or an intellectual disability which can lead to stereotypes, discrimination and even societal rejection possibly further damaging a person’s mental and physical state of mind. These people who are suffering from many different types of mental illnesses regularly endure two...
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Prevalence of Common Phobias and Their Sociodemographic Effect in Modern Society

Phobias: A Closer Look Imagine being scared to go outside, to get on an elevator, or even to take a bite of food. For many people, this fear consumes their everyday life. It is a psychological problem called phobia. A phobia is a psychological condition that needs to be evaluated due to the impact that it can have on a person’s life. In the following work the definition, symptoms, types, and treatment options for phobias will be described. The writer...
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Don't Close Your Eyes to the Racial Discrimination of Modern Society

I’ve been interested to see a flurry of activity and debate over the past few weeks within our local community regarding Black Lives Matter and racism in general. I have contributed my opinions and debated with people, been pleased that so many are actively discussing issues and ways to eradicate racism and equally dismayed to realise that some people are opposed to the fight against racism. Once again, I have been told “f you don’t like this country, why don’t...
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Relevance of Hobbes' Social Contract Theory to Modern Society: Analytical Essay

Introduction During the enlightenment period many philosophers presented commentaries on the political realm of their society. Such writings have encouraged revolutions such as: the English, American and French revolution. One observes that Enlightenment philosophers operated on the notion that the existing social and political orders could not withstand critical scrutiny and were rooted in religious myth and mystery and founded on vague cultures. This negative analysis and critique of existing institutions had positive overtones in the area of theory construction...
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The Concept of Satire in Modern Society

Media satire is a freedom of speech which has resulted in a perception that barriers our country and citizen. It is easier to communicate and share ideas easier than ever before. Furthermore, allow people to express their ideas and perspectives, comedic or not. This essay will examine the importance of freedom of speech that allows comedic satire to make its impact. News media are no longer conduits that properly meet the needs of our particular culture. Evidence supports that the...
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Sleep and the Modern Society

Sleeping in modern society is often connected with working late hours, technology among children, high stress level and bad immune, respiratory and digestive systems. Not getting enough sleep can cause a negative mood, low energy level, difficulty concentrating, and a general inability to function as usual. Significant lack of sleep exists when sleep is insufficient to support awakeness performance, and health. Chronic sleep insufficiency exists when an individual routinely sleeps less than the amount required for optimal functioning. To understand...
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Ethical Dilemmas Of Modern Society

Ethical dilemmas are in our everyday lives and affect society whether someone has a christian worldview or not. Some dilemmas that are in effect in today’s society are the following: Pornography, Abortion, Performance Enhancing Drugs, Religious Tolerance, etc. A case study with a man named Tj comes to the picture, his ethical dilemma being addiction to pornography. He believes he is in no way of harming anyone while in the act of masturbating and secretly enjoying pornography behind closed doors....
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The Factors Of Rape Culture In Modern Society

Rapists are usually the very clear choice as to the person to blame in rape cases. If this is a common thing then why is it said that often times it is the girls fault. If she wasn’t at the party, if she didn’t drink so much, if her clothes weren’t so revealing and if she would have just been smarter than nothing would have happened to her. These are many time peoples responses when talking about rape cases along...
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Fahrenheit 451: The Effect Technology Has On People's Memory In A Modern Society

Ray Bradburry creates a society that is run by a government that manipulates its people by providing them with a happy and simple life. Instead, of allowing their own people to think independently, the government tells its society how to shape their lives. In order to keep control, the executives controlling the town, enforce their own mindset through the brutal use of technology. Adam Gopnik quote illustrates the idea that people tend to forget everything in order to stop constant...
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The Morality of Euthanasia in Modern Society

Human beings, individually and collectively, deal with pain and suffering. The tough nature of distress aligns with the practice of euthanasia, which plays a role to relieve persistent suffering. In contemporary healthcare, euthanasia continues to be associated with strong moral beliefs, through which the practice is met with subjectivism. It is relative to one’s rights, practical approach, philosophy, and religious beliefs; pushing the notion that everyone has their own set of ethical principles. The virtue of the subject is evaluated...
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The Issue Of Racial Profiling Within Modern Society

Introduction In today’s modern society across the map of the United States of America, racial profiling is a major issue used by police officers generalizing humans based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, and religion instead of their individual behavior. This is used as the basic discretion that someone is being suspicious and causes unlawful stops, searches, interrogations, identity checks and other tactics that can even result in being fatal. Police officers racially profile someone when they view them, meaning...
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Relevance Of A Christmas Carol In Modern Society

A Christmas Carol is an ideal movie for anyone wanting to witness what some people experience throughout the holidays. The movie is set in England, and it accounts for some of the most crucial years in the world, the early to mid-1800s. This was a time of change, especially in England. A Christmas Carol overlooks the life of Ebenezer Scrooge, as Scrooge is played by the actor Alastair Sim, and the film was released December 2, 1951. The emphasis of...
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Suicide As An Urgent Problem In Modern Society

Suicide is a permanent solution to a problem that is only temporary, why is it important you may ask? It is the act of someone intentionally killing themselves and it takes the lives of approximately 40,000 Americans every year. It’s also important because someone is more likely to die from committing suicide than them dying from homicide, there’s a ratio of 2:3, meaning that for every two people killed by homicides, there are 3 people that have committed suicide. Many...
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Integrating Faith And Work In The Modern Society

Integrating faith with work among the society comes as a response to the sluggish attitude and sloppy work among Christians especially during the 21st century when work has become so important in terms of domestic consumption and national growth (Kansiime, 2015). A few people view work as though it was something accomplished for individual advantages. To them, when and how it is accomplished is not an inquiry identified with the feeling of the Divine or higher requesting. A society has...
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The Comforts Of Modern Society

Do the comforts of modern society have a positive effect on people? From my point of view, they do not have a positive effect , in fact, it has a negative one. First, let’s start by saying what “comforts of the modern society” means. It refers to things that make society live better lives. One of the bad effects that technology has on people is that it can make people obsessed with.When referred to “ making people obsessed with it...
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Stress And Pressure In The Modern Society

In today’s society, many people are talking about a healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, a healthy lifestyle is associated with the concept of practicing a good life pattern. Hence, all human beings in this world do not run away from having problems in their lives. So, they must try to deal with it or solve the problem in their own way. When problems can not be resolved, there is a stress in their lives. In this case, the human life...
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How Has Greece Influenced Modern Society?

Modern society has taken many different ideas that have been developed by scientists which come from ancient civilisations in the middle ages. One of these ancient civilisations include Greece which had a gigantuous affect on modern society. Ancient Greece was well advanced for its time (800 BCE – 146 CE) Greece has contributed with advanced mathematics, complex science, groundbreaking medicine and warfare. Not all of these contributions have shaped the modern world for the greater good. Greece was enormously advanced...
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Gothic Literature’s Influence On Modern Society

Modern writing has changed time and time again throughout the centuries. Arguably, one of the biggest influences for modern writing was gothic literature. Gothic literature was such a dramatic change from many previous works due to its dark, mysterious, melancholy tone. This different approach to writing allowed authors to express themselves in a different way than what was originally seen as “normal” or “the right way”. Gothic literature provided people with a different creative outlet allowing them to express their...
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The Issues With Tattoos In The Modern Society

Think that tattoos won’t affect your future? Well, think again. According to “History of Tattoos,” 36% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have at least one tattoo. Before getting inked, I suggest you read this paper. Tattoos have been around for thousands of years; although, over the past few decades, they have become more prevalent. Studies mainly reveal a negative impact on hiring. This research paper explores how tattoos affect employment opportunities and how this stigma has...
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Human Nature And Modern Society

Karl Marx was born in 1818 to a middle-class family in what was then called Prussia and pursued an academic career before pivoting to political journalism to advocate for revolutionary socialism. Almost thirty years later, Friedrich Nietzsche was born and also pursued an academic career at the University of Basel in Switzerland until he was enlisted to serve in the Prussian military shortly thereafter. He suffered from a number of physical ailments before succumbing to a complete mental breakdown in...
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Gender Roles In Modern Society

Introduction to Gender Roles in Modern Society The world is constantly changing with everything involved in the lives of people who live in it. People have to be conscious that is not only something physical, the form individuals think also evolve as the time passed by. In modern society gender roles is a big controversial topic. Therefore, gender roles in society are continuously changing over time. Understanding Gender and Its Cultural Norms First, people must understand the elucidation of gender....
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The Factors Of Loneliness In Modern Society

Loneliness is becoming more common among all ages because of various links which include social, cognitive and behavioral factors. The idea of loneliness is when one doesn’t have any friends so they remain in a state of sadness. When one is lonely you don’t see them going out in public to make friends with strangers, they would rather sit on their phones and scroll through twitter, which is a problem. Socialization and relationships are important to our mental and physical...
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Life Chances Of Children in Modern Society

In modern western society, individuals strive to achieve different things, e.g. wealth, social status etc. these are all known as commodities. Yet reality shows that these commodities are rarely distributed and are hard to achieve. (Stroud, 2011) In light with this, the ability or opportunity has to achieve these commodities are known as ‘life-chance’. The word life-chance was first introduced by Max Weber, he mentioned that ‘the wealthier you are, the higher your status and the greater your power, the...
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Suffering As The Concept Of Modern Society

Suffering is an important concept in the end of life care which diminishes quality of life and it tends to be widespread in terminally ill patients. Dame Cecily Saunders coined the concept of ‘total pain’ and outlined some of the various physical, psychological, emotional, existential, social factors contributing to suffering. While these factors may contribute separately to suffering, a synergy often occurs among them. As a result, when one dimension of a person is threatened, this can provoke or add...
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