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Moral Relativism In Context Of Multiculturalism

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“Six for me and nine for you”- simplest way to explain relativism. It is not about wrong or right, true or false, actually, it depends on people how they see a particular situation. I find myself in favour of relativism in multiculturalism, further, the essay will discuss some of the advantages of relativism in multiculturalism.

In order to bring more talent, skillful workers or may to handle situations like ageing population etc most countries around the world used the strategy of migration. ‘Official multiculturism policy was adopted by the Canadian Federal State in 1971b and was entrenched in 1982 constitution.’(Guo, S., & Wong, L. L. (2015), p 107). As Canada is welcoming more and more immigrants and became the largest multicultural country in the world. Migration is not just of people but their traditions, culture, especially their native languages. But moving to a country like Canada, people to adjust with the new traditions, the culture of the people whom they are going to share the land. Languages play an important role, after all its about communication.

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People from the Middle East and South Asia have very different rituals than the people follows in Canada. For example, love marriage or being in relationships before marriage etc are treated as bad and very shameful in these countries. But here in Canada, it is totally normal. Again it is not about who is wrong or right, it is just about the society whom you belongs to.

Every individual has its own perspective towards a particular thing and that is based on their upbringing, family, culture, surrounding, and personal thoughts. These differences actually create a strong bond of cooperation among people. It actually teaches how to cooperate with others even having so many differences and accepting each other’s limitations. Different people from different parts of the world with different definitions of success. Every individual is doing something in order to pursue their goals by implementing their experiences in life in a way that works best for them. Humanity is above all religions, cultures, traditions, rituals. That is the only reason that people agree to help others without any condition. They know each other or not doesn’t matter when you respect humanity by leaving everything side.

There is no universal standard to judge what is wrong or right. All in all, a very famous phrase suggests that ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do. A person should be enough adaptive in order to survive in new environment.


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