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Most Unforgettable Christmas Vacation: Reflective Essay

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Ever since I could remember, I have spent Christmas at my grandmother’s house, a house which is full of comfort, warmth, and happiness. At Christmas, I have always been able to escape the cold and dark real world allowing myself to truly enjoy just several moments in time. These moments have left impressionable memories from my childhood making Christmas a holiday that is special to me and my family. It is a time for my family to get together, share stories, laugh, and even cry.

My most memorable Christmas is one from my past. I was about 11 years old going to school with my family when my mom receive an phone call, she then stretch for her bag and began talking, After hanging up the look on her face seems so refreshed and agreeable, she stop take a deep breath before breaking the news to us, where she said guys were going to spent the Christmas holiday with grandma faith. Everyone was as happy as a Billy goat were they left my sister and I off at the school gate. It was actually four days before we would set off for grandma house. As the days pass by all I could think about is grandma faith.

I clearly remember sitting in class on the last day of school before Christmas vacation anticipating the bell to ring and signify that the classes were finally over. As the bell rang, I ran out of that class to meet my sister to catch the bus home. So I was ready in an instant to leave for my grandmother’s, where I would spend my holidays. When I got home our bags was already packed and place in our neighbor’s car. We took turns to shower and dress appropriate to leave for the airport, we went to the car and sam was already there he prayed for our safety and then drove us to the airport. While mom was there checking in with the document my dad and I pack the suitcase on the carrier where we waited, despite the wait i was still excited that am about to fly in an airplane for the first time. As we aboard the plane I sat at the window were an hour past and the airplane started to move and as it moves and lift off the ground you could feel the roughness of the plane passing through the clouds. After flying in the air for three hours we landed in the state of New York. My dad then rented a car and I help him to pack the luggage in the back and then set off on the road.

It was a two hour drive to my grandmother’s house in Massachusetts. I was very impatient throughout the entire drive. I couldn’t wait to see my grandma, my cousin, and my aunts. To make things better, however, snow started to fall filling me with hopes of a snowball fight and making a snow man the next day. Finally, we arrived at our destination. The snow was not as thick as brick but you can feel the cold, crunchy, dusting under my feet. I left the car leaving my parents and bigger sister behind and ran up the steps to my grandma’s house. I just had to be the first one to knock on her door, so I did. She opened the door for me, and I went inside parting with the bitter cold and darkness surrounding me. Inside the house I was immediately encircled with the aromas of her Christmas cooking and baking. A real fresh Christmas tree which was already beautifully adorned with old family ornaments perforated the air with more holiday aromas. I went into the kitchen with my mom, and together we helped my grandma finish preparing the Christmas Eve dinner.

Soon, we started place the dinner on the table there was a variety of different dishes like Mack and cheese, saffron bun in cranberry sauce, roast beef, melomakarono, and different types of desserts. At one side there was culinary specialties from Jamaica tradition food like curry goat and ackee and salt fish. There was a knock on the front door and I went to see who it was has I pull it back my cousins rush in greeted me with a warm group hug and so did my aunts as well. Everyone was seated and before we dive in one of my aunts prayed over the food, I had a lot of entertaining time with my family. We ate too much like the golden crip, cookies, and milk and once you put the cookies in your mouth they were so moist soon as they touch the tip of your tongue. They tell jokes that cause the vain in your head to feel like they’re going to explode. There was one dish that had stuck in my mind though, possibly because it was the last dish served that night.

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After we ate dinner the Neighbor put on a show with loud, bursting, colorful fire cracker that was glimmering and dazzling that had my head held high. The fireworks seems like ghost moving up and down as my eyes were flooded with snowflakes when looking up. The other neighbor came out to appreciate the beautiful scene and share the moment with their family.

Early in the morning, my cousins came in the room am sleeping and force me from a warm, cozy bed to go out snowboarding, has I was about to leave grandma Faith called me back to have breakfast. She prepared roast beef and bread with some hot cocoa tea with a fresh ripe banana. We then set off on snow bike to one of the nearby hill, we snowboard all day until we was exhausted. At first, I couldn’t direct the board in the direction I wanted but with several practice and support, it seems as if am a professional at snowboarding. Anyways we pack our gears and hustled our way back home though the snow. While going home one of the bike tire burst luckily one of the neighbor was passing by where he help up the bike in the back of his truck and so in no time we was home.

In the evening I was able to go over to one of my cousin’s house that was a great thing to get away from the house. He had a German Shepard dog that was big and friendly. He was an energetic, loyal and devoted companion, therefore I would simply lie there on the pet pooch’s delicate furrier coat. We then went on the outside to play in the snow, where we made snow angel and snowman, when that was over I went back home where I saw everyone watching television, playing card games and drinking wine. I went upstairs and it was great to see my older sibling. I gave her an embrace and a rub on her wavy delicate hair. At that point we went to observe a portion of the children out playing snow fight and was an extraordinary sight moreover. What was certifiably not an extraordinary sight was seeing the news and observing how individuals were destroying their vehicles. In the wake of, seeing all that pretty snow the sight is anything but a decent look presently it’s grimy looking Listening to the great music and hearing giggling filled my entire excursion. Viewing my family take a seat talking and playing cards was extraordinary. It was decent observing everybody getting along was great chuckling to my heart. Simply having family together over my break bring all the giggling this world can give.

It was actually the last day where we would spend at grandma faith’s house, as the night simmer down to the break of dawn we pack our bags, as everyone gives there last greetings, I hold grandma and give her a hug, kiss her soft, warm hands and whisper goodbye gramps with tears in my eyes. It was time to go as she gave me a saving pan that has the design of a teddy bear with the color brown and red. I was grateful as I went in the back of the truck an plug my earphone in my ears to listen some of my favorite’s songs. As we drove off you could see on their faces that they’re going to miss us. After driving back to the airport we board the plane and flew back to Jamaica. As we walk in to the airport I saw our neighbor Sam waving his hand, we grab our bags and went by the car. Sam pray for us and then drove us home while we was home two of my friends came over. And I took out the saving pan and show them the jewel that my grandmother gave to me and they was amaze by the design of it.

However, after telling the story I was a bit tired so I took a nap and woke in the afternoon. I quickly rush to the bathroom, wash my face head over to the play field to get some of the live action of the red stripe premier league match. It was and great game that had played and so I went home and lie in bed reminiscing of my Christmas vacation.

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