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Mother: Essence, Purpose And Respect

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What’s the essence of a mother?

The essence of becoming a mother is almost infinite. Mother is a defender, a disciplinary and a friend. Mother is a selfless, loving human being who has to sacrifice much of his wants and needs for the wants and needs of his son. A mother works hard to make sure that her child is equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to make her a competent human being. Being a mother is probably the toughest, most fulfilling work a woman will ever have.

Purpose of a mother

To be a mother means to teach your child basic rules and roles in life, from being an empathetic human being to learning how to be responsible for one’s actions. As your child grows up, they will face the onslaught of various ideas, viewpoints and beliefs from their peers, movies, the internet, television and magazines. A mother will help direct her child to find out about their aspirations and beliefs in life and to teach them the importance of schooling, etiquette and more.

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Why should we respect a mother?

Not all women can be mothers, just those who deserve the most respect from everyone who walks the planet. Too many times women raise their children by themselves, work two or three jobs to provide for them, and even though words are not spoken, their love is known to all. A mother is someone who never complains about her children’s mistakes, but it also encourages their importance to the wonderful adults. A mother will never put her children down, but she will find any way to bring them up.

A mother will never deliberately harm a child, either psychologically or physically, but will offer a fair puncture when the need arises. A mother is going to push her child to be the best they can be, not to condone their bad conduct, because that’s what all the other women do. A mother is going to speak to her children about the world we live in and educate them about stuff they need to know, even though they’re talking about drugs, sex, or war. A mother doesn’t forget what she’s taught, so she’s going to get better because of it. Some of us in this world have never had the easy way out or been given everything to us on a silver platter, but as a woman and a mother, she deserves to be respected because when everything else fails, she will be the one to pick up the pieces and make things right.

She’s going to sit up at night and think about not just her own children and grandchildren, but also her friends. She will hope and pray that no matter what happens, there will be a good outcome, and if it doesn’t, there will be some kind of comfort. There is no way to repay what she has done for us, all we can do is try giving what she needs and it is just time, love and respect.

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