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Money Can't Buy Happiness: An Essay

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'Money cannot buy true happiness'. Some people may say that this adage is no longer relevant because in this 21st century, we can’t live without money and without money, we won’t be happy. However, I strongly think, that this adage is indeed valid and relevant. In fact, the predominant reason I choose this topic is that it is food for thought for all of us.

Here is a story of a boy named Tom who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Being the only child, Tom literally had everything a young child would ever dream of – a humongous mansion, the latest collection of toys and even a mini theme park behind the mansion – you name it, he has it. As his parents were too occupied with their business, they provided Tom with all the material needs, hoping that he would be happy.

One day, Tom texted his father: “Dad, may I know how much money you make in an hour?”.

His perplexed father answered:“Why, son?”.

Tom was very persistent to find out. In the end, his father replied: “About $200 per hour, son”.

Tom rushed to count the savings he had in his piggy bank.

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“I have $400 in my piggy bank, Dad. Could you play with me for two hours?”.

His father was speechless and broke into tears. This simple story illustrates how money cannot buy true happiness.

Undeniably, the love and affection from our family is one of the factors which contributes to true happiness. In a family, there will be sweet and bittersweet memories created through the events or experiences the members go through as one unit. These memories are what make the family stronger. The unconditional love from our family members is simply priceless – no amount of money on earth could ever pay for that. On special occasions, aged parents do not hope for a thick red packet or pricey presents to be sent to them. What they want is just a simple meal with all their children. The time spent, the interactions, chats, laughter, and their warm hugs are the ingredients of true happiness within the family. This is certainly something which could not be obtained with money.

Moving on, true happiness also comes from our friendship. One may argue that money can buy friends for us, but the friendship is certainly not genuine as the foundation of the friendship is built on money. They are like a fair-weather friend which leaves us in times of trouble. On the other hand, a good friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have. Sometimes, we simply feel happy when we are with our friends. Watching movies, cracking jokes, and playing games are truly welcome in our hectic lifestyle. Hence, true happiness is something free that naturally flourishes in our hearts when we have true friends by our side.

Furthermore, our mindset is also an indicator of true happiness. The easiest key to being happy is just to acquire a contented mindset. Try to appreciate and be grateful for what you have instead of craving for unnecessary material wealth. This is because material assets can only provide you transient pleasure that will soon fade away. Besides, avoid comparing yourself with the rich, as this may cause you to get caught in a rat race to the extent that you may neglect your loved ones and your health. How can a person be happy when he is confined to a wheelchair or bedridden for his entire life?

In conclusion, money may be able to buy a vast number of things but not the love that comes from our hearts, true friends and family. All of these are the most requisite ingredients to being happy and enjoying our lives to the fullest. It is true that happiness is simple when you keep it simple.

With that, I would like to end my essay with a quote from Benjamin Franklin, “Money has never made man happy, nor will it. There is nothing in its nature to produce happiness”. Remember that money can buy you an enormous mansion, but not a home, a watch, but not time and company, but not friendship.

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