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Much Ado About Nothing: Critical Analysis

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Much ado about nothing 'literally explanation is: had deliberately dispute without problems. So is the fact really a matter of much ado about nothing? No one would do things without a purpose. “Much ado about nothing” is a comedy by Shakespeare written around 1598. Content lively joy, rich philosophy. The main themes of the story are masks, disguises or games, while the characters explore self-awareness and honesty and respect in relationships. The story is told in the city of Messina in Italy, the people are excited to wait for the return of the Lord, however, his half-brother don John is jealous of his brother ability, plan revenge, the first let the Lord's daughter's wedding failed, and then layout framed, but finally was exposed, the lovers will be married.

Although Claudio was young and promising, he still could not get rid of the worldly view, not to mention the influence of the word 'profit' first, his courtship, proposal, exactly according to the feudal marriage of that set. He said he loved hero this kind of girl, but his love can not afford to others fabricated two words, because others fabricated two words of insult and despair of the hero on the wedding to her insult caused her to pass out on the spot. “Hero itself can blot out Hero’s virtue. What man was he talked with you yesternight? Out at your window betwixt twelve and one? Now, if you are a maid, answer to this.”(ACT 41).As soon as Leonato, father of Hero, hears others' slander on his daughter, he believes it to be true. He thinks that his daughter has done something dishonorable, and in order to ensure her loyalty to her future husband, he would rather she died. After a series of twists and turns, the story came to light and was finally completed. When the bride took off the mask, he merely shouted, 'another hero!' Not a word of repentance, the mood is still so happy, but also cheekily smile with the evidence showed “If half thy outward graces had been placed

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About thy thoughts and counsels of thy heart! But fare thee well, most foul, most fair. Farewell, Thou pure impiety and impious purity. For thee I’ll lock up all the gates of love And on my eyelids shall conjecture hang, To turn all beauty into thoughts of harm,

And never shall it more be gracious.” the lord has changed his attitude to hero at this point by Slanderous words from others. (ACT 4;1) But from his various behavior to see that he does not really love this bride or his love is not firm enough, can not withstand the test of love, like him, a teenager is still unable to escape all the worldly, love is so false and not solid. The reaction of the prince and lLeonato reflects men's profound fear of women's infidelity, and also shows that the social civilization seems to construct only the external order, which ignores people's true feelings because the sexual love can be so easily destroyed and misunderstood.

Much ado about nothing, a play that combines romance, farce and high comedy in a single play, shows Shakespeare's remarkable dramatic ability. Beatrice is the most brilliant female image in this play, she is not lacking feminine gentle charm, and especially more men's fortitude and courage, this is a female not let the men of the personality of the bright new female image.

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