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Motivation to Become Part of The National Honors Society

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National Honors Society is an organization I would like to be apart of because I would like to gain more leadership and volunteer skills than I already have. National Honors Society can also help me look forward into college and get more insight as to where I want to go in life.

Character traits and personal skills I have that will contribute to the success of National Honors Society vary from having willingness to being a strong leader. I will be able to work with students in National Honors Society or with others who are not involved in the honors society. I can be a leader and work well with others to ensure that any task can be done. My listening and comprehension skills can not only help me but can also help my peers when needed. Problem solving skills are a big part of my life and I can pass those skills onto others who may not have them. Whether it is outside of school or inside of school, I am willing to help anyone with any issue or task. My role in National Honors Society will depend on the task I am given or what I need to accomplish. If I need to be a leader, I can fill that position. As well as being a leader, I can step down and let others take control.

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My role in Spring Hill High School, interchanges between being a good student, friend, volunteer, and classmate to others who may not know me. I feel that my role in Spring Hill High School helps my academic performance as well as my companions. I want to portray in a role that will not only enhance my skills but also put off a good impression onto other students. Personal experiences I have such as working at a daycare facility as an assistant teacher, gives me a lot of patience and leadership skills when working with people or situations that are difficult. My academics are very important to me and give me advancements into the college world. I strive to have a 4.0 GPA every year, and even if I do not reach that goal, I am never far from it. I have been involved in manying volunteer projects, such as helping in a homeless shelter kitchen, Kansas State University event, and many more. As well as volunteering in outside events, I am a member of Spring Hill High School Band. I participate as the role of an assistant section leader, I lead the saxophone section when it comes to learning and playing the music, marching, and even when they need help outside of band. I have been a member of the band for six years and plan on continuing my music career later on through life. Each school year I like to step out of my comfort zone and try new things such as, cheerleading my sophomore year, and volunteering my freshman year. This year I am taking upper level classes to challenge myself and also to be able to take classes for college credit next year as a senior.

National Honors Society will be a new and improved step to my path in life. I would like to eventually get more recognition within the school and start stepping up to positions and activities inside and outside of school.

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