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Discussion The Mount Everest Disaster of 1996

Thesis of the Book The thesis of this book is a personal account of Mount Everest disaster in which the author had taken part, but it had turned out to be tragic in which he had lost some of his climbing partners as the disaster unfolded. Although the book has many themes that unfold as the story continues, the theme of mutual trust and care remains dominant across this entire tragic book. Thesis of the Essay The essay aims at...
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Should We Rescue the Everest Climbers Essay

One week on from Nepal’s massive earthquake, the situation remains grim: the thousands dead or injured; the homeless children, numbering in the millions, all in need. The quake couldn’t have come at a worse time, we’re told—as the seasons are changing, the danger of landslides and monsoons only makes the chances of getting to victims even harder, if not impossible. As of Thursday, 200 climbers have been rescued from Mount Everest, while 18 died. Three helicopters rotated back and forth,...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Pesticides Essay

Our populous, fast-paced world demands quality food that is affordable – and lots of it. When it comes to agriculture and the need to meet our world’s growing needs, pesticide use is often a topic of controversy. In the short term, pesticides greatly assist pest control. In the long term, however, pesticides appear to harm the health of humans and the environment. Whether you’re a decision maker in the agricultural industry or a consumer, it is important to weigh the...
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The Effects of Fracking in America: Bad or Good Influence?

Fracking has been a controversial topic in the world for several years. Some people say its bad while some think it’s better for the environment than all of the other current options that we have. According to Gayathri Vaidyanathan’s “Fracking can contaminate drinking water” people of Pavilion Wyoming complained of a bad taste, as well as smell in the drinking water. The EPA launched an investigation and concluded that the ground water contained toxic chemicals that were previously nonexistent in...
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The Downside of Fracking to The Environs

Fracking isn’t always bad, but is under certain circumstances. EDF (Environmental Defense Fund I would like to ask you to think about your decision on Fracking. Fracking is the process of drilling into the ground and splitting it apart to get natural gas. The way that these companies do this is very dangerous. They use chemicals such as formaldehyde, boric acid, citric acid and others. Even though it is illegal sometimes gas companies use diesel fluid in their fracking fluid...
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Water Scarcity in The Anthropocene and Its Influence on Human Population

A major theme prevalent in eco-fiction is the debate over resource management. Otherwise known as climate fiction, it is a subgenre of science fiction that explores the way in which climate change affects the Earth and its inhabitants. Numerous mediums of this subgenre have sprung up since the term “anthropocene” was coined. Although the scientific community has not decided a definitive point for when the Anthropocene began, the general consensus is that it started when humans began to influence the...
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Understanding Echinoderms as Part of Marine Biology

Echinoderms are a phylum of marine organisms. They are generally characterized as invertebrates that have hard, internal calcium based skeletons, a water vascular system, and a five-rayed radial symmetry. Some examples of echinoderms are starfish, sand dollars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and brittle stars. The importance of echinoderms goes past the aesthetics that they bring to marine ecosystems. Echinoderms also have economic, ecologic, scientific, nutritional and medicinal purpose. They do so much not only for marine ecosystems, but also play...
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Could Species Translocations help Coral Reef Habitats Survive the Impact of Climate Change? Essay

Coral reefs cover only 0.1% of the world’s oceans, but they are one of the most biodiverse and beautiful ecosystems. [Hoegh‐Guldberg et al., 2007]. They boast the highest concentration of marine biodiversity; one in every four marine animals lives on a coral reef. The biodiversity of coral reefs has been estimated at roughly 600,000 and up to 9 million species worldwide. Not only this, but they provide many resources both essential and recreational for humans around the planet too. [Laetitia...
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Wind Works Ltd.: Wind Energy Development Methodology

Wind Works Ltd, as the company, which provides the alternative energy sources, and makes them available for the wide range of the population needs to resort to a particular assessment strategies. The fact is that, environmental costs, which are required to be calculated for the entire implementation of the wind mill farm. Originally, the main aim of the paper is to create the assessment report, as if it was created for the clients, which are not professional in this sphere....
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Defence Against Coastal Flooding in Florida

Introduction The state of Florida has 1,197 miles of coastline, and sand beaches cover more than 660 miles of this seashore (the State of Florida, 2017). These coastlines can be used for different purposes, and sand beaches can be public and private, as well as appropriate for recreational or residential use (Florida Department of Environmental Protection, 2015d). However, there are significant threats to these beaches and risks for flora and fauna, as well as for people who live near the...
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Gambian Rats – An Invasive Species to Florida

Originally belonging to African territories, the Gambian rat quickly became an invasive species to Florida. In general, the natural habitat of this mammal is not densely populated residential areas, but for several decades the Gambian rat has been causing damage to Florida’s urban ecosystem, namely Grassy Key. Specifically, eight rodents were accidentally released by a local breeder (Perry et al., 2006). Over time, with an abundance of basement living space and garbage for subsistence, the rats quickly multiplied, and their...
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Essay on Importance of Biodiversity

Essay on Biodiversity: Biodiversity is the presence of different species of plants and animals on the earth, which means it’s crucial that we take care of these precious creatures and preserve their habitats so they can thrive in today’s world. This Essay on Biodiversity on the importance of biodiversity will teach you about the vital role biodiversity plays in our everyday lives, so you can help protect the beautiful planet we live on! The term biodiversity was coined by Dr....
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Hurricane Harvey Essay

Introduction Natural disasters are very critical events that affect people’s lives adversely because of the devastations they cause. Such things as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods can result in property damage and also kill people. Realizing how crucial the effects of natural disasters are, governments develop specific emergency management plans that reveal how professionals should act to minimalize adverse effects and save as many lives as possible. Urban revitalization is vital in this framework because it ensures that cities and their...
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Importance of Trees Essay

Trees are very important, valuable and necessary to our existence as they have furnished us with two important life essentials; food and oxygen. Apart from basically keeping us alive, there are many other little and big benefits we get from trees. So, trees are vital resources for the survival of all living beings. Therefore, Governments world over and many Organizations are taking steps to prevent deforestation and to tell the benefits of planting trees. Let us go through some important...
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City Trees and Climate Change: Act Green and Get Healthy Essay

Introduction Nowadays, rapid climate change occurs due to active urbanization, as the growth of cities contributes to the urban heat-island effect (Gill et al., 2007). City trees play a critical role in ameliorating the heat-island effect and in removing particulate matter (PM) from the air (Gill et al., 2007). Consequently, increasing the number of city trees in spatial design could be a viable solution to reducing the pace of climate change and improving the quality of air in large cities,...
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Environmental Studies: Water Recycling

Introduction Water shortage is a situation where the available water cannot meet the demands of the population sufficiently. With the continued rise of the population and industrialization, there is much pressure on water sources to serve the growing needs of the people. The rise in demand for water has led to water scarcity due to high usage rates of this natural resource. But because water is a basic commodity for all organisms, the current water scarcity is at the moment...
1 Page 590 Words

Global Warming Impact on Animal Species Disappearing

“We call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words” (Anna Sewell). There is without a doubt evidence that animals are being affected by climate change. Many effects are hard to measure but there are different ways animals are being affected. Because of this they’re many species that stand on the line of extinction. With the loss of predator and prey species...
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Notes on Lord Rama as the Protagonist of the Ramayana

Lord Rama is one of the most respected and reversed gods in Hinduism. He is believed to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Rama was born during Treta Yuga out of four cyclic yugas described in religious books. Lord Rama is considered to be one of the most ideal man acquiring several names like “Maryadapurushotham –respectable and best human being”. Hindus look up to the qualities of Lord Rama in every aspect of their lives as he has...
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Children's Emotional Attachment Affect on Throwaway Society

This dissertation will consider how children’s emotional attachment to their belongings affect the longevity of the products and what affect this has on the current ‘throwaway society’. The longevity could be defined as the lifespan or lifetime of a product and it is influenced “not only by the intrinsic durability of products but by consumer behaviour”. “Nearly one in three parents admit to throwing away toys that are still in perfect condition”, contributing to the current throwaway society, with most...
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The Common Good vs Individualism

Commenting on the many economic and social problems that American society now confronts, Newsweek columnist Robert J. Samuelson recently wrote: ‘We face a choice between a society where people accept modest sacrifices for a common good or a more contentious society where groups selfishly protect their own benefits.’ Newsweek is not the only voice calling for a recognition of and commitment to the ‘common good.’ Daniel Callahan, an expert on bioethics, argues that solving the current crisis in our health...
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Concept of Social Security Analysis

In India, the Concept of Social Security was found to be well embedded in the institutions like joint family, religion, caste and village societies and in the customs, rights and responsibilities of individuals and occupational groups since time immemorial. According to Dharmashastras, the King was placed under an obligation to help orphans, aged, windows and those suffering from disease, handicaps and calamities. Ensuring education, training and employment using the resources of the state were also made obligatory on the part...
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Change Management Models and Organisational Structures

An organisational structure is a system that outlines how certain activities are directed in order to achieve the goals of an organisation. These activities can include power, roles, and responsibilities. The organisational structure also determines how information flows between levels within the company. For example, in a centralised structure, decisions flow from the top down, while in a decentralised structure, decision-making power is distributed among various levels of the organisation. There are many different structures and this depends on the...
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