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Most Influential Person in My Life: Essay

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Everyone needs to be inspired, and inspiring others can only have positive effects. They can be the people that surround us in an everyday life. My inspiration consists of my parents, Oralia Reyes and Pedro Reyes. They are two full-blooded Mexican immigrants with remarkable stories of hard work, sacrifice, and resilience in a hostile society who left their country for a better life. Not only did they leave to have a better life themselves, but for me and my brothers as well. Growing up in a family with immigrant parents has profoundly influenced my hopes and aspirations of one day going to dentistry school to become a dental hygienist. As a daughter who has to experience hopeless hardships, I try hard to achieve all of my goals. When I think of the word immigrant, I always think full of hope, liberty, and opportunity. Others, on the contrary, think immigrants are illegal, poor, and uneducated and bring violence to the country. Each of my parents has a different backup story, but the same destination which each has made me influence myself in pushing harder each day on all they had to get through.

My dad was only sixteen years old when he decided to cross the Mexican border. My father came from a big family having a total of eleven siblings, him being the second oldest of them all. As he grew up, he didn’t have it easy. He had first started going to school to eventually be a neurologist, a doctor who treats disorders that affect the brain. In order to attend school he had to walk about four miles to attend school every day. My father was a good and intelligent student he had high grades and actually loved to learn new things. Quite after some time, he had to drop out of school. He started working at age twelve where he would keep an eye on the cows, feed and even milk them. He had the responsibility to get his family through because his dad was a lazy person. His dad would just work for himself and bring no money to the house. Due to the problem he encountered at home, he wanted to help, so he crossed over to the U.S. He came into the country with almost nothing, yet did not know any English. While he was here, he juggled multiple jobs by being a cook, working in construction, and even being in a band. A few years later, he decides to go get more education to get a better chance at better jobs. He earns his GED and learns to speak, read, and write in English. He has been working with a company ever since and has been doing way better.

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On the other hand, my mother was nineteen when she came to the USA. She crossed six years later after my father. She also came from a big family of nine siblings her being the second youngest. She had a passion for school but eventually, couldn’t afford to pay the rest and finished tenth grade. She decided to come along due to money needs because her father was diagnosed with diabetes. The money she was earning while in Mexico wasn’t enough, so she came here searching for a better job with better pay to send to her parents. Looking for a job wasn’t an easy task for her by submitting many applications she would not get feedback, because she didn’t know English but she was a fast learner. Not too much after, she also decided to learn English and get her GED. As determined as she was she attended her courses and studied till she finally got her GED. Now she has better pay and a better job.

It’s amazing how two Spanish-speaking parents with only a couple of years of education and from Rancho have been raising three children so far including myself. Along the way, their experiences provide me with many valuable influences. They have motivated me to pursue higher education, and show respect, language, patience, determination, and work. Throughout their lives, my parents demonstrated a solid respect for all individuals regardless of their background. Language, both of my parents struggled to learn English. From a young age, my parents helped me realize that the power of words and language cannot be underestimated for one to be a fully engaged citizen. Their struggles were my motivation to learn as much as possible at all times. The challenges they face showed me patience, both of my parents are appreciated that sometimes, some things just take a while. Born and raised in an agrarian society, they remind me frequently that nature has its own timetable and cannot and should not be rushed. They left their place of birth for an unknown country with little information about what to expect. Each for their own reason was determined to make things work despite challenges and roadblocks. They simply kept pushing through not giving up in the face of adversity. This influence is perhaps the most relevant and ties all tho and ties all influences. My parents showed me what a strong worth ethic meant. When they work they work very hard. Now that they gave me the opportunity to be born here, I have the advantage to finish school to actually be someone in life. They have encouraged me in keeping high grades, staying focused on my studies, and supported me in all I do. They always tell me I can do anything I put my mind to. If they did it so can I.

Because they didn’t finish their education, they have influenced me in finishing mine while I have this opportunity. Both of my parents went to school. As much as they adore me, I love them the same way back. They are no harmful people they only came searching for a better life for themselves and for me. All I see in them is a golden heart full of kindness, respect, and caring. As each day goes by they make a big part in my life if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here.

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