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Current Trends and Challenges in the World of Work

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius. The world of work is diverse. This massive world of work provides people across the globe, a buffet of opportunities through the means of various jobs, for personal growth as well as social development. This helps individuals get jobs that relate to their skills and talents. Almost all people desire to choose jobs that not only provide them with a high...
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GMOs in Today's World

Everyday, citizens go to their local grocery store to buy food. Many foods claim to be healthy to eat and provide the most nutrition. Some of these foods could contain a label showing ‘GMO’ or ‘non-GMO’, and this can be confusing for some people. What do these food labels mean to everyday people, and should genetically modified foods be required to be labeled or do they even matter? A GMO is actually a genetically modified organism, in this case they...
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Declaration of Independence and the Constitution: Historical Background and Impact on the World Today

The Declaration of Independence are important articles that ensure our independence from Great Britain. This document will describe who adopted the Declaration of Independence, what the Founding Fathers created, a summary of the Articles, and how the Constitution affects the world today. It was written by Thomas Jefferson; he wrote it because they wanted to announce their independence from Britain. They also wrote it because they wanted to be an independent nation and were able to confirm their alliance with...
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Problem of Stigmatization of Mental Illnesses in Modern Society

‘Stigma’ is a very basic word within the study of sociology that could be described by someone as a harmful mode of negative labelling towards someone else with a differentiating characteristic or attribute such as a form of mental illness or an intellectual disability which can lead to stereotypes, discrimination and even societal rejection possibly further damaging a person’s mental and physical state of mind. These people who are suffering from many different types of mental illnesses regularly endure two...
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Influence of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution on the Formation of Modern America

The Declaration of Independence was written because people were escaping King George the Third, who was a tyrant and oppressed his people in Great Britain. The people escaped to what is now America. Later, the DOI was created on July 4, 1776. The hope of these founders was to create a better nation with values and ideals to improve government as opposed to King George’s ruling. The DOI lists all the bad things the tyrant has committed which hurt domestic...
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Functionalism Versus Marxism: Comparative Analysis of Labor Relations in Contemporary Societies

1. Introduction Have you wondered the contemporary societies must be better than traditional one? Social change is inevitable due to various factors, like technological progress and urban development. However, it may not necessarily lead to an improvement in all aspects. The modern factory system is a valid illustration. The contemporary practice of it may induce some negative impacts on the workers and cause exploitation. In this essay, I will explain why I believe the practices of the modern factory system...
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Mental Illness as the Strongest Epidemic of Modern Times

The strongest epidemic we face today, mental illness, is maybe not growing as fast as an infectious disease but it is harder to fix as it’s not even acknowledged in a right manner or sometimes not even at all. The issue peeks through popular music as top charts are filled with songs about depression, anxiety, isolation and alienation. These emotions unraveling through a time where technology is at its peak is no coincidence. Technology is the main reason behind this...
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Animation in the Modern World

Computer animations are gaining popularity in movies and television. Traditional animation will undoubtedly continue to play a significant part in animation for many years to come. Apart from being faster and more cost efficient, computer animation offers several additional advantages. Because it is software-based, this streamlines the animation toolkit. Traditional animation is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The finished product involves many people and is fully handmade. In comparison to traditional animation, where errors are common and can have a substantial influence...
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Similarity of Values of Modern Americans and Explorers of 1492: Analytical Essay

Since 1492, when Christopher Columbus first stepped onto the new land, he had values and laws. Many of which we still have today. Some of these values were good, while many were not. Some of the values that Columbus had was their selfishness, forcefulness, greediness, dishonesty, and they forced their religion and ways on the natives. The main three are their want and gain for wealth, how selfish they were, and how they forced assimilation upon the natives. Today these...
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Information Technology and Its Importance in Today's World

Every sector of the country today’s growth and development depends on the level of information technology. Introduction 21st century has become recognized as the age of information technology; it is not only a nation’s key driver of economic growth, but the world. Information technology footprints can be seen everywhere from the hi-tech industry to an education system. Functions and IT Features Speed: IT users can use devices such as computers to perform various tasks more quickly and accurately. At the...
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Art and Religion across Time and in Modern Society

Introduction At only first glance, this artwork of Andres Serrano is seen to be very provocative and blasphemous. This controversial artwork is a photograph of a 13-inch crucifix being submerged into a yellow liquid, which is implied to be urine as the title would suggest, and it is most likely to be his own. For many, the Piss Christ became a symbol of the secular assault and hatred against the Christian faith as it is said to be an act...
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Role of Art and Religion in Modern Society

Since the dawn of time moments, modern society has evolved over decades of history, ever-changing ever-growing, but some larger historical events and periods have aided the advancement and further development of modern society today. The Age of The Enlightenment was the dawning point of multiple subject shifts that can be traced to now such as Religion, thought, politics, science/technology, and even art. These changes in subjects it’s resulted in the blooming of culture and society. Religion and the church have...
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Analytical Essay on Art History: Study of Medieval and Modern Art

Art history spans the entire history of humankind, from prehistoric times to the twenty-first century. In modern times, art history has emerged as a discipline that specializes in teaching people how to evaluate and interpret works of art based on their own perspective. Art history has frequently been criticized for its subjectivity because the definition of what is beautiful varies from individual to individual Art history spans the entire history of humankind, from prehistoric times to the twenty-first century. Whether...
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Prevalence of Common Phobias and Their Sociodemographic Effect in Modern Society

Phobias: A Closer Look Imagine being scared to go outside, to get on an elevator, or even to take a bite of food. For many people, this fear consumes their everyday life. It is a psychological problem called phobia. A phobia is a psychological condition that needs to be evaluated due to the impact that it can have on a person’s life. In the following work the definition, symptoms, types, and treatment options for phobias will be described. The writer...
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Modern Architecture Essay

The Nineteenth Century and the Modernist period was a time of rapid growth and development in almost every aspect of human exploration, shaping design in a monumental way and which still continues to have an influence on Architectural work that is produced today. Developed as a means to improve quality of life, Modernisation took Architecture out of the perpetual loop of meaningless ornamentation that it seemed to be stuck in and gave it a new purpose beyond aesthetics, provoking a...
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Impact of Middle Age Civilizations and Columbian Exchange on Modern World

Looking back on world’s history, the 1500s were a major turning point. Civilizations in this century played a huge role in shaping the world to be what it is right now. Cultures of the Ming Empire, Ottomans and Europeans led to ascend of the predominant world cultures preceding to 1500. Even though their accomplishments weren’t permanent, it still made a huge impact. The “European Miracle” was one of Europe’s greatest peaks in its history. In premodern times, no other civilization...
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Relevance of Hobbes' Social Contract Theory to Modern Society: Analytical Essay

Introduction During the enlightenment period many philosophers presented commentaries on the political realm of their society. Such writings have encouraged revolutions such as: the English, American and French revolution. One observes that Enlightenment philosophers operated on the notion that the existing social and political orders could not withstand critical scrutiny and were rooted in religious myth and mystery and founded on vague cultures. This negative analysis and critique of existing institutions had positive overtones in the area of theory construction...
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Pros and Cons of Rousseau’s Social Contract Theory and Its Applicability to Modern Day Society

Introduction Over the centuries there have been many philosophers who have sought to explain how political systems are formed, how they work and which one is the best form of rule. This has brought about many different theories from philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. While some of these theories have been accepted, other theories have been heavily debated and opposed by academics around the world. One such theory is the social contract theory. Philosophers such as John Locke and...
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Essay on Modern American History: Analysis of the Product of Violence in Video Games

The Bobo Doll experiment demonstrated that children were able to learn through following their adult role models. They used an inflatable doll and placed it, along with other toys in a room with a preschool aged child. He would then either have an adult come in and beat up the bobo doll, have the child watch a non-aggressive adult, or simply let the child play. He found that nearly 90% of those who witnessed violence decided to become aggressive toward...
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Science And Technology In The Modern World

Today sciencemade the impossible things possible. Science, technology have made the life safe, secure and comfortable. Today we are totally depended on science whether it is inside or outsidehome. Now we can enjoy every second in our life through them. Technology has totally changed the field of entertainment. Science,technology and innovation each represent a successively large category of activities which are highly interdependent but distinct. The relation between science and technology are complex and vary considerably with the particular field...
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Integrating Faith And Work In The Modern Society

Integrating faith with work among the society comes as a response to the sluggish attitude and sloppy work among Christians especially during the 21st century when work has become so important in terms of domestic consumption and national growth (Kansiime, 2015). A few people view work as though it was something accomplished for individual advantages. To them, when and how it is accomplished is not an inquiry identified with the feeling of the Divine or higher requesting. A society has...
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A Look Into Monotheistic Religions In The Modern Age

Throughout the course, there has been much discussion about how religious practitioners, scholars, and non-believers came to view the three monotheistic religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Scholars have deciphered the sacred texts of each religion to draw conclusions based on their similarities and their differences. In this discussion, religious scholars coined the term ‘Abrahamic’ to relate these three religions based on their mutual involvement of Abraham in each of their sacred texts. Over time, there has been much debate about...
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The Issue Of Islamophobia In Modern World

Discrimination and prejudice is a reaccuromg issue within the modern world, showing a predominant effect on the Islamic culture. Ethical views are diminished when citizens begin to experience Islamophobia. It does not only effect the day to day life of Muslims and people of the Islam faith but will subsequently cause detrimental effects to their mental health and stability. Awareness amongst the issue has yet to cause prominent changes but is slowly helping the change.When discussing the phobia it is...
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The Crusades Can Be Used To Represent The Catholic Church And Its Mission Today

In history since 1096 until 1254 (Stewart, 1968), there was seven crusades and there were several different reasons for the crusades. In some cases, the reason for the crusade was similar whether it was religious, economical and also political motives. The crusades happen because of the Holy land and it was between the Christian and the Muslims. The first crusade which was in between 1096-1099 and it was called for the reason of the pilgrims’ problems and it was between...
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How Can A Believer In The 21st Century Have The Mind Of Christ

Introduction The 21st century is the period after the death and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and is the period we currently living in. The believers inthe 21st century face many challenges and distractions that affect their relationship with Christ. These can be in the form of daily life challenges, distraction through social media, television, government policies and regimes, and the different types of religions around the world and emigration. Therefore, it is of importance that believers must...
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Different Ideas On Past Life And Life Today

I have a lovely grandmother who talks about difficulties of the past all the time. She states that today life prepares everything ready for you! She told me that everything was tough when she was a child whether going to school or getting marriage. She shared her experience that she had grown up with low facilities and even low income. But how about now? she said. Today’s world provides everything for you and permit you to accomplish your responsibilities as...
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The Issues With Tattoos In The Modern Society

Think that tattoos won’t affect your future? Well, think again. According to “History of Tattoos,” 36% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have at least one tattoo. Before getting inked, I suggest you read this paper. Tattoos have been around for thousands of years; although, over the past few decades, they have become more prevalent. Studies mainly reveal a negative impact on hiring. This research paper explores how tattoos affect employment opportunities and how this stigma has...
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Suffering As The Concept Of Modern Society

Suffering is an important concept in the end of life care which diminishes quality of life and it tends to be widespread in terminally ill patients. Dame Cecily Saunders coined the concept of ‘total pain’ and outlined some of the various physical, psychological, emotional, existential, social factors contributing to suffering. While these factors may contribute separately to suffering, a synergy often occurs among them. As a result, when one dimension of a person is threatened, this can provoke or add...
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The Factors Of Loneliness In Modern Society

Loneliness is becoming more common among all ages because of various links which include social, cognitive and behavioral factors. The idea of loneliness is when one doesn’t have any friends so they remain in a state of sadness. When one is lonely you don’t see them going out in public to make friends with strangers, they would rather sit on their phones and scroll through twitter, which is a problem. Socialization and relationships are important to our mental and physical...
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Stress And Pressure In The Modern Society

In today’s society, many people are talking about a healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, a healthy lifestyle is associated with the concept of practicing a good life pattern. Hence, all human beings in this world do not run away from having problems in their lives. So, they must try to deal with it or solve the problem in their own way. When problems can not be resolved, there is a stress in their lives. In this case, the human life...
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