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One week on from Nepal’s massive earthquake, the situation remains grim: the thousands dead or injured; the homeless children, numbering in the millions, all in need. The quake couldn’t have come at a worse time, we’re told—as the seasons are changing, the danger of landslides and monsoons only makes the chances of getting to victims even harder, if not impossible. As of Thursday, 200 climbers have been rescued from Mount Everest, while 18 died. Three helicopters rotated back and forth,...
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On the evening of May 9, 1996, large groups of climbers stationed at Camp IV, situated 8,000 meters on the South Col route of Mount Everest, were preparing summit the peak of the world’s highest mountain. Throughout the day a series of dangerously high winds had persisted, and the windows of opportunity for summiting were narrowing drastically. When the winds began to calm down in the evening, the climbers advanced on the opportunity and embarked on the 18 to 24...
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Abstract India is the third largest producer of coconut in the world. Usually all over India conventional harvesting method are used. It is very difficult to climb a coconut tree manually due to structure and the contour of the tree. Generally trees have branches onto which a person can climb and extract fruits but not in the case of trees like coconut tree, areca nut, palm tree, where there are no branches for support. Due to the risks involved, nowadays...
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For over a year, it has been decided that there will be no more climbing Uluru, and yet people still fight this. For decades, people have been able to climb, drill and 'pop a squat' on Australia's biggest rock. The end of this tradition is nearing, and thousands of people are flocking to the rock for the last time. The recent images from Uluru almost resemble the chaotic scenes of people rushing to a supermarket once a zombie apocalypse has...
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History of Rock Climbing Indoor and outdoor bouldering has become a widespread popular sport, which deservedly has been recognised as a suitable sporting event for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games (Jones and Johnson, 2016). Indoor and outdoor bouldering is known now as a well-known sporting activity. The location of this sport usually are indoor climbing facilities with artificial holds, boulders, slabs, and volumes, where as outdoor bouldering uses the environment such as, rock surfaces, rock boulders, or even slabs...
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Abstract The proposed system consists of a wheel chair the benefits and modification to facilitate climbing of stairs through its special designed features. The purpose of this work aims at developing an automatic Stair-Climbing Wheelchair, a mechanism for climbing upstairs and down stairs stairs for physically disabled people. A Stair-Climbing Wheelchair is a chair that moves upstairs and downstairs. It has speciality to maximize comfort, ease the usage and attractiveness in the home, which is a safe and affordable solution...
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Abstract This paper presents a vertical surface climbing robot for cleaning of dust from high rise building. Usually, people clean their wall of outer surface of building by human. Often it becomes risky and costly also. A portable robot having the ability to climb on vertical surface has been expected for a long time. To protect human’s life we designed a prototype of vertical surface climbing robot for cleaning and other multipurpose operation. Some combination of technology has been shown...
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